Yogesh Corners asks, If Fasting has so many Benefits then Why dont the Muslims Fast?

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AI: Summary © A caller asks Dr. Zakir about the benefits of fasting, and the representative explains that it has many health benefits, including healing of the body and reducing risk of illness. They also discuss the maximum number of fasting per day and the optionality of fasting on specific days.
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The question just that's come on the face book by Yogesh Nima with India. If fasting has so many benefits, then why don't you Muslims fast for the entire why only one month in a year? That's a very good question. The fasting has so many benefits, why don't you fast the entire why only one month? If you have heard my talk in the second session of this webinar today, Dr. Zakir I said that fasting is like overhauling once a year of the complete body of the human being, it is like servicing. Like how if you have a wait till you have to service once a year, once in six months. So fasting is obviously so and everyone knows that silver thing is good for the car. If I feel something is good,

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then why don't you keep on servicing every day and people will start laughing. The faster you go, oh healing of the body. So that's why once a month for one full month, there are various medical benefits. But if you do it throughout the year, it will not be beneficial. And the Prophet said It is haram to fast all the days of the year. Yes, you can fast.

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Twice a week on Mondays and Thursday. It's a sunnah. The maximum we can fast every alternate day. But fasting every day is prohibited. It will not be beneficial for the body that they need the Muslims don't fast every day of the year, but fasting once a month has got maximum medical benefits. Then after that if you want more we can fast twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and the other optional fast whether it be offshore wall, whether it be of more rum, whether it be of red will be of alpha, night fast, etc