Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Salah – 04 – Adhan

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for Allah's loss of human life is discussed, including a young brother's praying for his partner and a shaman's experience with a message. The speakers emphasize the need for faith in Allah and inter acknowledge in praying for the Day of Judgment, as it is the time for graduation. Prayer is emphasized as it is crucial for graduation, with words like "has" and "has not" being used in relation to graduation. Practice graduation in a systematic way is emphasized.
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It's not further away from the ladder but alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was remain so we begin with the event. So for sure doesn't start with when you start praying actually starts before that we already mentioned the things we have to do now we're going to start with the event. Now then let's first go through what I've been says. He says a long, long black bow.

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He makes this call four times he sees a statement Allahu Akbar now what does it mean?

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We want to you want to share

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Allah is greater greatest thinking.

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The law is greater Allah is greatest which one is a common debate? What do people say is the loss greater or Las Vegas? Actually it's a lot is great turn. Allah is greater isn't a fleet just like you say I am better than someone I'm worse than someone. For example, if you were to say I am better than my friend in basketball, usually when you say better or greater something you you see in what I am worse in my bed my friend in handwriting I am better than my friend in in whatever soccer whatever it is you you see something what's interesting about this call, there's nothing left. It's Allah is greater blank. There's nothing there. So why is it that that the call to prayer says Allah

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What about Allah four times Allah is greater blank.

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what's beautiful about that brothers and sisters is that it's a call to come to Allah. And no matter what anyone is doing, let's say there's a sister who's who's at home and she's watching TV. There's a brother who's playing basketball outside, there's a sister who was in class, there's a brother who's, you know, moving as long as people are doing every different thing. Then they hear the call a long walk about Allah is greater than whatever you are doing. You fill in the blank. So that means what now when you're at home and now if you know we're at a Muslim country, we're here that then outside, but let's say you have an alarm clock, you know the alarm clocks are on your cell phone,

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you have that then go off on your laptop, you have that then go up. Well you hear Allahu Akbar Allah who you are hearing a reminder from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that Allah is greater than anything and everything that you are doing, put it aside, it's now time for Sunnah.

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It's a reminder, it's just kind of the one who doesn't answer this call.

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essence what you're saying by action is that what I am doing is greater than Allah. And that's scary.

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Something you're doing is greater or more important than Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So what I've been saying is four times Allah is greater to remind you, whatever you're doing, leave it off. Now it's time for now it's time for Allah subhana wa Tada. Then he says, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhana wa tada know this. You know, you might be somebody might be thinking, why should I answer this call? This is a call for prayer. Why should I answer it? This is why?

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Because we believe that there is no god but let's count on it. Therefore, we so when we say Allah, Allah, Allah, we have submitted ourselves fully to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And whatever Allah wants from us, we do so

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and it teaches us sincerity.

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So somebody might pray. But they're, they're praying because they want to impress somebody. No, there's a there's a there's a story of this young brother. He comes into the masjid and Michelle law, he moves in this community. And he's praying for that in the mission long prayers. He looks like Yes, for sure. every prayer in the mission, he's there.

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So the brothers are like, Mashallah, you know, it's, you know,

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the madman, Michelle, I never seem to like you. So the brother was single action. He was trying, he wanted to get married.

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So he's praying since it is one particular uncle, he's hoping to marry his daughter. So especially with Uncle that when he sees uncle there, he's like, Okay, I gotta make sure you know, like, I got a pretty long prayer. I gotta pretend like I'm crying. And so he's praying is awesome. Praise the uncle, the one he wants. He comes to him and he tells him I don't know, what's your name, but it seems like you're new in the community. What's your name? And he says, My name is I'm below.

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He says, Michelle, I see that you're praying. Michelle, you pray very good. says yeah. And you know, I'm also fasting today to try to impress him. But Allah say what he should do and not you know, in the law. It's a reminder you pray for Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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No showing up? No, yeah, I think you're praying for Allah, then a shadow under Mohammed Rasool Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad was a messenger of Allah. Now these two statements are what we hope to be able to say at our desk.

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This is what we live on. This is what we hope to die. Now what's interesting is

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he wasn't one of the promises I sent him and he would he would make a done he would actually when you call the call to prayer who actually looked at where the profit center was sitting,

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he will look to where the promises ended was sitting. When he would say it should have ended.

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He was looking at where the pasta wasn't if he wasn't gonna go look to where he would expect him to be. So one of the problems is that have died.

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Banana roba tried to make the other

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Allah Akbar Allah

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a shadow.

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When he got to the statement I said to under Mohammed Rasulullah

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he looked to where the process used to since

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and when he didn't see the profit there. He was crying and crying and crying. until the point he wants to go to the bathroom The company said

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excuse me from calling that I can't physically I can't do it anymore.

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Because what I see I have is the Messenger of Allah I remember the process of sending was amongst us and I just cry and cry.

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So Abubakar excusive and he said let me go to Jihad pizza Vila, so he wants to fight and he went into the shaman Iraq in that area where the for the battles were happening. He was fighting in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. until years later,

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they went to be done. They said, Oh,

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can you call for us to avenge one more time?

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Let us hear that again. from you. The ones that have the prophesized.

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sob agrees

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Allah Akbar Allah,

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the people hear the voice of be that

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the everybody's at the doors, open the windows open abreeza Yella, this is a bit of

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a shadow.

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And the people come out into the streets.

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And when they hear the voice of beat out, what does it remind them of

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reminds him of the Messenger of Allah.

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When he tries to see a shadow when

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someone likes,

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when they hear the beat out, when he makes this call, he looks just like how we used to look to the side again,

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to look to where the profits I seldom used to be.

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And he didn't see the profits. And he began crying and crying, everybody remembering the process and

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all that there was no dry eye.

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This is done. We hear every day,

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reminding us of our purpose in life, reminding us who we worship and who we follow to worship Allah. But do we ever feel something when we hear this call to prayer? Or is it just another just background noise? You know, dad was a gift for my son, I was a gift, the companions he didn't know how should we call people to prayer, the Christians and other religions, they would use this bell you know, they knew that the church bells don't the truth bells go off. So they're wondering how do we call people to the message for prayer. So a lot of cars to different so happy to have the same dream of the other.

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Revelation as a gift for the oma this call to prayer. He was saying,

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oh, give him a call to prayer, bring our souls conference.

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Then the weapon says hey, come to prayer come to prayer. Now this is the only part of the event that we don't repeat after that.

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We say now how would I want to live in LA? And what's amazing is this one the weapons is hyaena. Salah comes to prayer has come to success. We say there is no mic or power or something with Allah. But the word hello. When when you're translating as byte actually means the ability to change from one state to another mean having enough.

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So that weissensee is coming to prayer and we see there is no ability to for us to change our state that we are in. Maybe you're washing the dishes, maybe why

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Watching TV, maybe you're playing video games, maybe you're at school, maybe you're at work, but now we need to leave that and answer the call and pray to Allah. We don't have the ability, ability to do so. Except with the help of Allah.

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Just like we say in certain Fatiha okay now, it is only You we worship, what ya can assign it is only you, we seek help from to worship you.

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perfect symmetry.

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Come to prayer come to success.

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Then the words that again says Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater, remind you again, whatever you're doing, leave it up, come to the prayer. You know, in the law, he ends the other end with the with the testimony of faith, there is no God. But Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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A call that's being called to, for you to come to procreate, the one you love the most, the one we just talked about, as far

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as cetara, to web and honey,

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the one who has given us everything we have come worship Him.

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And you know, what's amazing brothers and sisters, is that

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I see before I get to that, I want to show you this video, and I'm hoping that you can, you can see him if not that the audio is was really important. Watch this video.

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Sunset approaches, Sunny wants me to experience jetters unique call to prayer.

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every direction, six most in one square kilometer.

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boarding for 1400 years

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was beautiful.

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And it is the same words from the time of the Prophet

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And everybody's going to play.

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Such an incredible sight and sound that I find myself completely overcome.

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It will be reading and maybe one of them will be reading the story of Jesus

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to go to

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it is nice experience. That's the power of event this is this is what a non Muslim, hearing that on what she feels. What about the one who knows Allah? What about us? How should we feel when we hear the call to to come worship the one who who you grew created you in who you love and who loves you?

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Anywhere hearing this call

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is beautiful. But we don't experience a dance panel. I have heard of what I've done by voice when you just go by voice. You would say Brother, please don't call that event again.

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He didn't have a good voice at all. But Subhanallah when he sees not, you know, hey, Lola, I experienced this chills go down on my back.

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I've seen the same brother cry when he calls the

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cry when he calls the comma. Because he feels

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we have the seamless thing that Subhanallah we have every single day we experience and what's amazing is that almost every moment of the day because of the the time zones, there is a minaret somewhere woven somewhere who is making this call Allah, Allah the call to prayer

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across the world, the same call. Like he said the same call from the time of the prophets I send them to this day.

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massages across the world from Taiwan to Jamaica, to America to Mecca everywhere. The same call to prayer. It's beautiful. That's why the profit center would say yeah, I've been on LP with

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ob not to call the comma. Bring our our souls comfort by the by the call to prayer. Now, what's amazing better than sister

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is he said heading in Guwahati. That's when God Hina is

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a little more behind the hit that

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have many lossy data one Khalida.

