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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Greene's a peace Thank you for tuning into the deen show. We have two special guests tonight, on the deen show or today, whenever you're watching us some people by the day by the night, but our next guests, young brothers who are overcoming many of the challenges that are out there that the youth are facing. So we want to get some

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of their experience, share some of their experiences, so inshallah God willing, those who are struggling with the many challenges of life, they can get benefit, and hopefully change life, their lives for the better. Be right back for our special guests. On today's show.

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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome. Welcome. yourselves. We're here in Dallas, Texas. And for our viewing audience. Your names are. My name is Fatima Fatima. I'm from Bosnia. And just like Edie just thought I'd throw that out there

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when he was

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born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but my parents are from Egypt. So tell us a little bit about so you, you're actually your half as of Quran. Yeah, I'm from a very young age. My mom put me into a full time school when I was about nine years old, to memorize the Quran. And I completed memorizing the Quran when I was around 12, or 13, and homeless ever since I've been reciting the Quran reading the Quran. And it's a great passion of mine. What What inspired you What motivated you to really take it that far?

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In the beginning, I was a nine year old kid. So a nine year old kid doesn't really motivate himself to go memorize the Quran. Because, you know, I still remember the day my mom, you know, she told me she's like, you know, you can go try it out for one day, if you don't like it, you don't have to go if you like it, you can go. And obviously, as a nine year old, I didn't like sitting down reading a book all day from morning to seven o'clock in the evening. So I told my mom, I don't want to go. And so my mom wakes you up the next morning, and she's like, you're getting late for class. And I told her, I thought I don't have to go. And she says, No, you have to go. And she made me go like the

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option wasn't there. So in the beginning, I didn't want to do it myself. And as I grew up, and after I finished revising of Ron,

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I started seeing the benefits of having a memorize, and I started seeing what the Quran really is as a book. And as a miracle for religion. Why? Why is it a miracle, right? I went and hamdullah and I got to study with the son of mine, at the bane of campus, and I got to spend some time with him for a year, you know, studying Arabic and studying the Quran and listening to him speak about upon and Subhanallah that was something that changed me, because I was finally able to understand what the bond is about. And that thing that I had memorized, I finally had some meanings. You know, it had the power to move me to change me to influence my life, because I finally was able to understand it,

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what I memorize what's being told to me what I'm supposed to do, and what I'm supposed to do with other people. And I'm glad that you know, that helped me out a lot. And the Quran, you know, has been an inspiration for me, you know, ever since I was a little kid, Ollie, tell us a little bit more about yourself now. So you're also you're a pre med student. Is that right? Yeah, I'm studying biology at the University of Texas at Dallas. The reason why I'm on the stage is because I like to do Islamic work and from the lab and helping out with the dean show when it came to Dallas. But one of the things I wanted to mention was kind of what my work is helped me understand about myself. So

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when I was in high school, I started the show called press play Plano planning on being the name of the high school that I went to. And on the show I interview Muslim and non Muslim students. I went to public school about basic ethical issues that we have nowadays, you know, wasting time and drugs and promiscuity and things like that. And after doing the show, I realized that you know, there's a lot more, there's a lot more things that unite us than things that take us away. And there's a lot of that natural fitrah the natural state that kind of we were born in that people kind of drive towards that goodness. And there's a lot of people young people out there high school college age,

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that when they wake up in the morning, they have to put on a mask because when they go to bed they aren't feeling too well about their life. They're feeling lost or feeling confused.

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Because of the influences that are going towards them, you know, whether it's from the media or the radio or whatever it is. And so they wake up in the morning, and they have to put on this mask with their friends just to make sure that they feel good that they fit in. And, and they don't understand who they really are. And so I have to be grateful for what I have, because it's them was something that, that helped me understand who I was, it was, I took something that I love, which was making videos, and and I made it into something that can help benefit my society and benefit my community. So I made it into something where I could ask him the questions and kind of give them solutions to

