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How the villa administrators rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala who should have been listening. So you didn't know Muhammad Ali. He also had to remain a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Oh, praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala Nisha to Allah Allah Allah Allah will be a witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our greetings love and sanitation so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time may Allah

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subhanaw taala grant us to be steadfast on the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam mela granted this worked on Juma be a forgiveness for our sins of last week. Allah guide us in the week to come May Allah grant us to have a blessed life a bliss a death in the spirit is erected in the company of Nabi Muhammad, Salah Salam, and be together in genital theodosis for all eternity mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We continue the series, there's more but series on death. And I know the whole country is happy. And we're getting into a time of year where things are happy. And this is very far from our minds. But it should never be too far off our minds. As we prepare for

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holidays as we prepare for fun for vacation. Always remember this does not have date has its own timeframe. And you and I we don't know when in our calendars, molecule mode is scheduled to meet us. And we've been talking about the series now a couple of weeks. And this is part four of that series on death.

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We're speaking about what happens at the moment of death last week and the things we need to do to prepare before you die. And we pray that we have an opportunity to prepare this does not come suddenly. Now he's also loved himself. And he was the most perfect of people he prepared for his day. And if we were to just look at his last few days, last week or two of his life, what did he do before he died, of course in a visa Salam had a premonition he had a feeling and he had indications from Allah that I'm about to die. The mission the mission is done. You've done your job, it is complete. Now prepare yourself for death. So it is narrated that a week a month or so before he

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passed away. Now he's also alum went out to visit the other the deceased Sahaba you went to the cemetery is in Medina, there are two places that people are buried. Bucky is the main cemetery. And of course the Shuhada of the backlog are heard. They're buried outside of Medina. So the Navajo Salam went to the graves, and he went to greet them. And it's amazing what He said He said to them, you speaking to them, and he said that I am more worried for the loving ones than the dead ones. I feel those who are dead, they are safe. They okay, I'm worried about those of my own mother is still alive and what's going to come what they're going to face in the future. And this is to those Sahaba

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in the in the in the covers, wait for me, I will meet you at the hold the well wait for me I will meet and I will testify for Allah I will testify for you on the Day of Kiama when a piece of Salah became more and more ill and he became weaker. And he said to Aisha Gila and gather all my positions now when he dies, and so Salem, one of the most powerful men in the world, he was a leader he ruled the entire Arabian Peninsula, the countries that we take today to be Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, all of these were under his control, he was a us a king. Yet when he told Aisha, Alicia gather all my possessions. All she could have all she found was some food

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substances, some wheat, some oil, his armor, that useful jihad, and seven coins, seven silver coins. And he looked at those seven coins with such sadness in his eyes was disappointment. He was like moving them in his hand. And he said, how would I answer to Allah? If I meet him with the seven coins in my position? And he said to Aisha, distribute these immediately. And he she was looking after him because he was ill. And he said, leave me. Don't worry about me. Make sure you get rid of these, these seven coins. And then, in those last few weeks, perhaps the last few sermons he gave SallAllahu wasallam. He asked the Sahaba Is there anyone that I owe anything? And he insisted,

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insisted Is there anyone I bought something and I never returned it to him. And one companion said, I didn't want to say anything, because I was, I mean, there's nothing here also, like you don't owe me anything, but I felt if I don't speak up, I'm gonna be punished. And so see the arrow, salam, you borrow two, three coins from me, there was a beggar, and you asked me to pay him. And you know, this is the only thing and so there'll be some paid this man back. And then he said, whoever I have lashed his back. If there's anyone who's back, I have left here. He took his shirt off, hit my back, take your back from me now. And if there's anyone whose honor I have harmed, then come take your

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heart from me. Take your heart from me. The Sahaba don't know he's dying. Sahaba have no clue what this is all about. No idea, and he's advising loss. These are loss advices but for them, they think it's just a normal by an advising them to look after one another to not to go and fight each other not to be disunited that the honor of Abu Bakr or the Allah and the honor of his family, the prophecies family that have debate the unsilent these things and then are

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Post a very, very powerful last advice. Take care of your Salah, take care of your Salah and look after your family and look after the women and the children of your family and the people that those are the last advice that he gave. And we said we know he was too weak to even leave the salah Abu Bakr are the only ones leading the salah. In those last few days he had all his close relatives, his wives, Hassan and Hussain Syed Ali brought them and he gave each one a very private message, a private secret. And each one he received something when she mentioned something to them, advising them. And he kissed them and he expressed his love for them.

