The Blessing of Time – Introduction

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The speaker discusses the importance of considering the use of time in one's life, especially as Muslims. They stress the need for an exception to the statement that says that everything is in loss, except for those who believe in Islam. The speaker also mentions the importance of remembering to use one's time for worship and to act upon it as a form of guidance.

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What do you consider to be the most precious thing that you have? Oftentimes the response to this question is money or possessions or wealth. And the reality is that money comes and goes, what you lose, you can regain. And perhaps you have lost things before you've experienced loss in terms of wealth, and then you will gain profits and other years. However, with time what you lose, you cannot regain. The most precious thing that you have in this world is your time. Your life consists of a number of hours and number of days. And it's important for us especially as Muslims to consider that Allah subhanaw taala swears by time one last last swears by time and therefore we should pay

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attention to the oath of Allah subhanaw taala there's something valuable coming with this oath in Santa Fe has rarely mankind is in loss. We know that Allah subhana wa Tada or the watchman or Rahim, Allah, Allah, the Creator, the Merciful did not create us to be in loss. Therefore there must be an exception or a continuation to the statements. Verily mankind is in loss, except for those who believe in the Latina Ermanno while I'm you know, Solea hat and the new righteous actions, what also will happily what also there's some, and they follow, and they call upon and they advise and exemplify calling people towards truth and towards perseverance or patience. Now with the oath of

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time, we can consider that Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us that mankind is in loss in terms of the use of their time unless their time is used for believing in Allah subhanaw taala acting upon that belief through actions proving that you are true believer, calling people towards truth and calling towards patience and perseverance, or whatever will happen will only allow one use to hate for people to waste their time. And oftentimes he would say to them, I don't like for you to be idle, even in terms of your worldly things. Some people are sitting around, not doing anything for this life or even for the next life. They're just killing time. It's also important for us to

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consider that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, as was authentically reported, sometimes we leave a gathering and at the very end of that gathering would recite Surah to last and it was reported from the companion, some of them that they did this, the scholars dispute whether or not it is a sunnah that you do every time. However, if you are to reflect on this as an act of worship, every time you depart from a gathering, every time you finish off socializing with your brothers or your sisters, you're reminding one another about the use of time well last in Santa Fe, mankind is in Las, except for those who believe and then Allah subhanaw taala combines it with who I am, you know,

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Saudi had these two. Well, I mean, Saudi hats are combined in the Quran more than 50 times to remind us that if you claim you believe if you claim you're a Muslim, you have to act upon it as well. Your time in this world has to be spent believing in Allah and proving that belief through your action Imam Shafi himolla It was attributed to him that he said that this Surah Surah told us as short as it is, he said, if this were the only Surah that were revealed, it would suffice as a form of guidance for humanity. Why? Because it covers the foundations of everything that we need, worship Allah subhanaw taala with the most precious blessing that you have the blessing of time