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their problems. And so, you know, slowly, they started to understand that, you know, when Pepsi says live for now, that Pepsi isn't looking out for them, they're looking out for themselves, or when easy or sleazy or whoever gives them what kind of message on on whatever thing it is that they're not really looking out for them. They're trying to do whatever it takes to make give them money. And they're slowly finding out that these messages that they're getting, they're not helping them out. And so like it was, it was by the mercy and by the grace of God, and we praise him for what he's guided us to, I was able to carry out that show and interview those students on those things. And I

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continued it in college as well. And I found it as something that's really beneficial not only for, for my community, but also for myself, it's helped me understand this experience of understood, you know, what it really means to be a Muslim, and specifically what it means to be a Muslim American, to know that Islam is here, not just to help Muslims, but it's here to help everybody. It's here to help, you know, Muslims, non Muslims, plants, animals, trees, it's here to help everybody. And so that's what Islam brought me to do. It helped me take something that I love and propagated towards my community. And in return, I have the pleasure with myself and I understand who I am and what my

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role is in my community. Now somebody that's 1617 1819, whatever 2425 you know, the young Chabad, young women, young men, and they listen to you guys is different than passively listening to their parents. Of course, parents are giving them good advice. You know, having them connect with Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth and establish Islam in their life. But now, you know what, it's sometimes not cool. It's not cool to go ahead and be religious or be committed to this, Deen. But what did you guys did you guys find it, it was cool to be a Muslim, it was cool to do Islam, you know, for in the beginning, it was a little difficult. Because in order to really better yourself,

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it, your your crowd, your community, you know, your group, your click that that has a huge impact on you. So before you can make a change, you have to leave that click, you have to leave those bad friends, that's something very difficult to do. You may spend some time even, you know, a little lonely. And that's very difficult. That's where parents, that's where community comes in, and steps in, and provides you and tells you and they tell you, Hey, I support you, we support you, through this change that you're going through, we're not going to judge you, we're not going to make you feel bad. But we're going to help you get through this change that at the end of the day, you can

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help others too. And you can help guide others with what you've done and raise a family and everything. You know, so at the beginning of may be a little difficult, no one's gonna say it's easy, it's never easy to change, make a big change in your life, to towards the better. But towards the end of the day, you know, after all is said and done. It was it was difficult starting it up. But after, after all said and done, you know, there was amount of respect that came from from the community. And we shouldn't do it for the respect, but there's amount of coolness, there's amount of swag of respect that came from the community, from the young people and where they see the show. And

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they're like, man, I really respect you for what you're doing. Or man, this is good. It's a good change from from the usual you know, because you know, and even even the rappers and the musicians nowadays, you'll find that some of them have gotten really popular because they're they're, they're they're propagating messages that are about social ills in our society. And young people are starting to appreciate that and humbled that there's, you know, evil can last in this society for only so long, evil coalescent Society for only so long until people start being able to open their eyes up and realize what how, how many messed up things are going on, and humbled that Islam is here

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to open up the blinds and let us see the * of what of how things should really be really exciting listening to the young, talk about these very important issues. Have you have some friends that have been challenged by the many ills of society? And what do you try to? How do you how do you deal with their problems when they come to you have people come to you? And what do you say to them?

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growing up?

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I used to always think to myself, you know, as a teenager, even before that, when I was younger, I always think to myself, you know, we all as kids, as adults, as teenagers, we go to the masjid, we go to the mosque, we listen to the lectures, we listen to the person telling us do this, in our religion, do this, you're supposed to do this, you're not supposed to do this, you're supposed to do this. And I came to realize, I knew a lot. I knew that I shouldn't be doing this because my entire life. We all have people around us telling us what to do and what not to do. So we were very well informed on the things that we should be doing. So I used to question myself and as if

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I know that I shouldn't be doing something. Why am I doing it? You know? And so whenever people come to me for advice, the first thing I tell them is, do you really have that connection with Allah subhanaw taala Do you really have that connection with Ukraine?

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Because when I asked myself that question, I came to realize that myself, just like so many other people, and youth or kids were just born into the religion, right? We are born into the religion, and it's from a very young age, we are told what to do. You're supposed to be praying, you're supposed to be doing this. And it's not something that we came across ourselves. Right? Like a convert, if you look at a convert, compared to someone who's born Muslim, they went through that journey, they went on that path, and they've explored all the options. So when they finally see that light at the end of the tunnel, they can actually truly appreciate it, because they've been through

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that journey, compared to someone else who was just born into the religion. And it's not something that they wanted to do, it was just because around them the atmosphere, people are telling them do this and do that. So I, the first thing I tell people is actually go connect with your religion, for real. Go figure out what your religion is about go study the Quran, right? Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is what I was saying, you know, earlier, you know, when you study the font, it will actually impact you, Allah subhanaw taala says, Allah, you know, what I can write? Do they not think that they're going to be resurrected? And this is a question I always tell people to ask themselves,

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Do you really not think you're going to be resurrected. And when I say that, if I told you right now, in the next five minutes, if you were to walk out that door, something really bad will happen to you, like really bad. If you believe me, if you honestly believe that, something bad would happen, you would not walk out that door. But if you thought I wasn't capable of making something bad happen, or if you thought that, you know, he's just joking, then you're going to walk out that door. So when someone claims to believe in the religion, it's, if you actually believe in the religion, then when Allah subhanaw, taala tells us to do something, when God tells us to do

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something, we're not going to do it. If it's bad, we're not going to do it, if it's good, we're gonna do it. You know, so I tell people establish that connection, go explore the religion yourself, go find that thing that connects you to a loss, go find that thing that connects you to the religion, because unless you have that you can get the message people can tell you every day, you know, for the rest of your life to do something, but you're going to just completely ignore it, it's not going to have any impact on you, you have to find that connection with the religion and the creator so that when his words reach you, they actually impact you and change you and influence your

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life and, you know, move you in a way where you become a different person. We're gonna take a break, we'll be right back with more, here on a dean show, you think these things are gonna bring you happiness?

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You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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Think you're happy? You're kidding yourself, is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent, we are pleased with what we have.

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Back here on the D show, and we're doing a live show in Texas, Dallas, and we're with the young bucks, the young brothers. And they've established this Dean, his way of life, the way of life that's pleasing to the crater. And have you guys looked at some of the evidence that Islam provides to the human being, to be convinced that this is indeed not from any human being but this is indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth and share that what really overtook you and really captivated you from these evidences that Allah is talking about Who wants to go first?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala that he says and upon and when it he says, are the black sheep on our genes?

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Man, Oh, God.

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Allah subhana wa tada says, Oh, you who have believed and this is one of my favorite is when I was studying it. With my teacher in Dallas. This was one of the items that had the biggest effect on me. Allah subhana wa czar that says oh, you who have believed and in this ayah he's giving us a recipe for success in our lives what we're supposed to be doing, he says, Oh, you who have believed right. Do core prostate your Lord do such that? Yeah, Latina girl Western. Why would you worship your wife? Hello, hi, hon. Andrew good so that you may be successful.

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And when you just listen to the translation of this ayah, you think it's just, you know, go pray, do good worship reward so that you may be successful. But Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us so many lessons in this one ayah that we don't see when we just look at it. The first thing that he tells us is, oh, you who have believed in the past? That's right. So he's trying to teach us and he's talking to the believers. So he's telling people, you know, he's teaching us that you might believe, but that doesn't mean, you know, you're perfect, that there's no flaws that you still don't have something to work on. You can say, I believe, but then there's still a lot of stuff that you need to

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do to work on yourself. So yeah, you're living up, then he tells us to do record. And then he tells us to do such and if you know how Muslims pray, those are the different steps of our prayer. And what my teacher pointed out to me in this ayah is one of the first things Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us is how to submit to Him. Right? The first step of submission, when you go to court, when you're bending over, you're submitting yourself to Allah subhana wa, tada, right, in that position, when you're praying, you could be the biggest guy, you can be really tough. You know, if a little baby comes and pushes you while you're praying, you're gonna topple over, right. And then after

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that, he tells us to do such stuff. And that is the ultimate form of submission when a person puts their forehead on the ground in front of the Creator, or anyone that is the ultimate form of submission, and no matter what time we come from, right? And then after that Allah subhanaw taala teaches us once you fully submitted yourself to me, right, once you fully completely submitted yourself, to me, that's when you're ready to do what, that's when you're ready to actually worship. Because until you submit to me, you're not ready to worship. And then right after that, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why would the robber come? What follows. And then do good to other people,

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so that you may be successful. So he mentions doing good to other people after he says worship me, because until you do, Allah subhanho wa Taala justice, until you give him all his due rights, because he's the one that has given us the most, right, no one has given us more than Allah subhanaw taala. So until we give him everything that we owe him, how are we expected to go around and do good for other people, when we came into good for our own selves, and then just just in the worst structures or loss out of the way, he places his words, he teaches these lessons, right, and then he ends it by saying so that you may be successful. And this is the end of surah Hodge the second

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lesson, the next surah, immediately after this one. So moving on. But after that,

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right, Allah subhanaw taala starts next year by saying surely these people had attained success in the first part that we were talking about. He's telling us how to attain it, what to do the recipe. And then in the next row, immediately, he tells us these people had attained success, the beginning of ceremony, and he tells us all are their qualities, right. But something else that I forgot to mention was in the first I lost my glasses, the idea there was to do right

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here, he tells us to do Roku and Sasha, which is basically to prostrate towards him. And then he tells us right afterwards to worship Him. Now, you might think it's kind of redundant, right? If I tell you go pray or go worship, it's one in the same for us. Right? Go worship or go pray, why are you repeating the same thing because we considered the same thing? But Allah subhanaw taala God right here, what he does is he highlights prayer. He mentioned it first before anything else. Right, having that connection, because we had shuffled the Nasir, you know, he was telling us earlier one of the other episodes how important prayer actually is, right? And we learned that, you know, the

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previous lesson said, Uh, well, now you have

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your solar for installer had solar has died, ramen, were infested for suicide, which basically means the first thing that we're going to be held accountable for, and the Day of Judgment is our prayer. So our prayer is good and solid, and everything else will be good. But if our prayer is bad, then everything else would be bad as well. bankrupt. Exactly. So that's why last month starts off I think, before you worship Me Before You want to go out and do all these millions of things that you have, you know, written down on the list, make sure you observing your prayer, that's the most important part. Right? And when you look at this, and the way Allah Subhana, WA, tada, you know,

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talks to us in the Quran. And this is to answer your question, when you look at the plan opening, which I suggest everyone should do, you open the book. And it's as if the person knows you, right? It's someone it's reading your heart, it's talking directly to you. Just like, you know, someone, if I created a product and tablet and iPhone, whatever, I'm like, I'm never gonna make one. But if I did, I would know how it works, because I created it. Right? The Creator always knows best about his creations. So Allah subhanaw taala. In his book, he's giving us a guide a manual to our lives. And when you read it, it affects you. And it shows you that this is the only true religion because

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there's no one else that can know you better than God. And it's proof in the book that he's actually there and that he's actually on guard and He created us because he knows us better than anyone else. Holly, tell us. What are some of the social pressures that you've seen some past friends, some friends that you know of today that are going through some of the struggles, some of the hardships and how do you feel because you've overcome a lot of these, what advice would you have for those who are struggling with drugs or promiscuity and all the other evil vices that are out there?

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At the end of the day, you have to realize that it all boils down to worshipping your Creator. And society is telling us to worship all these other things. You know, music is telling us to worship. This commercial is telling us to worship that people worship their bank accounts, they worship their cars, and worship girls and worship money, etc. They worship all these things, fashion designs, and things like that. And people think that's all good when things are okay. But when hardship comes into our life, that's when they really truly realize how weak and how feeble we are, you know, take away oxygen from somebody for three minutes, they're done. That's it, we have to realize how

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thankful we need to be for what we have. And so when you realize what kind of position we're in, that we're in more of a better position to be a slave than anything else, to be a slave to this creator. When you understand that and really internalize that life becomes pretty easy. Because all you know that your only job to do is you have to please your Creator. And like brother father said when you open up on and you realize how easy it is to please your Creator, how open arms he is to take you in how when you take one step towards him, he run towards you, when you realize how easy that is. And how forgiving is that when you make a mistake and ultimately forgives you he doesn't

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only just cover up that mistake, but he turns that mistake and he makes it into like a pile of gold for you turns it into good deeds for you. When you realize how easy that is, your life becomes a lot easier. Your life becomes a lot easier when you realize that your only job in this life isn't again, a plus, because you're studying really hard is again a plus because you're pleasing the teacher because you tried your best. When you realize that your job in life is to try your best. That's when things become a lot easier. But hear that now nowadays we have kids who are especially the weed epidemic, man, it's crazy. No, it's health health issues aside, whatever the health debate goes, it

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doesn't matter. The problem is that people, if you put up on Facebook and issue about how weed is unhealthy, I guarantee you you will have at least 20 people or something who think they're professionals and the subject will post a bunch of articles and a bunch of stuff that who knows where the information is coming from argument is that right? You put up a tweet on Facebook, everyone's gonna argue about it. And you know, the scariest thing about that is that people are so passionate about it, the young people that get so passionate, they're so sincere, they really want to prove to you that weeds Okay, and it's not like they did the research beforehand, like I'm gonna

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make sure this is okay for me, and then I'm gonna start doing it. It's because they're doing it and they feel bad with themselves. You know, that's what that's that's the unfortunate reality nowadays, instead of spending their time towards doing good things, productive things in life. Instead of researching real things in life, you know, doing well in school, doing well for society, researching important things. Instead of doing that they're researching things to make themselves not feel bad. Well, I got a proposal for you. Give up all that stuff. submit yourself to the will of God, and you'll find happiness and no other way than anything else can offer you. Because at the end of the

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day, you get something you always want more, you get some weed, you want more, you get some drugs, you want harder drugs, you get a girl you want a nicer girl, you get a car, you want a nicer car, you get a house when a nicer house, you see the person building a nicer house next to you want that house, at the end of the day, it all comes down to being pleased with yourself. And you can't be pleased with yourself unless you're unless a law is pleased with you. You got to follow what he does. Beautiful advice. Beautiful advice. We'll be back with some more of our brothers here. The young bucks given all those out there of our viewers all over the globe. some wonderful advice we

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write back in Paradise, there's no death. Yeah, you know, there's no sickness, no sickness. In a world of peace and tranquility. No wars, no fighting, no fighting. Anything that you want. Yeah, there you could have it. Yeah. In the in the paradise. Yeah. And God wants us to have that. But the price we have to pay is give up.

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On the outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars, you see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is no paradise right here on Earth.

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Go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're talking about real issues that are on the minds of the youth. Some have not corrected their behavior and is just progressing towards the worst. So we end up following our desires. And we go down a dead end each and every time. So let's try to give some kind of live situation that let's say happen or has happened or let's say it happened to you, you get a call from a family member. And it's your first cousin. And she's like, hearing that you've memorized on and man you've changed your life around and she's like miserable, and she's like, this guy's broke my heart and I don't know what to do and I'm sick of the club.

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Help me Give me some advice. What would you tell it? The first thing that I would, you know, I would have to say is that the clubs and you know, the guys and the heartbreaks and everything that you're going through, it's because you know, Allah Subhana, WA, tada, our Creator, he gave us a lifetime. He told us what to do. He gave us, you know, goals and what he expects from us, right? So the moment you know, you call about these things, you already know that you're headed in the wrong direction. That's obviously not the right way. Right? If you're feeling a certain way, if you're calling me because, you know, you're feeling horrible, you're feeling bad, you're feeling sad, obviously, those

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things that you thought were going to make you happy, aren't making you happy. Right? Because when you went into that relationship, you did not go into that relationship to get your heart broken, you went into that relationship, you know, because you thought it was gonna be good, right? When you went clubbing, you didn't go clubbing, because you're like, I'm gonna go so I can get sick of it. Tonight, you went because you said I'm gonna have a good time, this is gonna be fun. You went in understanding that this is what life is all about. Right? So when someone comes up to me, and they say, you know, I'm having these issues, the first thing that you have to tell them is, this is not