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He says helots Lucia it.

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So when the data is called if you make this too high, and it's in the handout, if you make this too high, Oh Allah.

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He says, Oh Lord of this perfect call, and of the regular prayer which is going to be established, give them a homicide, send him the ray of intercession and illustrious this and resurrect him to the best and highest place in paradise that you promised him of the residents that will receive this to

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he will be granted by intercession on the Day of Judgment.

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So when you hear that

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you will be amongst those who will intercede on your behalf. What

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are the things that

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they been in agony,

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that when you call you supplicate to Allah between the time of iodine and Allah, this will not be turned away.

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So you're sitting in the mentioned on the other hand goes off at 131 35. You hear this call to prayer, you make this too hot, you qualify to be interceded on behalf by the province on your behalf on the day of judgment on a day when we will all be longing for intercession

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for someone to to speak to Allah on our behalf. Not only that after the other now you're like okay, I want to make because Allah is gonna answer me. So you sit down in the masjid, you don't check Facebook or ESPN. Rather you're sitting in front of Allah and you will make your Allah forgive me my sins. Oh Allah give me tofield to answer this call to prayer every single time is called so I can die as a Muslim in me you as a Muslim.

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This is how you make whatever maybe somebody has boards or or exams or wants to get married or, or or their mother is sick or their child is sick. This is a time when it's answered. So columella nulla answers the call.

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Now for the admin himself. What about the one who calls the other? Three, he goes, I see that you love spending time in the desert and being with the cattle and whatnot. So he says, so he says,

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He says

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so he says when you are in the desert, he says,

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For me that when you're with in the desert with the kettle, then raise your voice for the Adana because he says for it. No Who would I smile with assaulting wives in genuine water ends? What a shame.

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He says that nothing will hear he says when you're when you're alone, outside, raise your voice when you meet.

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Because no gym, no human or nothing, not even the puddles, the stones, the soil, the grains of sand, everything that hears your voice will come on the day of judgment and testifying. Oh Allah, this slave of Allah has called the call to prayer.

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Pamela, I remember, once a brother made that in the messenger, there was an American, so that doesn't go outside. And so this brother, a friend of his what, and he opened the door to the exit of the doors and leave the message, you open the door.

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Just what are you doing? And he said, I'm trying to increase the amount of things that were witnessed from my friend on the Day of Judgment. This friend doesn't know he's doing that. But I was out of love for his brother he wishes for the better what he wishes for himself, he opens the door for more things will testify on behalf of this person on the Day of Judgment. Now, those have been one of the problems with the other sort of law, it's still fair

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to call their thinking on their own. There's only one permission right? And a lot of people here only one of the filmmakers. So he's like

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they're taking all the edges. How are they doing man? Okay, who's getting ahead of their competition is a competition for Africa. But it's

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still fairly I was using

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one of the more elevated makes the call repeat after him.

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When he sees a lot, what do you say along with a little book, except for as soon as I say what

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the customer said after you do this sentence?

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Whatever you want.

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So scholars they say okay, so does that mean the one who repeats after the weapon? Does he get the reward of the weapon? Why would you testify this because, well, this is from what appeared from the heavy that doesn't seem like that is the case. You know, things will just slide as they are but the

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owner wants to do what he does. So you haven't learned rewarding them what it is.

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But not only that, and I told him maybe

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And it will be nice.

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So whether this is what we need, what we hear that we have, we make this. So we can walk away with a conception of the problem. And then we also, we also make to her afterwards for which is censored.

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Now, from here on out Charlottetown, you're going to be amazed about what every aspect of solar is and what it means and the rewards of it if we do things properly. So it's all it's the only what's unfortunate is I was hoping to get through at least more content so that way, when we print it off, we'll get to practice some of the things we can learn. But what we'll do at least is we'll practice about them. So that in your mind a lot of asides, what happens is that Watson calls the call to prayer, and everybody's still talking, nobody listens. Everybody's kind of still on their phones and doing whatever. But I should say is about the process. Tell him that when he is with us at home, he

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will talk to us and we will talk to him. But he's he's one, the call to prayer was given to me.

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It was as if he didn't know anyone.

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When the call to prayer is given, he has to be focused on getting ready for Salah. So when we call the call to one that that is made for so now, to get in the habit of short prayer, we do the things we mentioned, but also let this be a time now between this until the prayer is pulper and pharma. We focus on a lot we fit in the message we focus a lot. We try and remember some things and we'll talk about more or we can do it all the time.

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