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And then

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the prophets of Salaam in one of his last perhaps at last sermon, he says to the Companions, this is like a day or two before he passes away. He says, Allah has offered a slave there's a there's a man that has been offered to have the dunya and all that he wants in the dunya all the treasures of the dunya and akhira as well. But he chose Allah and the Sahaba stuck between what a great man he chose the Akira over the dunya. And Abubaker is in tears. He's crying he's broken when he hears this. And let's have a look at and see what one of the youngest have. What strange person is this? He is a man has chosen Allah over the dunya and he cries and he's in tears. You know this is what's wrong with

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old men is what is losing it now, when they realize that only Abu Bakr understood the reveal some he's talking about himself that I was given the choice to remain with you and have this dunya and then meet Allah or to beat Allah now and I've made the choice I want to meet Allah so Abu Bakr understood that but the reasons harbor are not prepared. And so in the last was a function. The last one that innovation was alive was a budget on a Monday morning 12 00 Well, Abu Bakr as we said, was leaving the solder the harbor feeling confident that he's getting better because he was sick and he wasn't in the masjid like he used to be. And so when abbyson stood up, it was his house, as we know

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was is next to the masjid. And he opened the curtain while they're making sutra and the Sahaba were usually very deep inside of you know, the concentration is deep. They said it was like a new into the masjid when he looked in at us, and we couldn't concentrate on the salah because we were looking at him now before Salaam and they thought that he would come and leave the Salah and they were feeling good. He's gonna come back and he showed to them stay, you stay aboubaker lead and you people follow behind him. And he just watched them smiling. You just standing there watching the Sahaba smiling. And then before the end of the Salah, he closed the curtain and they never saw him

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again. That's the last they saw him. So all of a sudden I'm smiling like that. And then then he's also

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he became severely ill immediately after that. And he was resting in the arms of eyeshadow. She was keeping him and her brother came to visit. He had a miswak and so he wanted them his walk and so then I basically brushed his teeth. And he started to fall in and out of consciousness. And I should say is the last words I heard him say the last he was barely audible. But what he said Man, Naveen was Siddiqui in Molina and Mr. Lehmann and Naveen was Siddiqui. Not sure what I was already hearing, but if we decide to be with those who you are Allah are pleased with from the Gambia than a BS and the Siddiq. So the Shuhada and the Saudi hain, Rafi rafiqul rafiqul Allah He said this last last

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word, Salah Salam said rafiqul Allah, the companionship on top of the companionship in the basically the word those on top and he passed away some Allah they will sell them in the arms of Aisha and I shall cease a few days only few days later, I asked myself like why did he say those words what what did it mean? And then she remembered the visa Salam told her before a prophet of Allah dies, the Angel of Death molecule Merck needs to ask permission, why do you want What do you want to do? And so he responded a rafiqul Agha, I want to go to be with Allah, I want to be with Allah. And so the Prophet salaam passed away like this out any positions out a saint coin. In fact, Aisha says when he

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died, there was nothing I had to actually borrow some oil from my neighbor just to have something to light in the house. He left nothing some of us have this dunya of material gains. But all of you all of us behind Allah, are what he left behind in terms of his position, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we meet this in such a beautiful, beautiful way. I mean,

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last week we said when the believers soul is being pulled when a person's soul is being pulled, and they are taken up, and the people make the Janaza Salah on them. And then we carry the meat to the masjid and they admit them in the grave. And now the deceased is away and he's waiting. Some of them are excited, take me to the cover. Some of them says don't take me to the cover. And you as an official says the date person when he comes to the Maqbara three things come with you to your cemetery. Three things come with you. Your family comes with you. Your money comes with you and your deeds come with you. But your family will leave and your possessions will go and you will be stuck

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alone we will you and I will be stuck alone in the cupboard. Without deeds. That's all. That's it. All of our life comes to that that hole in the ground

