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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the low point of Islam's history, the upcoming OMA and Omanate, and the book about Islam's history. They also mention the "medabots" and their roles in theOmanate, and the struggles of the caliphate, including the rise of new leaders and the need for people to be prepared. The history of the caliphate, including the rise of Islam, has impacted people, including political and cultural collapse, and the formation of the Muslim um molecule has created a dark chapter in history. The segment ends with a promotion for donating to the Muslim um molecule and a social welfare department.
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reliable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been listening CD now Muhammad while early he also heard Jemaine my beloved brothers and sisters a cinema alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has gifted each and every one of us with at least one night of Ramadan Welcome to Ramadan 1445 and the Ramadan 2024 We thank Allah subhanaw taala for the last three months we've been making their dua Robina Robina Bella now Ramadan yeah Allah grant us to reach Ramadan grant is to reach Ramat Allah answered, you will do as I will do as well. hamdulillah and as we know that the enemies of Islam before the month when the Romans are Ramadan came upon the Sahaba He reminded them that this is a month in which you can attain Jana, no matter how far off you are, how, how problematic your life is. The doors of Jannah are open and the

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doors of Jannah are closed and Alhamdulillah the first night of Ramadan. This is the night where we purify our Nia our Nia is not just too fast. Our Nia is ya Allah we want to get the full benefit of this month and we want to achieve later to Korea Allah. We want to know that yeah Allah we hope and we pray that at the end of this month, we are entered into Jana. We are entered into Jana Amin, we pray for success. We also wish to thank and welcome all of you for choosing Bronto Islam is a great honor that you choose to make your a badass do with us well hamdulillah and we welcome our team of HuFa the mixture of seniors and juniors and Hamdulillah we will make dua that they are successful. I

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mean, and of course the long is our long list of blouses one mentioned all the names the work to be a biller it's a lot harder than being of the far right, masha Allah, that will our training is very tough year hamdulillah Masha Allah, this year in sha Allah, I will series for this this Ramadan, the series of lectures the evenings is going to be the revival series, the Islamic spirit of revival. We know that we are at a low point in our history, we are at a low point within the ummah. The OMA is in dire straits. We are witnessing for the first time in history, a genocide happening live before our eyes. And there's nothing that we seem to do about you can do about it for 100 years. In fact,

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March the third of March 2024 is 100 years exactly since the fall of the Khalifa. We've been 100 years without a Khalifa the OMA seems to be at a seriously low point. Have we ever been this week? Have we ever been this disunited, this leaderless?

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And can the OMA come back from this point? In reality 1445 years has seen many, many lows. We have seen many catastrophes, disasters defeats many genocides, many times the Ummah looked as if it was on the brink of collapse, but in that spirit of revival came, and Allah subhanaw taala lifted it up. Allah promised that IV Salam that this ummah, will never ever be wiped out by an enemy, or by a natural disaster, this ummah will stand until the end of time. And so in sha Allah in the series, we will remind ourselves about the low points, but not only about the low, it's how we came out of it, how we came from one calamity and catastrophe to survive the test of time. And how Alhamdulillah

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after so many centuries will remain visitado we are based on fasting, tomorrow, the OMA will go and everybody will fast. No matter how pious you are, or how fatter you are Al Hamdulillah, they will be faster, there'll be fasting they will be thorough, we will hamdulillah linked to this. And I must mention here, there is a concept in Islam

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called a Mujaddid revival. Each jellied means to be new. And the Mujaddid is the one who renews something. And the prophets of salaam says in a hadith that is an authentic hadith, Narrated by Abu Hurayrah. Then it says at the beginning of every century, at the turn of every century, Allah will seem to this OMA at Viva la Mujaddid, who already knew its religious understanding. And obviously, the scholars have a lot of discussion as to who over the last 1400 years, 14 centuries, who were the last 14 Medabots and who is it and who is the majority of our time? And is it only one person, one man who is the group? Is it different in different times in places? So we'll talk about these

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personalities who revived Islam through it

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darkest moments and Allah subhanaw taala promises us welcoming como uma in yet Aruna il Hi let the always be an ear well Allah sing lead they always be Allah also implies there will always be a group of amongst you will call towards goodness we're gonna be mad off and you will command what is good why and how nanny Monica and you will stand out against what is evil. What will I go home we'll move on and you will be that group will be successful meaning they will always be a group on truth in this Oma. They will always be a group that revives this Deen when it looks like it's on the brink. So for part one of the series, we turned back the pages to the first fitna, the first civil war

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within Islam. This is perhaps the first dark chapter of our history. At a time when we had never seen something like this before. The Muslim Ummah fighting itself, the Muslims Sahaba going to war with one another.

