Is It Permissible To Use E-Cigarettes Or Vaping

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Shaykh Abu Eesa discusses

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Is it permissible to use e cigarettes or vaping?

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In my opinion, I think e cigarettes and vaping should be avoided from a few angles, the issue of smoking itself normative cigarettes, cigars, and these kind of

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items or products is based on what upon the damage that it does. You've got two real kind of issues the social addictive aspect of it and the health aspect of it. The tar is very clearly damaging to the lungs, it's not permissible for you to harm yourself in that way. Some people say yeah, well chocolate harms and so there's you know, sugar for a diabetic or whatever. But this is that's nonsense to compare that which most people can get over and control versus tar, which is a destructive substance, which has,

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without doubt shown its impact upon lung cancer and other conditions that are well known to medics and and we don't even need to get into cancer, just the physical effects of the body. The other side is the nicotine, the form of addictive behavior is one of the reasons why that it also needs to be dropped even if you don't ingest the smoke when you're fasting because you're meant to leave those things that you are dependent and addictive on your mental didn't leave your desires. This is the the kind of the cultural idea behind in fasting leaving all of the fun stuff that you kind of put to the side. And that's not to say that smoking is fun, but the addictive side of it is actually quite

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a problematic one the cultural side of it, the smell of it is a problem it is a

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noxious smell, which is it which is prohibitive in terms of people and salah and the prophets lie Selim wouldn't even allow people to come to the saliva they're stinking of you know, strong garlic, onion etc. Bo is something which was you know, indicated as well let alone our massage it these days when packs come and you know, we've done all the handy cooking and we think like a packs kitchen man oh is horrible. We need to take more concern over that. And smoking, of course falls into that people would argue that vaping gets rid of all of that. However, that's not true. Actually, there is a very clear smell to vaping to you might not be as offensive as normal nicotine and tar. True, but

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it's still a clear distracting smell, which is not perfume, but something which is linked to the actual e liquid that's within Likewise, the safety is not established, there is a big difference of opinion amongst the

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scientists and experts that there is a negative impact on one's health. And even the NHS when it was or even official health bodies when they're giving their rulings on

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or giving their advice I should say, when it comes to E cigarettes and nicotine, they always indicating it in the sense of it's a lesser harm than the actual smoking itself and is better that they're doing it than that, which does not make it something permissible. We can't apply the lesser of two evils principle when you shouldn't be doing either one and you're not obligated to do either one. The culture that exists around this vaping the the the entire structure of how it's been put forward is something that should be avoided, especially when it comes to our youth that are turning to it as some kind of way of something which is permissible. No, I don't hold it.

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I've written an extended paper on this issue on il sourced comm for another as well. You can check the details there. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.