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We don't know the exact sequence of things. So the one Hadith mentions the dead person malapa thing is very difficult to imagine this, you are aware of yourself being buried. And you even hear the footsteps you hear the conversations, and you hear the footsteps once a heartbeat only lasted till the sun, when everyone leaves to stand by my cupboard, maybe like half an hour just so that I can keep my composure, because I will be a way that you are still the and while you are the the angels will not come. But when everyone leaves and ultimately this is this is the thing, no matter how much we love each other. No one is going to stand with you at your property, eventually everyone will

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leave you and you'll be alone, I will be alone. And when you're finally alone,

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then I'll be so Salah mentions that everyone will taste a little bit of the earth squeezing you maybe that feeling of claustrophobia, some of them it will be worse, some of them will be very easy, the great Sahabi sad, even wild when he died, that Throne of Allah shook there'll be some things about him the squeezing in the grave if anyone were to be saved from it, sad would not have felt it but even he felt it just for a moment and then he was released. So my Allah protect us that moment like death, we will go through it you won't be nice. the spoiling of the soul will never feel good. And being admitted into the ground will not feel good. But May Allah grant us steadfastness and

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strength and ease through that moment may just be a moment and that's it. Then when the last person leaves the province and says to angels into the grave, Mooka. And Nikhil, very severe dark in color, blue in color, they look, they look very scary. They look like monsters. This is where the believer entered us believer. This is called the fitna of the cover. This is the last exam, Fitna means exam test. And today I know we're going through an exam period people are I think that's what will grant you success in your exam is, but this exam, we know the questions, and we know the answer.

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But this is the ultimate exam. This exam determines success and failure in the after, pass or fail of life and death. This exam very three simple questions will be asked, but only your deeds and your life will answer. And so these three angels, these two angels will enter the cupboard, and they will be terrifying in appearance. And they will ask Who is your Lord? Who do you worship? And as for the sinful or the disbelieving soul? He will say?

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And this is the Hadith he says, I don't know he was unable to answer you will start to unable to answer. And they will ask what religion did you follow? And the soul will say?

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I don't know of any who asked, they will ask and what about this man that came to you? And he will say I don't know. And then

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and then it will be said to him? You don't know and you will never, ever recite you will never know a voice what will be said to him. And then Allah subhanaw taala in a manner which befits His Majesty will say, My servant, my slave has spoken falsely. So open for him the gates of Jannah and open a door for him for to the fire. So the cupboard and the nurses will fill up Jahannam will enter into the cupboard. Now you are alone in this tiny hole being squeezed, may Allah protect us and the fire of Jana. The heat of it, not the fire of it, the heat of it, and the winds of it will enter and you'll be crammed up in this very difficult place. And then a creature that smells terrible that

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looks terrible, like a disgusting thing will enter his grave and you will say what is this and it will be said I am your deeds as you carried me in the dunya I will be with you in the cupboard. And this thing will torment him while he's in the grave. And while he's being punished in the grave, while he's being punished in the grave. You will see into Jahannam you will see that window into Jahannam worse punishments than what is experienced in the grave. And you will say Allah let Qiyamah not come that I would rather take this punishment in macabre than what is prepared in Jana. May Allah protect us. As for the believing soul, when he dies, and his family leaves him and he's alone.

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One narration mentions that he will be surrounded before the angels of the angels of questioning the fitna the angels of fitna come the grave, you'll be surrounded by his good deeds and they will like any Subhan Allah and the exam, just having your friends around you and saying I will not suppose to help each other in the exam, right? But in this cupboard, yes, you can in the cupboard, your deeds can help you and they can give you courage and steadfastness and they will assist you in the cupboard. And so these angels will come and they will start look difficult. Even for the believer. This is a difficult moment. The last fitna for the believer, the last trial is this trial. No exam

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is easy. And so it will be asked of Him Who is your Lord? And He will say, you don't have to memorize in Arabic English. Don't worry. The believer will speak with his Eman. He will say My Lord is Allah. And what is your religion? And my religion is Islam. And what about this man that came to you? He will say that he's the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him. They'll often say what did you do?

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He says an assault I read the book of Allah and I believed in it and I accepted it and they will continue cross questioning Subhanallah the angels of the cover will not make it easy. They will try and catch you out. What did you say about the Lord? What did you say is your religion they will continue testing you until you will answer and we will all answer my Allah Granda steadfastness in that as Allah mentioned the Quran. Allah says this in the Quran, Allah will establish with a coli fabic the believer with a word that is firm, you will be firm to answer in the cupboard and then the voice will say my slave has spoken the truth. So open for him the doors of Jana and clothe him from

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the clothing of Jana and let him see his place in Jannah. And he will see his place in Jahannam first, and it will say this is where you would have gone but it has been closed up you will never reach that and you will see his place in Jannah. And then in will enter the cover will the most beautiful creature a person looking so beautiful well into the cupboard with him and he will say will you bring this good smell? It will say this is I am your deeds. I am that Salah that you made the Quran that you recited the fasting that you made. I am the one that this is what you did in the tote. This is the result of your life deeds is me. And as you carried me with difficulty in the

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dunya I will be with you here in the cupboard and you will not be alone. And he will see as we said he will is cupboard will be made wide wide wide. It will be filled with renewal from Jana, the god the spring it will be a garden from the gardens of Jana, you will feel so good that you would not want to return to the dunya and when he will see his place in Jannah and you will see himself in Jana. And his only longing would be Allah let Qiyamah come, let Qiyamah come and when he says Ya Allah bring Kia Malik Yama come now so I can get the it will seek to immerse now now it's time for you to be tranquil. So some people will sleep. Some people will meet their relatives a lot. There's

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a few different

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places in the bazaar, but in general, they will sleep and they will wait until the AMA comes May Allah grant that I will cover the the first stage of reward and Allah protect us from that. As Allah says in the lead in a call Robin Allah Who musta amo that visually those who say I will always Allah, and they stand firm on that on them, the angels of Mercy will descend. And at the time of the death when they die, the angels will say to them, don't feel scared now. And don't feel sad, but receive the good news. You're going to Janna. It's difficult. This is not going to be easy. But so Annaleigh imagine when your soul is pulled. You hear that? That words of encouragement from the

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angels don't feel scared now. Yes, it's scary to leave this world. And it's scary to go into this new Parasoft place. And yes, there's going to be difficult days ahead. But take good news that you have passed and you are now in the Rahama from Allah.

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The Prophet SAW Selim mentioned as we said, this is called the fitna. Now all of this we spoken about is not the either the punishment of the cover that we will discuss next week, May Allah protect us. This is just the test of the cover the fitna of it, the trial worse than that is the other the punishment of the cover, and of course, the reward of the cover, which we'll talk about. Now. How do we save ourselves from the fitna of the cover? How do we help you win a police exam period? Now how do you prepare for this exam? How do you put yourself in the best position of course to live your life as those questions Who is your Lord would You worship avoid shake don't go to any

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Kermit any Valley any hazard? Any idle statute don't worship anything besides Allah subhanaw taala don't have any Tawi weighing on your neck take all these things off. only depend on Allah follow the Sunnah of Nabil Salam, follow the Quran these things will help you answer in the cupboard oven in particular than a piece of Salah mentioned certain deeds that will come to your rescue will come to our rescue in the cupboard at the head when the angels want to come and question you and they come from the top side right the hit the first defender that will be there to support you is your Surah salah is the beginning of it and the end of it all salah is the primary defense the primary shield

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is that Salah Salah will come your Salah, the man who made a lot the woman who made a lot of Salah was steadfast her Salah will be the defender and say not through me you have to get through me to get to him and then it will come from the right and will be his first thing and his left to be his DACA and from the feet it will be how he treated people this is generations in the Hadith from the bottom it will be said he will treat people well he kept ties with family. So if you want to get to him, you need to get through us and so they will question you but you will be surrounded by the shield of protection, the companionship. In another narration it mentions from the top the chest it

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will be suited to the recitation of the Quran and in particular Surah to the milk as a form of protection in the cover. So these things Han Allah, this is a reality. And the best we can do is to prepare ourselves or speak to myself first in this regard to prepare ourselves without cupboard be a place of reward. A place of happiness might be a place

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of enjoyment as we prepare for holidays in this dunya we have to prepare for that place and the deeds we do in the dunya will of course appear in the cupboard

