#08 Do they know what’s happening to me? – For Those Left Behind

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When someone writes us passes away, it's not just that we missed their company, but sometimes we also miss the influence that they used to have on us. Right? So how many times do you see parents that were a positive influence on their children, they used to tell them to pray, they used to always remind them to do their good deeds, and now they're gone.

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And oftentimes, when someone writes us passes away, the grieving family is going to experience a heightened sense of religiosity. But then there's sometimes a decline, you know, because there's some level of loss of purpose of sorts, and people go back to their own habits. So while they maintain an attachment to the dead, they haven't necessarily heeded the lesson of the death, and try to adjust their lives accordingly. Because all of this is to wake us all up, those of us that are still alive, because some of us are still asleep, though we're alive and some of those that have passed away, have awakened to that reality that we've all been told about so much. And this is, you

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know, none so more true than what the prophet sallallahu it he was sending them and what the companions experienced when he passed away. And I always start from that point, because that's the Supreme. I'm the love nominee, and also the law on whom he said that when we were with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, it was different. He said, for me to do a good deed now is twice as beloved to me as when the Prophet slice alum was with us and they said, Why, why wouldn't it be more beloved to do a good deed in the presence of the prophets lie Selim, he suddenly couldn't umodel serialize mycelium, your hormonal acid? Oh, well, that's a mana dounia when we are with the prophets, I send

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them all we cared about was the hereafter we didn't care about this dunya but now things have changed. And we worry about ourselves, and with the companions of the Prophet slicin and with each one of them fearing hypocrisy so much. And I mean, imagine living that generation and looking right and left and seeing the incredible quality of people. When their brothers and their sisters passed away. They worried Am I going to be amongst them or not? It starts off obviously, with taqwa, who sees my deeds, Allah who sees my heart Allah no one sees more than Allah subhana wa tada and there's no site I should fear more than the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, don't you worry about

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disappointing your relatives and your loved ones who have gone before you, and are now aware of your situation, and wanting for you to be righteous and succeed. There's a powerful narration from a Buddha that will be allowed out on home. And I will do that was one of the most righteous and most knowledgeable of the companions. But after his brother in law of the love in Rwanda passed away all the law I know. And you know, we know the Prophet slicin impaired the Mahajan and the unsought the people of Mecca and the people of Medina and he was his brother. So after he passed away, I wonder that will be a law and we used to actually say Alemany to the vicar, Bananarama, Ramadan officer be

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here under Abdullah, Abdullah Allahu Allah, I seek refuge in you from doing something that would disgrace me in the sight of the love and rely, what was that all about? When that conversation is taking place, between those that have preceded us, and those that preceded us as well, but a little bit later, and they're talking about those who have arrived, and those that have been left behind? And they're hearing the news of those that have been left behind meaning us? And they're saying, you know, how's their religiosity? Are they practicing more? Or the signs of religiosity more evidence? Are their acts, their public acts, they're very bad? Are they more present in the masjid? Are they

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more present in service? How are they right? And your name is not being mentioned favorably? Then that is something for us to think about and can give us added motivation. And some of us somehow that are very people that we truly love more than ourselves. You know, sometimes that's that added motivation that, yeah, I don't want my mother I don't want my father. I don't want my brother, my sister, my spouse, my child, to see me in a way that would shame me in their sight. Honestly, been medical. The long side I know has this very powerful narration and it's a hadith that he narrates from the Prophet, slice alum. And it's in Muslim I'm a bunny, who was of course a later we had this

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he initially graded this as a week had Ethan authenticated it so powerful narration that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said your deeds are shown to your loved ones from the deceased. the deeds of the living are shown to those who have passed away and when they see those good deeds, if they are pleased with what they see established shuttle will be he then they're happy, right? they rejoice that hamdulillah this person is doing well. And hamdulillah this person is upon what I left them and hamdulillah maybe my death call

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The Nita Toba needed repentance in my child's life, and you know, my brother's life, my sister's life, maybe this was the turn that they need hamdulillah they're on the right path to be joined with us, the righteous souls. So they're pleased if they see the good in those good deeds, and they hear good news from those who are entering now into that realm. And if they see bad deeds, or they hear bad things, then they would be sad. And they would say Aloma not to midterm had to do home camera data or law, don't let them die until you guide them the way that you've guided us. So they'd be worried about you, because just like you care about them, and you're sending good deeds on their

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behalf. And even if your religiosity is not where it needs to be, you still feel a connection to them. They also care about you, and they also want to see you succeed, and they are seeing a reality perceiving a reality that to this point you've only heard about. And so they also want to hear that good news. They also want to hear about those good deeds about human Assad, it'll be a long time and he said, the deeds of the people who are alive are shown to the dead. And if they receive good news, they become happy. If they see bad things, then they ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah hamara Mirage vmdk Oh Allah, turn your servant away from this evil turn your servants away from the sin. So

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Subhanallah I mean, there are numerous narrations that establish this idea. It seems to be that the exclusive route of sorts is that the people that are passing away between us and our loved ones are transferring that news and allow them what else exists in that regard. But just as we maintain the sense of maraca observing the sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon us and just as we maintain a connection to the dead, by doing good on their behalf so that they can benefit from the good presence and the good impact that they had on us. Let's not forget ourselves, that we have to do the good things that are going to allow us to be in the place that we hope they're in right now.