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a long, long walk

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Alhamdulillah he Allah gives out the ABI Missy fatty semi sumati Kabira shun. Jelena patera fear I think remoto in amnesia legal Gohan Fahim is mucociliary in me was in a cathedral or fron jameela sana is just here aka imagery v2 I'm Emily sun serene saveetha de la Kabhi limonada Biasi salon.

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When a Chateau de la ilaha illAllah hula hula sharika la fille Harlequin amor when a shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh remember also Allah Ma and Manero to be shorter so they were afraid Vicar was so long Ronnie who Allah Allah He was hobby and Latina whom kalasa to La, La La La La La vida MB. I'm about to figure out what you Hannah's Wahidullah

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for in lotto Hey.

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What's up a law for inner circle Amira Quinn has an ad while a commissioner for in the Sonata de de la la la, la la hora, Sula, hufa Russia.

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What Yakumo will be the final be the Hata de la sia, omega la hora Sula, who forgot Oh, la la, la la, la, San. Final la you're in weather? Oh hufa in Houma. Jeeva Darrin, what's up the phaedo who did it can be unwinding Robin are always would be like him in a shape on the regime? Yeah you Hannah sutopo raba como la de la la comida de wahala caminhadas o jaha obasa min humare Jalan Cassie wrong one Isa, what's up Oh la la de de la una de Waal or ham in the law Hakuna alikum raba.

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Allah subhanaw taala created this human being and Allah subhanaw taala created this human being as the centerpiece of all of us creation.

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Allah subhanaw taala created this human being as the greatest manifestation of Allah's minds and allows glory and allows benevolence and mercy upon the face of this earth.

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And as the scholars they used to say, there's words of wisdom that have been spoken by scholars before they used to say about people about human beings. They're calling it Daniela comm they're all of the rest of this world and everything else that is in existence in this world was created for you. was created for people was created for human beings. So Allah Spano, tala created the human being and made the human being the centerpiece of all of this creation of Allah and literally put everything else what's up Corolla como shamsul camara de ebaying, what's up Corolla, chromolaena, Wanda, Allah subhanaw taala everything else that was put into creation was put into creation for the

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sole purpose of serving this human being, facilitating life and existence for the human being, and being a source of comfort and ease for this human being being at the service of this human being.

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But when we take a look at the creation of the human being itself,

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we understand that we realize something.

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Allah subhanaw taala created this human being with many talents and many abilities. But Allah also created this human being with many fundamental basic needs that cannot be overcome.

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There are not overcome. One of those basic fundamental needs that Allah created the human being with is the need for family.

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It's the need for companionship. It's the need for society, for social human interaction in relationships, Allah created the human being with this need and a human being is not able to rise above this need. It's impossible. When a human being separates that part of him or herself, when a human being cuts off that aspect of life, it more often than not results in some type of a tragic break in the psyche, or the emotional condition of a person.

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That's why one of the fundamental identifying factors one of the symptoms that they look for, for people who might be emotionally or psychologically disturbed is people who isolate themselves from everyone and anyone, people who separate themselves from their families, people who isolate themselves from human interaction that is an indication of psychological or emotional distress.

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So, look, put this need within the human being in it cannot be overcome. And as a simple case, to bring it from the theoretical to the practical to take as a case study. We as Muslims sitting here in this machine today, we have no doubt about the fact we are confirmed in the reality that the prophets and the messengers of God, peace and blessings be upon them are the highest of all human beings, they are the greatest of all human beings, and they were the most complete examples of how a human being can live his or her life. And Allah subhanaw taala did not demand did not command and did not require from even prophets and messengers, to separate themselves from human social

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interaction from family and personal relationships. In fact, if anything, Allah subhanaw taala emphasized It was like a bizarre It was so bizarre, that even in the realm of spirituality, Allah commands the prophet to not just pray by himself, but to tell his family to pray.

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That the Prophet of Allah peace and blessings be upon him, he says,

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he notes in an integration and nikka mentioned it. He says that marriage is from my son for my practice. And for any Muslim the word Sunday is a very prestigious term. Sunnah basically is the source of our religion. And the Prophet is saying that marriage is from the source of this religion, Islam. It's a command of God. It's a practice and emphasized practice of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

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So even from the lives of the prophets in the messenger, sallallahu alayhi, WA salaam aleikum, WA Salatu was the sneem, we see that family was something that they were not asked to separate themselves from. family was a core a very integral very important part of their lives. And it was part of the guidance in the instruction that they provided to humanity to mankind. And not only that, but we also realize even from a psychological, philosophical perspective, in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, he places the the area of love and relationships, that need of love and relationships is right in the middle of that triangle.

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That where it starts with just the basic physiological needs, such as food and water, and oxygen, and then moves up to safety and protection. And then right there you have love and relationships and social experiences of people. So from an Islamic prophetic perspective, families a reality of life. And a very important part of life, that human beings cannot exist without the Quran makes it evidently clear from a chronic from a prophetic, even from a psychological and philosophical perspective. And even we understand from a human disciplinary perspective, the worst punishment that you can subject any human being to is called solitary confinement. That is a punishment, to take a

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person out of the DDD company, and the interaction of other people to remove a person from that element and place them and lock them away by themselves as a form of punishment.

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You know, just this morning, I saw even with my own children, my daughters were running around and making a little bit of trouble and, you know, kind of messing some messing with some stuff. And I kept telling them No, don't do that. No, don't do that. As soon as my wife said, the magic word timeout. The problem ended. The little one got a look on her face of like just the most fear I've ever seen on her face. She was terrified of being by herself, being put in timeout, being taken away from this environment. And so fundamentally as human beings we need we require companionship, love and relationships. It's something that cannot be denied.

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Once we understand that, then we bring

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Back to the Islamic sphere to talk about our lives as Muslims, we understand that the family experience and the family institution of family is one that is very necessary one that is very important and one that is greatly emphasized within our religion.

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The one of the greatest, most unfortunate tragedies in the oma today is that we've divorced certain things from spirituality from Islam. Family happens to be one of those things that we've separated from religion, from spirituality, where we consider it a separate part of our lives. We don't see it having any direct bearing or impact on our spiritual condition. We don't see it having any type of an impact on my relationship with the law, my relationship with my family, very important, but doesn't affect my relationship with the law. I can be a good Muslim, and a terrible father at the same time. That's the unfortunate reality that is prevalent amongst the community today. When in

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reality, it's the complete opposite of that.

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The Prophet of Allah sallallahu in the Quran, in Surah, Al Baqarah surah number two is number 177. Allah defines piety, piety the word bit is used and for onyx scholars tell us scholars of the language of the book of Allah tell us that the highest word Allah uses many words for piety in the Quran, such as Salah, Sani Allah uses the word tequila. There are many many different words that are used to emphasize different aspects or levels of closeness to Allah. The scholars of the Quran tell us at the highest stage, the highest level is the word.

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The word albir that is the peak that is the epitome of piety.

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And las panatela defines piety in Surah. Number two is number 177.

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He says they sell beer into Aloo Hakuna machete well Maghreb piety is not the turn your face towards the east or the west. It's not some ritual exercise physical ritual exercise. Will I Kindle BARROWMAN am Anna Bella he will Yeoman he will kitabi when they begin, piety is to believe to believe in the articles of faith and love the last day the prophets and messengers, the angels, the books, the scriptures to believe in these things.

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Allah habido will corba and then to be good to your family based on the love that you have for Allah. Let your love for Allah drive you and motivate you to be good to your family. A lot of talks about a covenant there are some things that are specific to the aroma of Mohammed Salah a solemn there are some teachings that are universal throughout all the teachings of all the prophets. All the prophets taught this. One of those things that all the prophets taught. We know he was taught by all the prophets

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but wasn't one of the other things that was taught by and emphasized by all the prophets of Allah without hurting me Safa Bernice or Elijah Buddha buena de la la.

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Santa will be the corba that will last forever tala says we took a covenant from the children of Israel, we took a covenant from Israel in from the nations in the believers of the past, that you worship no one other than a law. You'd be good to your parents and be you be good to the people of close relation to you.

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Maintain your personal relationships with the law and let the DISA aluna be well or harm.

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That's have God consciousness live your life aware and conscious of a law whom they ask about they talk about well or harm and also be very conscious of your personal relationships. As you walk through life as you go through life. Be mindful of your personal relationships and how important they are. So family is a very important aspect of our Deen that is emphasized through the through the book of Allah time and time again, you know something very interesting about the Quran. The Quran doesn't waste time.

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The Quran doesn't waste time if you we don't have time here in this clip, but that's a separate clip on a separate topic altogether. But if you as some homework for something for you to go home and do on your own, read the stories of the Quran and you'll see something very interesting in the Quran. When you read the stories of the Quran, you'll see that it doesn't tell a story the way a novel tells a story.

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Sometimes the Quran will be telling you a story, and then it will skip and jump to the next scene.