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what life is all about. This is what our life is about. Right? When our religion first came to the companions, before they accepted the religion, they were clubbing, right, maybe not raves like us today with disco balls, but they had their own versions, you know, they were drinking, they were doing a whole bunch of stuff. Right? And when Allah subhana wa, tada, when he brought down the religion, the first thing and this is what this is, you know, the steps that I follow as well is the first thing that he did before telling them, you know, this is wrong, this is right, don't do this, don't do that. He kind of built this connection with him. You know, he said, this is what he meant

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is, this is what Hellfire is fearing, you know, understand the consequences of your bad actions. And then he also put some stuff there to motivate us do this, follow this path, if you follow this path, you're going to be happy, and I guarantee and here's the proof, right? And that's what he did. And he built them on that. And because of that, and because of that connection that he built with them by motivating them with good, and you know, telling them that there's going to be a punishment if they continue doing bad. Later on when he told him not to do something or when he gave them commands and stuff, it was easier for them to follow because I had to had a connection with them. So then,

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you know, the best advice I can give is build that connection with Allah subhana wa tada and understand who he is, and you're going to be happy, there's no way you can be said, hum de la, Mashallah. She's saying right now Jazakallah, Hydra, she goes and start the praying, she wears that modest dress did the job and she gets connected with the Creator. Last and Final question here before we got to go, Danny is calling you and your members all the good stuff you've been telling them. You've been telling them worship the Creator, not the creation, they warn about the dead judgment consequences of your action. But now he's just, you know, pumped up with all the dome and

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the coke and all these other stuff. And he's like, Man, I'm flipping out, man, I remember what you told me. But I can't take it, you know, she broke my heart, I'm going to commit suicide, I can't take life anymore. It's done. I'm gonna leave this world. And he called you because he wanted some final words of buy, what would you say to him?

00:28:13 --> 00:28:43

That kind of situation, the best thing you got to do is listen. Now a lot of people don't even need advice. They just want someone to listen to. And as Muslims, we need to be compassionate people. And that's the kind of religion that that we learned that that's the kind of person that preaches is to do. It has to be compassionate people to others, you know, so when you live for your portfolio for yourself, again, like I said earlier, you kind of you want more you want more, one more, when you start living for others, that's when you start, you realize you have that self realization, because that's what ultimately wants us to Allah wants us to, that's why he put us on this earth to serve

00:28:43 --> 00:29:11

others. So when you learn so in that situation, the best thing you would do is to is to listen to that person. If you obviously become serious, you might have to contact some authorities. But other than that, I mean, you would you would listen to that person, be there for that person who when they realize that Islam is the thing that brought you there is that they realized that Islam is the way you're acting the way you are because of Islam, then that's that's the kind of way of life they're gonna want to take. I guarantee you that when they realize how beautiful Islam really is in practice. And what if you said you know what, I agree and these other things you were telling me,

00:29:11 --> 00:29:41

how can I be a Muslim what I got to do, go to the deen show, check out the deen show, watch some of the shows. Make sure you feel comfortable with it. Read some code on contact your local Masjid. And then there's a few steps you can take to enter Islam. It's very simple. It's very easy. And then it's not that you're guided then you're in a better position to be in guidance, you're in a better position to be in guidance as a Muslim because it's just it's a lifelong struggle. It's a lifelong struggle coming towards a law you're in a better position at that point. And life's only going to get better from then on in May God Almighty the credit was you guys. Thanks so much. Thank you for

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

being with us. And thank you for tuning in and listening to these brothers. These dudes I'm telling you, man, these guys are cool. And they're on the D on the deen show and everything that they are sharing with you. It comes from the dean from the authentic knowledge of the Qur'an, verbatim Word of God.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:28

The authentic teachings of the last and final messages into my kind of Prophet Muhammad. This is Islam, the talk in Islam. In reality, everything is coming of goodness from the creator and a live in his good life and a shadow few and you could be living this good life to just get with the deen. Get with the Creator of the heavens and earth. Ask him for guidance. Ask him for guidance. Continue to tune in every week, call us one 800 662 Islam you want to learn more. And don't forget, don't forget to pick up the new dinner today. We'll see you next time until then. Peace

Listen to these young guys giving some great advice to those individuals who are stuck partying their lives away following there desires but are still not happy.

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