Protection from Magic & the Evil Eye – Part 01

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the ongoing threat of black magic and evil eye on people, including children and teenagers. They stress the importance of protecting oneself and fulfill obligations to avoid mental health problems. The speakers also advise on developing a connection with Allah and setting aside time for prayer. The importance of reading the Quran for effective communication and protection from evil eye is emphasized, and caution is given against showing off one's condition or appearance. The speakers also offer a free reward for finding a doctor.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my brothers and sisters, we promised that we would speak about how to protect ourselves from those who intend to harm us through black magic through the evil eye. The Evil Eye sometimes can happen even unintentionally, but to be protected from the evil eye and black magic, and the jinn kind and the effects of the jinn kind. So I had promised that we would speak about that and hamdulillah. And so therefore, this evening, I'm going to address that matter. Look, How serious are you to be protected from all of that? It is happening across the globe, it's happening a lot. There are so many people that are affected by it, there is a lot that

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is happening. We do believe it exists, but we don't blame it.

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When any when everything, anything and everything happens. And we don't you know, fall for the idea that Oh, someone did something for you at every small issue. But sometimes when it is, yes when it is diagnosed by those who are qualified and remember, a person called a rocky is the one who does Rokia. Rukia mean someone who reads Some are on and some students do as supplications they read verses of the Quran and supplications they may blow on you, they may give you some water to drink.

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They may tell you to fulfill your Salah in a proper way etc. They might tell you to read certain verses of the Koran based on the sooner they might give you some honey Rohani or tell you to have it they might speak about the black seed they might speak about

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perhaps zum zum, they might speak about a few other things that add what dates they might speak about olive oil, they might speak about figs or a few things like that. All of that is proper, it's part of the sooner it's the teaching of the sooner. Sometimes they people who perhaps don't know, might tell you to do other things that are not revealed by Allah and not taught to us by the prophets of Salaam, it It depends what exactly they're telling you. And if if it gets to the level of schilke, where they're asking you to associate partners with Allah, to call out to something besides Allah or to believe that there is

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a cure besides Allah etc, which is happening in cases, then we need to be very, very careful because one is the man that we have at stake. And the other is this issue that we are trying to deal with, which is the effect of

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magic, black magic.

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As well as the evil eye and the mess che Barney sometimes the effect of the gin, and Shaban but what's the best thing is protect yourself before it is too late.

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Protect yourself always before it is too late. When you protect yourself, you create an a metal armor around you Nothing can harm you. If death is written for you, it will come anything besides that is not going to happen. So you don't have to worry. Now, the first thing you need to know is try your best to have a good relation with Allah with your maker with God Almighty have a good relation with Allah subhanho wa Taala by fulfilling obligations and by abstaining from prohibitions as best as possible. A lot of people who intoxicate themselves a lot, and who happened to when I say a lot doesn't make a little bit permissible anyway, but I'm saying those who begin to hallucinate,

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etc, you know, they get affected by Gene kind and shape and etc. And together with the psychological problem, there happens to be another problem that compounds it. So be careful. Sometimes when we transgress against Allah, I know of people who actually don't make Hulu, they don't wash themselves, they don't have a bath the person some people because they've spent a lot of money doing up their hair, they don't wash it for a few days or a few weeks. And they're by the the living in, in a condition without loosening without having had a bath, which is not a good condition to live in at all. I know people who use nail polish and they also don't thereafter do and even they don't even

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pray because they say look, this was so many $100 and you know what am I going to pray for?

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I know people who put a lot of makeup like about so many layers of it. They spend 1000s of dollars on makeup, and thereafter they decide I'm not going to pray anymore. I'm not going to do it anymore. And I'm not going to do until I wash this off.

