Should we Trust in Allah and keep the Mosques Open during Coronavirus COVID 19?

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What is your opinion on the groups of Muslim who protest against the clothing of mosques due to Coronavirus on the basis that

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that would imply fearing other than Allah?

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The question poses that what you might do regarding Muslims who are protesting against the closure of the mosque in different parts of the world. And they're saying that you are fearing others more than Allah. As far as I'm concerned.

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I'm against those people who go to extreme lithography the newcomers, do not commit excesses in your deen.

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As far as the guidance given to the Prophet Musa al salaam, the prophet clearly said in Saberhagen, very difficult in my previous sessions,

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that when you know, of an epidemic, of a plague,

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in a particular land, don't go to that land. And if you're in that land, don't leave that land. Where is the Prophet said, if you see a leper, if you see a leper, run away from us, we have seen a lion.

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So all these are the things that we should stay away from contagious diseases. The Prophet said, tyre camel, and trusting God. Now what we have situation as for the group of people who are against the closure of mosque, we'll discuss that later on. What if you see the different scenario world over of Muslim countries, the first Muslim country I won't take its name, the first Muslim country that openly announced that they're going to shut the mosque because of Coronavirus in that country. There was not a single death due to Coronavirus.

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There were few hardly about 4050 positive cases of Coronavirus COVID 19. As a precaution.

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They close the mosque in complete

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Many Muslim scholars objected. And within a few days many Muslim countries all over the world followed it.

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I'm not against closing the mouth, to protect yourself from COVID-19 If it's the requirement, but don't go overboard.

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To give a statement that you should fear Allah and no one else is not correct because the Prophet was the person who feared Allah much more than us. He said, run away from a leper. As we have seen a line. He said when you know of a play, don't enter this city. If you're in that land, don't leave that lead. These are precautions we touched in God but we have to tie a camel but what we see that some of the Muslim country will over precautious they're not tying the camel they're triangulating the camel.

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In some countries, when there is not even a single case of Coronavirus COVID-19 They shut the mosque.

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This is nonsense. If there is a case where the cases are many and many people are infected, there are people who have died and then you close the mosque after taking guidance from the medical experts and Islamic scholars only hearing the medical experts who don't know about the deen you don't know about the religion that how important it is to pray in the mosque. You cannot take the advice crunches first Allah I'll victory in Mangala Tala moon, that if you don't know as the person is knowledgeable surah in hell chapter 16 was for decree. And so the Gambia chapter 21 Verse number seven. So there should be a striking balance. So if the infection has spread quite a lot, and you

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think that opening the mosque will really cause many more people to be infected, not just being overly cautious. So there should be a striking balance between the two. So those people who are not bothered about prevention and telling that we should have faith in Allah they are wrong, and those people are all precautious and closing it beforehand, even they are wrong. So we should not commit excesses in your religion.

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Allah says in the Quran, Latin Luffy de Nukem do not commit excesses in your religion. So in this chapter four verse number 171. So my view is that even if you take precaution as I mentioned earlier, and so, take precautions

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you can take a Sajida you can take a masala a prayer mat, wear mask, hand sanitizing can be done, do with do at home, spend the least time in the mosque.

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Go to the

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restroom in your house. Don't shake hands, read the Sunnah Salah before the FARA Salah at home. After the FARA fella sunnah at home, take all these precautions and continue till you think it is possible when you think it is really required to close and then you close up with no opposition. But don't be overly cautious and when the thing subside, also open it as soon as possible. If you take brick

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Question and and proper guidance having a proper session with the health authorities and the Islamic scholars in consultation and then taking the decision. It's correct, but just taking a decision to please the world or to please the other people, or to say no, I will continue praying. This is not Islamic. So don't commit excessive follow the middle path