Hajj Faq 03 – What Is the Best Way for Me to Prepare for Hajj

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Salam Alaikum I am Abdullah from UK in this year I'm planning to do has so how should I prepare myself for us? spillover hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Obeid, mashallah very good question. Preparation, and the topic of preparation is something which should be in the forefront of most of the Muslim mind at all times. Concerning all issues, preparation is everything SubhanAllah. Of course, there are times when things appear spontaneously and we don't have much time to prepare, and we do things to the best of our ability. But those matters which require require preparation for us to get the very best out of that what we're about to undertake is extremely important. And Hajj

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is one of the most important journeys, one of the most important endeavors that any Muslim will ever undertake in their lives. As we all know that the Hajj is only an obligation to be performed once in your entire lifetime.

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That the stakes or what is you know, based on the Hajj is something very, very great. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the accepted Hajj has no other reward except the paradise. And an individual who performs the Hajj does not engage in any marital relationship and arguing and swearing, if they stay away from all of that, they will return home, like the day that they were born to their mothers, meaning completely sinless.

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So the stakes are very high, the opportunity is very great. And there's something we can receive something amazing from Allah subhanaw taala. But this is something not everybody will achieve. Not everybody will have an accepted hedge. Not every everyone who performs the hedge will not get involved in an argument or get upset or demonstrate some form of of patience, there are those who fall into that.

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So how do I avoid that? Prepare yourself.

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And when does this preparation, when does it start? Now preparation is of different types, there is the financial preparation, there is the spiritual about what you're about to undertake preparation, there's the physical preparation and all of which need different times. If we're talking about a financial preparation, then there are those who live on this earth who save their entire lives. To perform the hajj. Maybe it requires for them to save for 30 or 40 or 50 years of their life. They keep that money to one side, so that at one point in their lives, they're able to perform the hedge. Imagine that there are others who are who are able to maybe work six months or one year, or can you

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know maybe borrow that money or get hold of that money very quickly and can perform the hajj very quickly. 100 But there are people Subhanallah who have that persistence and have that patience to save all of their lives, to make the Hajj. So there is the financial preparation, which we all have different circumstances, but requires its own time. And for Allah subhanaw taala to facilitate for you, then there is the spiritual preparation, which we could also say is maybe as the most important, meaning that yes, Hajj, will require you to physically exert yourself and be at certain places at certain times. But if you are merely a shell, merely a body, going from one place to the

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next during these times, and then you return just like the same person you were when you first left them, what have you benefited from that hedge.

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The dream is the desire is that when you perform that Hajj you go, you offer what is due to Allah subhanaw taala. And you return a new person, a new Muslim, with a clean slate eternal Tyler. So what does this require from us, this requires you to prepare yourself, meaning for you to know what you're doing, are going to be undertaking from one day to the next. When you're going to perform your camera, how you perform your tawaf how you perform your salary, what you're going to say, during your tawaf and when do you say it?

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When you're making your say, between the two mountains? What do you do and what do you say between these two mountains, even the supplications that you make brothers and sisters, for you to understand what you are saying how important it is for you to perform these rituals. These acts have a bird's eye view to understand what you're saying. Likewise, on the days of Hajj yourself when you're in tents, when maybe when you're shortening your prayers on the day of alpha as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I'll help you

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refer that the essence and what HUD is all about, is you being there on the plains of alpha

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making you are supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala, which could quite possibly be the greatest day of the, in your entire life, there is no opportunity that will be given to you like this in your entire life. So imagine the individual who knows that value, that really, this could be the most important day of dura in my entire life, that there will be no other opportunity in the time that I spend on this earth where it is 40 5060 Whatever amount of years that Allah to Allah gives to you, there will be no day like this in my entire life, for me to ask Allah subhanaw taala for the paradise to protect me from the Hellfire to protect and guide my family, to give me whatever is

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subject or you know, whatever is specific and that you desire, there'll be no day like this. Whereas the other person says, I just need to be here and stay here tomorrow. And then we go

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there's a big difference between the two individuals. And then on the next day, you know exactly what you're going to be doing on the day read in the order that you want to do it, understanding that this is the greatest day of Hajj

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a person who understands this as a person who's going through a book, right? You know, as they're going on an orienteering kind of exercise through the woods, right, we go here, and then we're supposed to be there. And then what is the spiritual? What is the connection with Allah subhanaw taala in all of these issues, when you know, throwing stones at the Jamaat, why are you doing that? Or is it just an exercise of it, so we need to find an optimal time, you know, when the sun goes down a little bit, then we go, I need to find the right footwear, and then I'm happy and then you come back and what was the point of that all hunting through the stones, and the person didn't

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connect with Allah subhanaw taala while offering these acts of Ayurveda, then the person knows during the days after shift and so on, this is the spiritual preparation brothers and sisters that everybody is required to do, so that when you perform the hajj, you have the desired outcome, but isn't it later either that you come back a changed person, you adapt yourself to that situation. So you come back a better person but isn't it later either and then there is the preparation, the physical preparation.

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That is before you make the Hajj, you make sure that you are physically able to maybe walk some distances, eat healthy, make sure your health is in the best way that you can show the data maybe you have some ailments and you take the necessary steps that if you're afflicted by certain things, you have these means inshallah Tada to help you get through the Hajj itself. So preparation brothers and sisters is not something which is or should be taken lightly. There's the financial preparation, there is the spiritual and the understanding of what you're doing performing the hajj. And there is also the physical preparation all of which isn't really too early you want to make sure are at the

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optimum so that when you perform that hajj it is indeed a life changing experience and can be that change that you need in your life. But isn't it later Allah may Allah subhanaw taala give us success and guide us to the straight path mean Vartika lofi como salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah