Why is Music Bad?

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Normal Zinfandel is a question that why is music bad? There is no direct reference in the Quran which speaks about music as being bad during direct references, but there are the softener masala Sallam who has commented on music, musical instruments. The only thing he permitted was the Duff and the others are not permitted. The reason being that most of the time when musical instruments are used, it normally puts a person in a trance in a different frame of mind. And many times if you analyze the Quran the Quran is against songs and poetry there's a full chapter Shara

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that speaks about weights. What happens is that normally in songs and music

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the songs that are they if you analyze the words, most of the songs they are away from reality. And in a song when people start praising impressing the opposite person, the more they tried to impress opposite person, the more they deviate from reality. Therefore in Hindi flim song you will find that the hero tells the hero in that tanto de la casa de rhetorical a Ganga I'll get for you the moon and get for you the star which is not possible. And same thing when you're in English up and rock. It has no meaning person many of the songs some have got Not at all. And it takes a person away and around with a musical instrument whether it be heavy metal, you know, we find that people go into a

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frenzy they take out their clothes and their different frame of mind. So most of the time the music takes you away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that is the reason the Prophet has discouraged and said that musical instruments should not be used except for the stuff that is a it takes a person away from Allah subhanho wa Taala towards Allah subhanaw taala