How to Do Practical Dawah in Non-Muslim Centres?

Zakir Naik


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My name is Zach Han and I work as a lab scientists. My question is What advice can you give to do practical dour such as in town center? Where you can build communication with non Muslims without the question that how can you do practical Java in Java, Scala etc. Rather the examples that I gave in my talk you can use that that try and use the strategy have come to common terms and one thing is having the technique one thing is knowing how to do.

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For example, how to dhaba with a co passenger while travelling in a train is a different technique, how to Tao story the different technique how to try a new school is a different technique for this. We have an hour training session where we train people how to dava you can go to our website, I RF dotnet on the DTP our training program and the information is there. Hope that answers the question.