Why Don’t They Read Qur’an With Understanding

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Stand Arabic as a language,

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as you will be aware that more than one fifth of the world population, more than 20% of world population, about 1.5 billion, out of the 6.3 billion people in the world, there are Muslims. But more than 80% don't understand Arabic as a language 15% of the Muslim population approximately the Arabs, and a few non Arabs know Arabic as language. So more than 80% of the Muslims, they don't understand Arabic as a language. The most common excuses, we don't know Arabic as a language.

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Now, every human being knows at least two or three languages, some new for some new five, some a linguist, or when a child is born,

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he does not know any language, but he learns the mother tongue to converse with the family members. He learns the language of the locality, so that it can converse with the friends, he learns the language in which is educated. Every human being knows at least two or three languages.

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Isn't it important that we should know the language in which the last and final guidance revelation was given by our Creator last minute Allah.

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Many people say that

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it is difficult to learn a language

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when we are old. But age is never a barrier for any good work. And that reminds me of the example of Dr. Morris pokal wrote his book, he was a French and he was given the French Academy Award in the field of medicine. And he was selected for studying the mummy of men after

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the reform in the value of kings. And when he went to Egypt, while doing your research, one of the Muslims said it's nothing greater than he found the body. It's already mentioned in the Quran in surah Yunus chapter number 10 was eliminated to that Almighty God will save the body of the pharaoh as a sign for posterity. So he was shocked that How could this book which is so old, mentioned about

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things which have come recently, that the body of the Federal will be saved, so that made him read the translation of the Quran. After the touches the Quran, he was so impressed with the Quran, he wanted to understand Quran directly in Arabic. So he learned Arabic as a language at the age of 50. Imagine being a non Muslim, learning Arabic as a language to understand the Quran better. And then he writes the book,

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Bible, the Quran, and science is a very famous book.

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So age is never a barrier for a person to learn a new language, but it's not possible that all of us will be adding to the Aztec adopter model okay.

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According to

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afterimage, Daria buddy, he says, The Quran is the most untranslatable book in the world. It is the most difficult book to translate. Because language of the Quran is so pure.

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It is unsurpassable it's intangible,

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it is supreme, it is noble, it is divine.

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And many a times one Arabic word has got several meanings.

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one verse of the Quran,

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it can be understood in various different ways, it will have a different angle for a layman who reads it for a scientific level, different angle. So that is the reason that's the beauty of the Quran.

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So to read in Arabic is the best. But for those people don't Arabic Alhamdulillah there are many sheiks, many Alma, many scholars, who have translated Quran into major different languages of the world, most of the major language of the world, the Quran has been translated by different scholars. So if you don't understand Arabic language, at least read the Quran in the language to understand the best if you know English, written in English,

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if you know French, in French, if you know German, read in German, if you know or to read it or do read it in the language you understand the best. But it's a requirement that we should read the Quran, the language you understand, so there's no excuse they don't know Arabic that read the language you understand, and hamdulillah in most of the major language of the world, you have the Quran today that it hasn't translated.

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We have the translation of the Quran, in most of the major languages of the world.

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There are various excuses given by Muslims that they are busy in the business, in their work

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in studies that there is in the country, the translation of the Quran, many of us, we go to schools, we go to universities to colleges, and we spent decades in schools, universities, colleges, and we read and memorize them.

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volumes and volumes of books. But we don't have the time to read the Quran.

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How much time does it take to read the Quran, it reads the translation to Quran. And if your reading is fast, it will take few days for you to read the Quran.

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If you read one, just one part every day, it will take you one month. But unfortunately we give excuses they don't have the time.

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Whatever degree you acquired in the school in the college, it may or may not help you in this world.

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Many of the people the graduates but the jobless

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and in the Hereafter, unless this education does not get you closer to Allah subhanaw taala This knowledge is useless for the Hara. The Quran says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was the one into and if now mean, the article Qatar bhilai Buffy that Alif Lam Meem This is a book. Without doubt, it is a guidance. For those who have faith.

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It is surely giving a promise that it's guidance for you. It will help you in this world as well as the hereafter.

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So it's a requirement

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that the Muslims should read the Quran with understanding you they're not a big read in the language. They understand the West