The Muslim Ummah is One

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So many cameras mithila

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man Rahim I just wanted to ask about the meaning of the Hadees from Sahih Muslim, on with the wider, the Muslim Ummah is one, at the exclusion of all others. Their land is one, their war is one, their peace is one there trust is one. And this this hadith relevant to us Muslims living in a non Muslim society whose armies are killing Muslims expelling them from their homes, and fighting them as we speak. This system wants me to throw some light on the day to depart masala solemn that a Muslim is Anoma irrespective of their living and there are various Hadith The Prophet said that it's like one body and if one part of the body is hurt, then all the rest of the body is also in pain. So in that

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context, as far the Muslim woman is concerned, irrespective whether we're living in a Muslim society or non Muslim society, whether living in UK or America or Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Ummah is one. And if one part of the mind thought is the duty as far as possible, whatever ability a person has got, he should see to it that he helps. So there are various situations for example, if you know that there is one part of the Muslim Ummah, which is poor, or doesn't have enough resources to feed themselves, it's the duty of the other part of Omar to see to it that they give them whether it be from the crowd money or from subcommittee whatever it is, so that they help the other part of the

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Muslim ummah. Now we know the scenario is such that we find that certain portion of the Muslim Ummah, they are being attacked, they have been harmed. So whatever capacity we have, in whatever ability we have got, it is a duty that we as Muslims, as a beloved partner, masala Sonam said that if you find anything even the best is to stop it with your hand.

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If you cannot stop it with the hand, then stop with the tongue. If you cannot stop with the tongue, the least you can do is curse in your heart. And then if you do that you're the lowest level of a Muslim.

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So when you see anything wrong, if you can stop it with the hand, do it.

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If you cannot stop with your hand, then transmitted the tongue. If you can do that, at least curse in your heart. If you find something is happening, maybe a robbery is taking place. If alive, giving you the ability noise talk with your hand, if you feel that the person that most when you're a lean person and the 10 of them, at least and stop with the tongue. Please Mister, don't rob, if you can do that, at least because in your heart,

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not depending upon the ability that we have got.

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We have to do that. Now we find unfortunately that the scenario that we have that especially after 911

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we know that what happened in 911 was wrong.

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Allah clearly mentioned in chapter five, verse number 32, that if anyone kills any other human being whether Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for murder, or for creating corruption in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. So killing any innocent human being is haram. So what happened in 911? More than 3000 5000 people were killed, innocent people and it to be condemned. Who did it? I don't know.

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The media says XYZ. I don't know. But whoever did it, it is wrong. What happened in London,

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on the seventh of July, more than 50 people were killed, innocent human being, it needs to be condemned, whoever did it is at fault. It is wrong. But what we have to realize

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that unfortunately, when Muslims live in non Muslim society, they tried to be over apologetic. We find in America we find in UK, all the Muslim body get together and they condemned the 911 correct, no problem. They condemned what happened in seventh of July in London, which I do condemned. But in the same breath. We also have to condemn the 1000s of people killed in Afghanistan. You also have to condemn.

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We also have to condemn the 1000s of people killed in Iraq. What's happening in Palestine every day Muslims are being killed. What happened in Bosnia? We have to condemn that to why do we stop? Unfortunately, when I read reports, all the Muslim bodies get together and they're condemning only part of it, why it's the same. What is wrong is wrong. If a Muslim kills the innocent human being has to be condemned. Similarly, for non Muslim kills innocent Muslim even has to be condemned. Who are we afraid of? But you have to do it with ECMA. If you fear that you opening your mouth

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will create a problem.

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But don't mention long teeth. Therefore, as a die, we should know how to turn the tables over.

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So what we have to realize that what is wrong we have to condemn.

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And believe me, I've been to America several times.

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In USA and Canada, I've been to UK. The thing is, is that if you realize what a talk I gave on Islam and terrorism, and all handled on the topic, what we realized that many times, two different labels are given for the same activity of the same individual. For example, in India, there were many Indians were fighting for the freedom about 6070 years back, when the British ruling India, now these people who fought for the freedom by the British government, they were called as terrorists. But we come in Indians, we call them freedom fighters, same people same activity, but two different labels. If you agree with the view of the British government, that they had the right to lower

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India, you have to call these people as terrorists. But if you agree with the view of the common Indians, that the Britishers came to India to do business, they have no right to lower us, then you would call these people a freedom fighters, you call these people as patriots, same people, same activity, but two different labels. So before you give a label, to first try and find out what reason is the person striving, if we see the history of American Revolution, in the 18th century, in 1775, the Americans got the freedom, the Britishers, were ruling them. And the two people who were fired number one terrorist was Benjamin Franklin, George Washington. According to this British

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Government, George Washington was terrorists number one, and later on the same terrorists, number one, become the president of America.

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Imagine terrorists number one, according to British Government becomes the president of America. And he happens to be the godfather of all the American presidents to follow, including George Bush.

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So what we see today is whoever is in power, what he says carries it.

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We can give an example of the apartheid government of South Africa white about the government. They imprisoned Nelson Mandela for 25 years. They call them terrorists, number one,

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after the pathetic government was removed in the New South Africa, Nelson Mandela become the president. A few years later, he gets the Nobel Prize for Peace. Imagine the person who was called terrorists, number one, is given the Nobel Prize for Peace for the same activity, not that first he was bad, and then he became good for the same activity for which he was called a terrorist. Later on, he gets the Nobel Prize for Peace.

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What we come to know whoever is in power, what he says, turns out to be the gospel truth which is not the case.

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So what we have to know we have to go to the root cause so we as Muslims, what we have to do, sister, is we have to speak for the hug. Well, I've given you the power with the hand we can stop it, do it with a mouth where the mouth lift you can do is close in your heart and pray for the man have done so the question