Status of mothers in Islam

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Great service is to leave a son behind you is to leave a daughter and I'm sorry I said a son first. But actually the whole thing will begin with a daughter.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to restore money in Surah 11 VLAN one redo a nominal and Latinas to fulfill only one ajala home in one ajala who when Where is he? One who makina who fill out we want to give back the Muslims that deserved position in earth. Like us why the Quran was about to be banned inside

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EU so why? Because it was exactly the same thing a law now one

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who's gonna do it? Who's gonna do it? Not what motion? No, no? Why? Oh, hi, Ella.

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So the first

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the mother first

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the mother

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I did something very, very interesting today.

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It was in social media.

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And it was interesting because a lady who wrote this

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and I

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I shared it with my wife.

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She showed something she said

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if you send your baby

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to ID

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for another Muslim for another woman

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to raise your child up for you

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so that you can go you can go out to the workforce and

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that you can be like

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that you can do the job

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Don't be

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Don't be surprised when you grow old if the same child sends you to Sydney your home

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senior assistant assistant What do you call the Sydney or something homes? Senior homes because he wants all sorts of love that he is successful he has no time for you.

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has no time for you.

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I know of sisters who send their kids children

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to a non Muslim baby city

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and they go to work and they make a minimum wage not even enough to pay the babysitter

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so what are you technically doing you're paying someone else someone else

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mixing politics this guy when he said that the closest to us now are Mohammed bin Salman has its advantages. I'm going to throw the un 10 days ago because you can let me into inshallah it he said that I used to have a Jewish babysit that

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I was raised up by a Jewish babysitter

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the whole thing begin the investment begins with a mother