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So they leave it either for the whole day, or sometimes for a few days, I've had people confide in me and say, well, I've had this makeup on for three days. And I'm like, What? So they wouldn't return. Now, if you don't, if you don't want to connect yourself with Allah, then forget about it, you you're prone to everything else, you know, it's like an antivirus on your phone, or an antivirus on your computer. If you're not interested in it, then you're open to hacking, attacking, etc. You don't want to have a difficult password,

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a two or three step verification, it's important to do these things if we realize this regarding our phones, and regarding our laptops and computers, what about us as humankind who are far more sophisticated than this. So I'm not saying bad about the things I just spoke about, like makeup and doing your hair. But you need to know, it must be done within the pleasure of the Almighty. That's what I'm saying. So please understand this. There are people who don't pray simply because they say you know, I'm I'm at a mall, I'm going shopping and, and that's it, you know, I'll pray when I come back, I'll do the turabian. Or sometimes they just miss it. Please try and develop your relationship

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with Allah because I know people who I know people who have told me that, you know, we went to a black magician, when we talking about black metal, well, let's not call him a black magician, because it's got nothing to do with the color black. Black Magic has got nothing to do with the color. It's just a certain type of magic. But it actually occurs anywhere in the world. It's happening all over, including wherever. I don't want to mention countries because it's irrelevant. But I know of people who mean to these types of magicians, or these type of fortune tellers and these type of

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you know, people who will cast spells for you.

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I stopped Like I said before, it's prohibited to do that completely. You lose your faith. But some people have come back to me and said, you know, we tried to cast a spell on some such and such a person. And that that person casting a spell said whoa, this person you're trying to cast a spell on is so strong, that if you were to cast a spell on them, it will rebound on you. What was the strength? The strength was that have that closeness to Allah nothing can harm you. So this is why we say develop your connection with Allah. Every morning and evening. You have to set aside 10 to 15 minutes to read the following ayatul kursi three times the last three sutras of the Quran three

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times each Bismillah hidden levy Let

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me show you how to be one of his sama Eva who was sent me a DM three times will be Kelly Mattila he Tamati min Sherry McCulloch three times. That's minimum. You can also read La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sherry Kela hula Buccola al hamdu lillahi. Wa you meet to who? Allah Cooley shaden Kadir 100 times through the day.

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So the first ones, I paused for a moment because I want to make a small clip out of that so that we know what to read john.

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The first ones I said, I have to say thrice that's verses in Surah Baqarah, right. Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and how you consume la husana to Milano read the meaning of it. It's powerful. You can google it meaning of ayatul kursi and you will find it right you must read the price in the morning. That is after salado fudger after the morning prayer just before brick just before sunrise. And if you've delayed for some reason to eat at any time there soon as you wake up and you you know you've prayed and you read it some people if they're not praying

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women sometimes during the time of the month where they are given

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a leeway regarding the prayer. They can do it as soon as they wake up in the morning. You know, you have to read it you have to read it with the intention of do I don't say these are verses of the Quran I'm not allowed to read No you are allowed this is protection. And these are two hours this is powerful. In fact, you can be more effective during those days of the month than you would any other time during the month. So be careful it's more important to read it morning and evening during those days. So I takushi already thrice then a coup Allahu Ahad thrice that meaning that surah as a doula

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will follow you seeking protection in the love from the devil.

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It could also be Robin ness. So thrice each price each, you can read it could see the one the one the one. So that's one set. You can do another set and the third set or you can read three ITIL courses three times, three times.

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Three times without abruptness. That's also okay so you can read it set by set Oh 333 that's fine. Either way is okay. Then the prayer Bismillah In the name of Allah Allah de lado machination. COVID with whose name nothing on earth can ever harm nothing on earth can harm

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no on nor in the sky.

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Nothing in the sky is nor on earth can ever harm if I've taken the name of Allah and I'm just taking the name of Allah right? Well who has something around him he is all hearing all knowing that prayer thrice how short is it? Very short few a sentence then, are all to be Kalamata Allah He Tamati missionary Mashallah I seek refuge in Allah.

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In all the names of Allah, all the words sorry, the words of Allah, the words of the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala, from all the evil that he has ever created you seeking the protection, in the words of Allah, and then in Allah subhanho wa Taala, from all the evil that he has created, that thrice. This is beautiful, beautiful, it will protect you from morning to evening. And when you read it in the evening, it protects you all night, every day, every night, don't forget it. It's worth spending the 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening to protect yourself from everything throughout the day throughout the night. So protect yourself prevention is better than

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cure. Remember that

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my brothers and sisters, what I'm saying today is very serious. So please take it seriously, I read it every single day, and every single night. And if some for some reason you slip up or you're delayed, read it as soon as you remember, take your time, don't worry. And then after every prayer, try and read it once we could see once, once after every prayer, so that's five times a day, once once doesn't take you more than 35 seconds to a minute, right? You want to add to it the last two suitors of the Quran, it's also fine, it's permissible, you can do that. And then a few other sutras and whatever else you want to read as you can do the other car after Salah there are some beautiful

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Vicar to read, it can be a topic of one of our other sessions. But my brothers and sisters Remember, if you are not prepared to worry about your protection, you're gonna cry one day when you are affected. You know, just like the computers, when they're affected with these viruses, some of them you're going to throw them away after that, I promise you with us when you're affected by black magic and Gene and, and iron and hazards and all those things, meaning jealousy and envy and the evil eye and all these things. It varies in the type of effect it has on the person based on their closeness to Allah of not another very important factor.

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Listen to me, when you have sinned, immediately repent from from Allah, meaning, repent with a love from whatever you've done, right? Repent, immediately. Don't leave that sin and become excited with it. It lowers your guard. It's like a virus that's coming your system is gonna grow. We all sometimes do things that we're not happy with, we have certain weaknesses, some are major, some are minor, may Allah protect all of us, right? But when you commit to this in the stuff that Allah May Allah forgive me, may Allah grant me or Allah that was my weakness, I really, it's a bad thing I did, I don't want to do it again. And so on, make peace with Allah immediately. Don't leave that sin

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for you know, you're committed again and again and you're happy with it excited, you've dropped your guard shavon will come and attack you start finding you have bad dreams, your game of snakes and nightmares and you can't sleep and you have headaches, migraines that you cannot explain. And so much more these are, these could be signs of some effect of a gym or some form of a bad effect. Remember this. So what I've said today is very serious. I'm going to post this on YouTube on my channel, you can search for the channel, at the moment, we have approximately 350,000 followers on YouTube. You know, we The reason I'm saying this is so you know, which is the proper legitimate

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channel. As far as I know it is a verified channel if you know how to check for that on YouTube.

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So May Allah grant us all protection. So we spoke about this the last time how prohibited it is to do this to someone today we're talking about how to protect ourselves from this on a daily basis. Now, what do you do if you're affected? And why do some people need to go to karate? Sometimes people go to it's best to do your okay on your own beat what I've told you to read and a few other things you could read verses of the Quran etc. Going to Araki is someone who can do Rukia what I just told you now is called Loki to protect yourself. So we are protecting ourselves, right? But if you have been affected, you may go to someone who's who can help you. It's the next level. It's

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permissible, not highly encouraged, but permissible.

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There is a narration of the professor Salaam that shows that it's not highly encouraged, but it is permissible. Right. So you go to someone who can read the Quran, who can actually let you know sometimes they may through the symptoms tell you that yes, there is some form of an effect but they can never ever tell you who did it. If they tell you who did it. They are lying. And unfortunately if they think they're telling the truth, they have got that news from the Jim Carrey themselves. And that itself is prohibited. The genie is always lying, always lying. You know, they'll tell you a few truths, one truth and 99 lies. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. So remember what I'm saying?

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If you're going to Araki make sure they're legitimate, make sure what they tell you is okay. They're not supposed to tell you anything silly that doesn't make complete sense to your mind. They're not supposed to be telling you to undress the rest of their life or that or, you know, not too long ago, someone sent me an email and said they went to Rocky, Rocky says, You've got to undress and just remaining your under clothes. I mean, how, how on earth did rocky himself is a geniza shape? And Come on, you're supposed to say, Oh, the bailiff from that party is not that it is a he's attacking.

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So so you need to use your common logic and your sense, you know, he's not supposed to hold you and rub you and feel you and all that. No, it shouldn't happen. May Allah protect us all? Yeah, sometimes some, some might want to check your pulse and so on. It depends. Let's talk about what is the sooner okay.

