Why Is Ramadhaan Called As The Month Of Supplication

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Why is Ramadan referred to often by many people as being the month of supplications Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah is ibH mean Ummah but also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish really sorry mycelium wallet lasagna.

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Before I answer a question, I would like to first define what is the meaning of the word supplication? supplication means to call upon Allah subhana wa Taala the Almighty and glorious with devotion with sincerity and solidarity, and with complete submission

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and a beloved prophet masala, some said. It's mentioned in say, hadith of tirmidhi Hadith number 2616. A Beloved Prophet masala slim said that there are three gates of goodness.

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The first is

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fasting, which is a shield from the hellfire. Second is a sucker, that is charity that charity extinguishes sin, same as water extinguishes fire. And the third is standing in prayer, in the late hours in the night.

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So you have realized there is a relationship between supplication prayer and fasting. And alas mantra says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two, was number 186.

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Allah says, that if my servants asked the concerning me, tell them, I am indeed close to them. And I listened to the prayer of every applicant, and tell them that if they listen to my call,

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willingly, and if they believe in me, I will take them to the state path. Here we realize the closeness of Allah subhana wa Taala along with his believers, his servants and slaves, and he says, if my slaves if my servants, my servants mean the closeness that the human beings have the last minute Allah, if they asked me concerning me, tell them I am indeed close to them. It shows the closeness between the believers and a last minute Allah and he says, I will respond to them.

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And Allah further says no Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was the military to but us from the bounty of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And our beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam, said, as mentioned in say Buhari,

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born the marriage, number 650, to the Beloved Prophet said, that Allah faith,

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asked me, and I will give it to you asked me a prediction, and I will predict you. And as far as Ramadan being called as the month of supplication, a beloved Prophet said,

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it's mentioned in a say, hadith of Albuquerque. How did number 69 three, where the Beloved Prophet said that Allah subhanaw taala does not reject the prayer of three kinds of people. One is the Father, brace for his child, his son or daughter, the second is a fasting person,

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especially the bricks is fast. And the third is a traveler

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and a beloved partner Salaam, He further said, is mentioned and say, how did

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how did number 1643

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The Prophet said that Allah subhanaw taala emancipates

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the slaves from the Hellfire

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during every hour, when the fast is broken, and does this every night. And a beloved prophet also said, it's mentioned say hadith of say a turkey

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added number nine ated.

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Allah subhanaw taala ransomes the Muslims from the Hellfire every day and night in the month of Ramadan, and he answers the prayer of every Muslim every day and night in the month of Ramadan. So because Allah subhanaw taala he listens to the application of the person who first and to get the special status. That is the reason Ramadan is called as the month of supplication