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of the people that are also saved from the questioning of the cupboard. They will not be questions a certain, you know, Subhan Allah, again have given an allergy for an exam. There are those who already have DP me they pass the exam, even before they have to sit the the end of the year. They did so much good work during the year. And when the final exam come, they said, I have my Fathima you've already passed. You can attend the exam if you want, but you've already passed. There are some people who are so special that they are saved from even being questioned in cover. Number one on the list is the Shaheed the man who died, the lady who died visa vie de la, di they they see gay,

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they sacrifice their life to Allah and that's how they died. Why? Because as an abuse Allah mentioned, the clanging of the sword, meaning the fighting was enough of an answer to mukana Kiryas was my Lord when I died for Allah, you ask which religion I died for that so that's the answer, no need to ask me any more. And so you will be saved from the the questioning of the cupboard. And similarly, the security to the Moravec the person who dies in the line of duty, which stands protecting the frontier. So it might be in any and hopefully we hope that this extends to even those who are in protecting the community, the police guards, the security guards, they're all doing it,

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you know, for the benefit of community, it counts for them in a very special circumstance for someone, a believer who dies on a Thursday night or Friday as we said, of the honors that Allah gives And subhanAllah if you don't die on as we sit in the middle Salam died on a Monday, he didn't die on a Friday.

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And interestingly Abu Bakr of the ALLAH and he also died on a Monday and he wanted to die on a Monday just to follow the Sunnah even in the evening. You asked the day the day he was dying. You asked I share with you what day is today. So you said my dad you it's Monday. And so he said what they didn't have a son passed away. So he said it was a Monday he died. And then she said How old was the Nabil Salam. She said he was 63 And so he said I'm also 63 So today is going to be the day and what did he wait? So the eyeshadow said he was wearing his ihraam he made for Hajj and he had another government over him. So he said put on my Iran and give me one like that as well. And he

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died even in death. You follow that sunnah? Exactly. Follow that sunnah. Exactly. Subhanallah you know get this man Allah from living your life in the Sunnah, living your life like that. So, yes, for us if we die on a Friday and those who have died in a Friday, it's an extra honor Allah had given them that they are not going to be questioned, and any ailments of the stomach as we say the person who dies from any of the abdominal disease because it's a difficult kind of disease, a difficult kind of death through drowning burning. These people also as an exemption for them Allah subhanaw taala either assist them or they will be completely exempted from the questioning in the

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cupboard. There is a week narration but we take this one Allah that Ibiza Salam says there is a Surah of the Quran which is 30 verses where He intercedes for a man until he will be forgiven, and he sought after Baraka, Libya Surah Al Mulk. And in the other narration, the prophets of salaam says that Surah to the Mole will protect you in the copper and that's why it is in our tradition that we recite Surah Mulk it makes easy for you in the cupboard so besides federal milk, may Allah grant us the ability to recite it regularly as the nine week narration we said he has seen that piece of Salah mentioned recite Surah Yaseen, it makes the transition of the easier for the one that dies

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Surah Moog helps you in macabre Soraka helps you during the week. So these sorrows have special, special baraka and blessing. What else can we do to assist us in the cover? It was the Sunnah of Nabisco Salam. And if you want to implement something from all these lectures, implement this you can even take a picture the DUA, then a visa Salam he recited in every form every sada in every teacher who had before salaam aleikum wa Salam Alikum, you will recite a special dua for protection Allah my India who began in Abuja Haddenham Amina verbal cover Amin, fitna ilmiah Well, Nomad when fitna intimacy hit the gel five things Yeah, Allah protect me from the other arm of Jana. This is

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the worst thing oh Allah protect me from being punished in Jannah and protect me from the punishment of the cover and protect me from the fitna the testing of life, the fitness we have in life and the fitna of death meaning the feasting in the cupboard protect me from that and protect me from the fitting of the gel. The gel is of course the biggest sweetener, so every single worked five times a day in fact, even the Sunnah works sunnah Salah you would recite this before a Salam aleikum wa salam Wa alaykum it would recite this dua implement this Allama in Nia who may never be Jahannam Amina recover or mean fitna dilemma here at Walmart. When fitna Tila mercy hit the gel and protect

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me from the Mercy hit the gel.