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So the professor Solomon's taught this to us, and indeed, it is something extremely beneficial, extremely beneficial, to be able to protect yourself. And even you can seek help if you're affected. And sometimes you're already affected. And what would happen is,

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you need to, you need to make sure that, well, if you cannot cure yourself, the cure happens by constantly reading this, if you read Surah Baqarah, the entire surah, which is takes quite long, it will protect your home from the devils even entering it. Sometimes some people leave it playing in the background, it may it does have a slight impact, a positive impact. But it's Quran is not for a background noise or a sound stuff. It's not for a back background background thing, it's supposed to be the main thing. And

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at least if one person's listening to it, then it's okay. Even if the rest are not, you know, you could be busy in the kitchen and the Quran is playing, as long as your mind is parked in there, and someone's listening to it at least a little bit. That that's permissible. But the proper etiquette of the plan is you know what, when it's being recited, you listen to it, if it's being played via via a cassette, or via DVD or from online and so on, there is permissibility of it playing Yes, while you're cooking, while you're doing something else, it's a lesser degree than when it's being recited live, okay. But what I am saying Surat Al Baqarah, very powerful, it will help you as well

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read the entire Surah At some stage, and especially when you've been affected in a big way already. But what I've told you will help you from not being meaning from from the effect itself, you won't be affected from the beginning. One last point that's come to my mind. And that is don't be a show off. Some people might think you're a show off when you're not a show. But if you are a show of showing everything off, especially your kids, you show them on WhatsApp, yourself, you show yourself this way and that way and you know, whatever. And that's what I've got. And that's what I do and and you know, you show your body and your shape and your skin and how it is and so purposely, like

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purposely that may be a secondary thing. People notice it martial art America, it's good, fair and good. What I mean is that that's there, but when you're showing it purposely and you're displaying it and show off and no look at what I have expect to be damaged by something of these things we spoke about today. Did you hear what I said? expected it's a matter of time before it comes to you. You asking for it. You're asking for trouble. The minute the evil eye clocks in sometimes it takes a while before it actually damages you gets you it can get your health IT CAN GET YOUR everything can get your wealth, it can take you to your grave, that supersede the evil eye. The Hadith says it's

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true, it can even get you to your grave. You know it can destroy a lot. It's there it happens. Protect yourself from it. So be careful. My brothers, my sisters, you don't have to show off everything you have. It's an animal of Allah. There is a lot that I could tell you, but I don't because sometimes I don't want to say these things. A lot of people want to know more about me they want to know more about my personal life and more about this sometimes I don't want to say it sometimes it's not showing off but maybe people want to exchange knowledge see how we can benefit Yeah, but sometimes it becomes showing off and you know, and Allah knows that you are showing off.

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Don't do that a lot of people have this habit you know and this is why those people who are presenting certain things like clothing and so on Be careful make sure you read Yamaha with that sometimes you you're dressed in a proper nice way appropriately and you know you're trying to market a certain product Fair enough, but please bear in mind to read all this stuff that I've told you to read today, morning and evening everyday and there's no night that you don't there's no morning that you don't whether you're reading Salah or not becomes a secondary factor you have to fulfill and read what I'm telling you to read, then you protect yourself. This was the session I promised you

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it's a little bit longer. The session is a bit long, but inshallah I'm going to post it and follow up questions which are like, I will always take those follow up questions. You can post your questions at the bottom of my YouTube link inshallah. Sometimes when I have a moment, I do go down the YouTube comments. So you may post that on Mufti mink on the channel that we have the verified channel, my brother

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And sisters I hope I've said that which is sufficient for now.

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And I pray that Allah grant us or cure and give us all protection, very importantly protection that's protection.

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Remember, if you're not going to protect yourself, you're the only one to blame. You're not want to develop not wanting to develop your relationship with Allah, you're the only one to blame. May Allah bless you Love you all for the sake of Allah we're here simply for the sake of Allah trying to benefit each other. And the reason why I talk to you is because I want to get gender and I want to earn as many rewards as I can before I die inshallah so that's why we're here to teach because the process selam says believer and neolo ayah even if it's one verse just conveyed you conveyed inshallah you get a free reward keeps blocking. So we want that to clock each other. My

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brothers and sisters Here we are, modesty has just written that I takushi thrice thrice La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika Buccola will handle your yo yo me to Allah condition Cody 100 times through the day that the prophets of Salaam says whoever reads that so many things happen to them so many things and one of them is your kind of level his demeanor shape and like like he becomes totally protected from the devil, you know complete like a metal armor around you. And that's what I say. I've enjoyed speaking to you. I've tried to look at some of these comments. This video was initially a an Instagram Live video from Mufti menk official. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant you

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guys genital dose. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.