Ramadan Reminders #12

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The transcript describes a woman who was upset and thrown out of a room. The woman believes that she was a happy woman and that she had given up her life and went to work. The woman believes that she was a woman who gave up everything and was a woman who had given up everything.

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fill out another Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While Ali he was a happy woman, voila. But

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just well,

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Allah subhanaw taala jelly did Allah who insulted her hold.

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And this is one of the surahs about which also Allah is Allah Salam said these Surah has made my,

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the hair on my head and beard white

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meaning not literally because that didn't happen, but meaning that there is so much of there are so many warnings that Allah subhanaw taala has given us so many things which are

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of such magnitude in the surahs that they bear thinking about.

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Allah is right there is an innate our call to Allah Allah he will not be what have become mom and dad but in Illa, who feels Don't be now so we are here in Nairobi Alzira team was takim a last round that I said I put my trust and was mentalizing this, who they said obsessed with people. Allah said I put my trust in Allah, my Rob and Europe. There is not a moving living creature but he has a grasp of its forelock by the head like this, very my rabbit on the straight path meaning my rod the paths to my IRA is the truth.

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It's very important for us to think about the surah especially when we see the world today as it exists. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from all those people and all those agents of shaitan who seek to

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to control the world and all those people who live in it and remind ourselves that at the end of the day, it is no no matter how powerful they appear to be no matter who they think they are.

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The important thing is that here is

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a loss of America reminding us that at the end of the day, they are only human. They're only human and the one who will Heyoka you who is living in established and who is aqualisa in Kadir in whose power who has the power over everything is Allah subhanaw taala not that powerful or apparently powerful individual who we might be facing. May Allah save us from all such people. Then Allah Azza wa Kimia Salah

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will give me a solid Dharavi in a hurry was all of Amina Lael in Al Hasan, the youth hate bananas say that he Kuzzik raw leaves Zack EARRIN and and establish Allah a government is Salah, at two ends of the day and in some hours of the night. That is the 514 Salawat are mentioned here. Very good deeds remove evil deeds, they wipe out evil deeds. So as soon as I said I'm said if you do something, if you commit a sin, then follow it up with a

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good deed because Allah said in Al Hasan, you've given us a yard. And this refers to small sins, it doesn't refer to major sins, which first of all, we should never do because we are Muslim. And if it happens, then those major sins require

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actual conscious repentance and is the foreign thought.

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So this is a reminder, this is an advice for

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those who are mindful that good in those who remember Allah subhanaw taala in this Joe's in Surah eurosense. And so to hold Allah subhanaw taala mentioned several ancient people, the Earth and the Moon and so on, who the atoms had heard off, but they didn't know anything about them. There was no sign of those people every sign had been wiped out. And if it wasn't for the Quran, gibbons gives us specific details and mentions the messengers who are sent to them, and what their sins were and what happened to them we will never have known about each of them. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned only one sin that they used to do today we live in a world where all those sins are simultaneously

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present in our societies and we commit them fearlessly. May Allah help us to seek forgiveness and take the message of Islam to all people so that we are saved from Allah subhanaw taala as punishment, then we come to the use of which Allah subhanaw taala called as son will possess the best of stories. There are many things to learn from this and I'm really at a loss to choose which ones to talk about.

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And may Allah subhanaw taala help us to understand his Kalam and to learn from it. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be to be with us and help us to learn was Allah Allah Allah will carry why

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Not only he was avid main but I had to go