Jummah Salah In Ramadan

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a short one

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long more. I showed one on Muhammad Rasulullah hyalto Salah

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gradual karma to solar to Credit Karma to solar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

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in law

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still was struggling

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a loved one a couple Alhamdulillah Europe Villa me you know Rockman your him him Nikki Dean II cannot a boudoir he kind of styling in Dino slim all went in was stumped me mostly at all levena and non him Lloyd and Melville boot him one off on screen

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goofy Leila, Kondo one

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cuando la isla 24 year old mean and finish

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done as

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you can to movie heavy in New York being him being cordially

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Sailor Moon here

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hola como

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walkabout Alhamdulillah hero bill. I mean auto rockin manual Rafi Murni Kia will meet Dean II cannot avoid doing it again. II mean hideously on all one of them was stumped me mostly at all times and levena and I'm dialing him over here in Melbourne. Him while I'm on the screen

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he there's only a Zealand In New Zealand

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Wow, hold on. Jonathan. is gone. Work on

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a woman

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to head this off

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Yeah, well, Matt anything else? Doron so ash that

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for me, Miss callers all right in Hawaii early on Ileana when he met him it's gone as

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Hola Hola,

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Salam Aleykum

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Selam Aleykum