Why is a person taking part in Jihad exempted from fasting

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By is a person that is partaking in Jihad exempted from fasting when a person is taking part in jihad, but natural fasting will make him weak and he will not be able to perform that will in jihad or fighting with Allah Spano tala, there is a beloved Prophet said it's mentioned as a Muslim volume number to chapter number 420 in the book of fasting is number 2486. That when Bertrand Russell Salaam was going for jihad, he told us that we are approaching the enemies and if you don't fast it will make you stronger to break the fast after the statement, some of the Sabbath they broke the fast some of them need continued fasting the next time they stop the Prophet said fasting will make

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you weak if you don't fast will be stronger. So break your fast and I command you you break it that is a diamond everyone bro so therefore but natural when we fast make us a stronger so we can fight in the way of Allah subhanaw taala in a better way, and the more chances of victory inshallah. Okay