Why are Men seated in Front of Women in the Audience in this Conference?

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Hi, my name is Meredith and I'm a student studying psychology from Canada. My question is very simple. How can you say that men and women that there's no sexism when the very setup of this conference is sexist for example, the men are seated.

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Sister? Yes. Why is it that the men are seated in front of the women? the very structure of this conference is sexist. Why is that?

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Much of this this was a good question. That why on the woman seated in front, no, why are we not if you're gonna separate us? How come we're not left to the right kind of thing? Why is one in front of that? Why are the woman if you believe in equal, why not left and right, why not? It's a very good question sister because the Quran says in Surah Noor chop number 24 verse number 33 to the believing man that he should load is given goddess modesty. Whenever a man looks at a woman any breath and thought comes in his mind he should lower his gift. Now if the woman is sitting on my right, I will only have to speak looking on the left.

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You know, because I can look at him Yeah, I can look at everyone. This I cannot see your face also from you. You may look at my direction. If you want to see me close, you can see on the screen there no problem. But for me, the Quran says the moment I look at a woman I should lower my gaze. unless she's my wife. She's my mother. She's my daughter. And if someone says that someone looks at a woman and nothing happened to him, then it requires a psychiatrist.

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So if you were here I'll talk to you like that. So you will tell me what an ill mannered man is this you know showing me his back

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now my gaze is knowing the microphone I cannot see you I can just see okay, just a little bit here and so I'm maintaining my job. Now when we have lady speaker speaking only lady front row, no problem. So what happens because it's a gent speaking

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there are occasions some occasions then we have to keep a partition and we can do that and we have done that, but the sense of was gathering so many cameras, it will obstruct. So that is the reason but in no way are we trying to say that the women are inferior, that the reason we are going to screen close to you Mashallah, especially for sisters are sitting a bit more behind, so you can get the view, but in front, it will be difficult for me to speak for me to maintain my job for me too, because in public speaking, you know, we are taught you have to look at the audience. If the audience is a woman in front of me, you know, I remember once I'd gone to the Gulf country

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and I was called for a talk and the ladies organization always said that leaves the front row should be gender you know, but they didn't do it. So half the talk I gave looking at the ground and balance of looking at the ceiling now on ceiling believe me I was in hell

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not because I was in company of ladies. I was in hell because half my lecture game looking at the ground and half my lecture looking at the ceiling. I had to maintain my job. You're I can I can talk to the person I can look at him I can stare at him. If he's sleeping, stare at me Stop sleeping, you know,

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the public speaking.

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But with the ladies they are far it is for maintaining the hijab. So that there is insisted is not at all in any way trying to belittle them. And the reason we have given you one microphone instead of two, because we feel that the proportion is approximately 1/3. Two thirds. That's the reason but the moment last time when there were more ladies we gave equal proportion hope down to the question system. Thank you