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It was a dark moment, and how did we come out of it. And so we begin the age of the caliphate, the age of the Khalifa started after the death of the NABI SallAllahu, wasallam, the Prophet Solomon left, and he had done his job, he had conveyed the message, and he had brought Islam to the world. When he had passed away and he chosen Alhamdulillah, my mission is complete, Abu Bakr on the island took over the mantle of Elijah. And from the very first day that he took over, wherever, you know, left, right and center, crisis arose. In fact, Medina itself was about to be invaded, false prophets emerged, her father being killed, and within that very short reign of a bucket of the Allah and, and

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this is the man that whenever the Ummah was in difficulty, the man that stood stood forward Abubaker of the Alliance, he stabilized the situation, he defeats all the false prophets. He brings all of Arabia back to where it was under the time of gonna be solemn. He brings the Quran into almost half today preserved, and before he was departed, the armies had left Arabia, and they were on the footsteps on the borders of the Roman Empire and on the Persian Empire. This upstart group from the desert was challenging the superpowers of the world and then He hands the reins over to say now I'm gonna do a pop up in 14 years. It is just

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unbelievable progress. Say no, I'm gonna do under his caliphate. Under his rule. The Persians are brought to the knees, the Romans are brought to the knees, Islam, the Muslim ummah goes from a group of Bedouins in the desert to the leading global superpower and establishes not an empire, but a civilization say no matter the Alon is assassinated by an outsider. And then it's a North man takes over. And for 12 years, he rules and he continues on that trajectory. But towards the end of Satan out with man's rule, things start to fall apart. New people new converts into Islam. And Islam now spreads almost to the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and almost to the Indian, to almost to the

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Chinese, to to China on the on the eastern horizon. And with this in and it said that in the days of, of is of strength. That's when the fitna comes in. It is the leading civilization on earth, wealth enters the Ummah, but also problems and different ideologies into the ummah. And so people begin to politically are dissatisfied with Satan, Earth man from different parts of the Ummah, and a group a mob besiegers Medina, the land of the Sahaba, besieges, Satan, Earthman, and many other companions. And of course, a North man is assassinated by Muslims. Terrible. We killed our own Khalifa, a group of men enters a man in his 80s fantasy North man is at fault. He's reciting the

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Quran, and like that, they murder him. And with this, the first wound opens amongst the Ummah, we had seen success from the time of the NABI Salam, up until this moment. Now the first chapter, the dark days begin, and this would be the beginning of the Great fitna, the Sahaba would call it this was the great the first great tribulation, a civil war that will see Sahaba fighting Sahaba that will see Sahaba those same companions who learned at the feet of enemy salaam would go to war against one another, and it would appear as if though the Ummah was about to collapse. But insha Allah will continue tomorrow with the first civil war in the law. We ask Allah Spangler for

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guidance. I mean, so few announcements fitrah 77 Rand per person and video 28 Rand per person. You can donate your fifth raffia and Lila to Abu Talib at the back. We have our social welfare

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department continuing everyday we feed people so if you'd like to support Insha Allah, please do. I mean, special appeal. If we have five days to go for our orphan program, when you know that hamdullah one of the things that we are very proud of is that we support the Muslim orphans who are in the orphanages panela to give them one day in Ramadan, we take them out, we give them an outing, and we give them an Iftar and make it all about

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them so everybody should have a special day in Ramadan and this is for the Muslim orphans in the orphanages who don't have family members. So we ask anyone who's able to contribute at least every family support one orphan 200 And this is the time to give me the law to Sokoloff as you can so much awesome Allah say no Mohammed, Pilate, Ernie, your Sofia, Sudan was sending and Hamlet I'm glad I mean, a cinematic morphological barakato

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