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It's telling you about Musa alayhis salaam traveling with his family and seeing the fire and going there to look what he finds at the fire and then a love bestowing Prophethood upon Mousavi Salaam in addressing Musa and giving him his mission go and preach to fit around. The next thing that you read in the Quran is Moosa standing in the court of Freetown, preaching to him. What happened after that? Did he go back to his family? Where did he leave his family? How did he continue his journey? What happened? It doesn't

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Talk about that. And the scholars they explained to us and they explained to us the reason for that is the Quran talks about what is necessary, what is relevant and what is important here. What is the lesson the Quran is in a storybook doctrine is a book of guidance. So it talks about things that are relevant and pertinent to as lessons to the readers and the listeners of the book of Allah. So the Quran never mentions any part of a story that is unnecessary. It doesn't. But when you read when you look within the Quran, even in the stories of the Quran, you know, one thing it does emphasize one thing it does talk about time and time again, it talks about family and personal conversations. It

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talks about Ibrahim Ali Salaam, talking to his father about his faith.

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He talks about Yusuf Ali Salaam, going and telling his father yaku he's seen the dream.

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It talks about lokman one of the most powerful passages in the entire Quran is when lokman as a father sits down and just has a conversation with his son.

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It talks about Ibrahim not just going to sacrifice his son, but asking his son What do you think about me sacrificing you? They're talking to each other.

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family relationships are emphasized time and time again. So it's very important from a prophetic perspective. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meet time for family. He emphasized family. This Jamal Hooda. This is not an art. This is not an avenue. This is not a setting where we would discuss fit.

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But one of the regulations of the Hookah Bar is that it has very strict regulations.

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We're not allowed to talk about here and there and do a lot of unnecessary activity. The listeners of the power told to be quiet and sit and listen attentively. No unnecessary frivolous activity is allowed during the hubbub. Because it's so important.

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But in spite of that, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi cinema is addressing the man from the member

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and his grandson, his grandson, his child, his child's child,

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approaches him as a baby as a child. The Prophet of Allah Salafi some actually pauses during the hookah, gets down, lifts up his child, if the brothers can show a move up and make some more room in the back more people are coming in the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam actually strips down, stops and pauses the hook bus steps down, lifts up, picks up the child hugs him kisses him. Lets everybody know that this is my grandson in Ebony, say this son of mine, this boy of mine is a leader and then puts the child back down shows affection to the child puts the child back down and continues to hotbot

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during the institution of Juma during the Hooda Friday, family is so important.

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So this is something that is greatly emphasized within our Deen and within our religion. And that's something that is very, very obvious.

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But now to talk about some practical aspects, we all know family's important, this is redundant. This is this is something we obviously understand this is common sense.

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But how can we practically start to address the situation of family? Number one, first and foremost, any solution to any crisis or any issue we definitely have a crisis of family, within the Muslim community and within greater society, across the world. There is a crisis of family going on.

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Anytime you have a crisis and you have a serious issue and a problem, part of the solution is to first learn and educate yourself on how to solve that problem.

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We can go about it haphazardly. We have to learn we first have to educate ourselves, about family about the role of family and about some of the practical solutions and some of the practical tips and advices that are provided to us within the book of Allah within the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam within this Deen that we call Islam, anyone that's involved in our work at any level. You know this for a fact we tell the whole world Islam is the solution

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with Islam is the solution. Islam's got the solution to this as well.

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And it's very contradictory if we as Muslims are suffering through the same problem.

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But that's not a shortcoming in Islam that's a shortcoming in us. All we got to do is we got to pick up Islam we got to pick up the book of Allah, the life of the prophet SAW some read it and extract the the advice the guidance from there and implement it into our lives and it is the solution.

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So number one is to learn to educate, to open our minds and open our hearts to the solutions provided by Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The second thing is, and this is one of the practical tips that is provided in the book of law, and I'm going to speak about it very briefly very vaguely here, but I think it warrants mentioning

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One of the key things that we need to do any solution and all solutions for improving family relations will require one thing, it has one prerequisite. It has one key ingredient that you cannot implement the solution without. And that is making time.

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We have to make time. And there are many things that get in the way of us making time, whether it's work, whether it's business, whether it's religion,

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doesn't matter what it is, time has to be made. I to I'll tell you one thing, and I'm speaking a little more specifically to the brothers here. As a reminder to myself,

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I'm going to speak in terms of one major predicament of us as men in society many times

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the big excuses, there's just not enough time, I'm very busy. And a lot of times it feels justified because what am i busy with? I'm busy earning a living for my family.

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I'm busy taking care of my family putting the bread on the table, what more do you want from me?

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We still got to make time, though. That doesn't replace it doesn't substitute spending time face to face with your own children, with your own spouse, with your own family members, with your own parents with your own siblings. It doesn't replace that. And let's keep one thing in mind. And I say this with the utmost respect. And if I offend anyone, I sincerely apologize. But I'm admonishing myself when I say this, it doesn't matter how busy I think I am, or how busy I actually might be. There is no human being that was ever busier and more important than Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, if, if I think I have a lot of responsibility, he had the entire world on his shoulders

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preaching and delivering the message to all of humanity was his personal responsibility given to him by God Himself.

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He was the busiest and most important man that ever lived.

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And he made time for his family. Every single day, he made time for his family.

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If he can make time, so can we, it just requires a shift in priorities.

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You know, a lot of times there's people that you learn from you pick up the prophetic character in person face to face from someone, one person that I picked up a lot of this prophetic character, and that I was able to learn and I and I hope that I continue to implement I don't think I do, but I hope that I continue to implement was I learned a lot from my father, who is a businessman, anybody who owns a business knows, you're never off. There is no day of the week that you don't work. If you own your own business, you work all the time.

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And he was very actively involved in the community and the mustard.

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But he had a line and he drew that line. He owned his own business. And at five o'clock everyday he locked the door. And he was done. Somebody who owns their own business will tell you that's a recipe for disaster. That's somebody that's going to be out of business. But he didn't care about that. Five o'clock, he locked the shop, he turned off the phone and he came home.

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No matter what happened No matter if the biggest client called no problem. I'm very sorry, just talking below. Hayden, I'll talk to you at tomorrow morning. That was a rule that he had that he never broke. He was actively involved in the machine. But he had his line. He would go first of all to Asia, and do whatever needed to be done at the mercy that's a lot in a short time.

00:23:21--> 00:23:39

But he was having dinner with us. And he was praying motive in JAMA together, teaching me how to call it on and how to pray together in a jamaa and then talking and discussing Sierra Quran with me, with us as a family. After selecting Margaret having our own little halaqa at home.

00:23:40--> 00:23:43

These are things that we need to be very conscious of making time.

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And lastly, we need a more mature attitude about the issue of family. We need to understand that spiritually. our well being is tied to our families, our status in the eyes in the sight of Allah is tied to our families. And that's something we have to be conscious of our standing with Allah is dependent partially upon how we interact and deal with our family. And we can't deny that reality. That's why the prophets awesome says that one of the deeds that continues to benefit you long after you've left this world is when your pious righteous children make dua for you after you're gone.

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And finally, and I'll end on this point.

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We, as a minority Muslim community, we want to preach and teach Islam to the rest of humanity all around us. It's called Dawa. We want to deliver this true to everyone else. But when the biggest forms of Dawa is the state of our own homes and our own communities, you see a community is a building that is made of bricks, and each brick is a family.

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

Our communities are just a network of different families. And the state of our homes and our families will reflect how true and how how beneficial our way of life is to the rest of humanity. And we contradict right now between what we say and what we live in.

00:25:00--> 00:25:20

So another reason to for us to invest time and energy and effort into bettering our homes and our families is it will make much better Darwin will be much better representatives of this way of life that we call Islam barakallahu li walakum wa The only way jambalaya to ethical Hakim Asakura la honey welcome Melissa de la semaine for selfie room in the hallway.

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I mean when aka to limit subpoena was salatu salam ala ZD mursaleen while Allah He was a happy woman to be our home via sunny la Medina about Shall I just had a couple of very quick announcements here at the end of the Hooda how we can inshallah continue this educational process and continue working as families and communities and bettering our situation. First and foremost in sha Allah. There is a Friday family night program tonight I'll be back here again inshallah, at 745. And with me will be brother of drama and Murphy who is a youth director. And we'll be talking about pure hearts and pure minds are prophetic, the prophetic remedies for our times. And so we'll talk about what are some of

00:26:01--> 00:26:37

the solutions that the prophets allow the sun provided for some of the biggest and most concerning issues that we're dealing with today is he is hosting a Summer Intensive Tafseer program to learn about the book of Allah and the message of the book of Allah. It'll be from June to 23rd through July the 18th so you can register online please check that out. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live by the prophetic standard. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to implement Islam within our lives. May Allah subhanaw taala give us true happiness within our homes and May Allah subhanaw taala as a community make us a role model for all of mankind. alum ryzen Islam Allah mercy

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mean Allah mazzoleni Samuel mercy mean Aloma Dena was even our Jana suburban Amanita Allahu Allah decree Kawasaki Cava snare about the tick along Ross and rppr Xr filarmonica. genomics

00:26:52--> 00:27:15

era along morphic Malema turbo turbo, also La la la la Nabeel Karim, Allah Allahu taala in the La Jolla la deliver a son what he taught his way in how and in fact you will moon kariobangi era they'll come la la quinta karoun oscura la Corolla has come. Who yesterday will come well as the crow law he akbar Allahu Allah Allah Mamata. snur own Optimus Allah