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Some questions that came up on the section

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To the person, we've married the person. And

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we carry this person to the Maqbara, as the businessman says, The one who makes Janaza salah, he gets a keen bar of reward. If you make the Jannatul Salah, we should really make efforts Hello, just speaking to someone, someone said, because the bigger your janazah, the better it is for the dead person. And so if you die in the middle of the day working day job as a small, but we should try and make effort to come to the janazah. Because for the dead person, it makes him it makes it easier for that person. It's more people making dua for you, more people testifying for you. And as for the one who comes for the Janessa sada there are resources, you get the Kim TA, I can tell it's like a

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mountain of good deeds for coming to the Janaza. And if you go with all the way to the Maqbara and bury him, you get a second kin bar, you get a second kin bar. And so when we bury that person, and they're in the cupboard alone, and they get tested, and they pass the test and they are in May, they are in the bodies of now, do the souls come back to us to the living? No, the souls do not come back. And they cannot even who dream about a long lost relative. They do not interact with a living. Yes, the dead souls may interact with one another. The dead souls may see we'll see each other the good ones of them. We said this in a few weeks ago that they will congregate and they will talk to

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each other. They will they want the people on the buzzer. Don't know what's happening in the dunya. They will ask I might just dies. So he meets now his brothers his friends. Hamada, what happened what's happening in the dunya? What's Fatima doing what's Aisha doing? Right, they will talk to one another like that in the in the Barossa. not a nice thing to think about the people meet up with their friends and relatives in the Barossa. But still, we should visit the deceased. And we should visit the Maqbara. The province of Salem, he says as a command, visit the graves for the remind you of the akhira the visiting of the cemetery is more important for you than for the dead person. When

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you visit the cemetery Remember, all we can do is make dua for them. Right? They're not away that even when we get there, they might not even be a way that we are the but when you make dua for them, when it reaches them that someone is making dua for me, that whatever if they are being rewarded, that we wouldn't increase that if they're being punished by Allah have mercy on all those who are being punished in the cover, when the punishment will be lightened. And this might And subhanAllah what a great gift that appearance receives from a child, my child is remembering me, my child is making dua for me. I mean, that's perhaps better than any rose or any chocolate you could have

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brought your parents in their life to make dua for them to say you're on my mind, and I'm making dua for you. So the Prophet encourages us it is a sunnah to visit the cemetery, it's part of it. Why? Because it has a powerful impact on us. We when you see,

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I don't think anyone who sees someone being buried and not feel something in you, when you see that, knowing that this might turn is gonna come I'm on the queue Subhanallah My turn is going to come and people are gonna end on my body like this Subhan Allah, and I'll be put in that grave and I'll be covered up Subhanallah all we can do is prepare for it.

00:28:08--> 00:28:46

This is an adverb and etiquette, how we should visit the visa Salam season even imagine that when you visit the cemetery. Be careful where you walk and where you sit. There it is better for you to walk on coals, or to walk on a blade than to walk on a grave of someone. And if it's in the past, no people don't do this anymore. But in the past, when the cemetery was basically open, it was like wilderness. He said if you it is the same if you urinate in the cemetery, as if you urinated in the middle of the market, like standing in the middle of Canal walk and you relieve yourself. It's the same kind of thing. Right? So don't take this the graveyard treated with the utmost respect and

00:28:46--> 00:29:27

spiral out we know, our cemetery in Millbrae was desecrated and eaten we feel offended by this because even in death, we honor we honor the deceased without becoming extravagant as well. We do not build structures on the graves and we don't put lights and we don't put you know, huge monuments and tombstones those does not benefit the dead man in the least rather take that money and give it in charity and sadaqa respect like we do with the dead person. We don't dress him up in a fancy suit. We don't you know, put perfume and makeup on the podium makeup and all these things. We wash them clean, dignified, but simple. And the grave somebody like that. Dignified, very respectful, but

00:29:27--> 00:29:59

very simple and humble. Because that is ultimately what is important. When you visit the cemetery. There are a number of things to ask you could make but this is the easiest one you come the maybe even if even if you drive past the cemetery you pass by a cemetery or Salam Alikum Allah der you say Oh, my piece of paper there's a dua remember a Salam aleykum isn't just a greeting it's a dua say Peace be upon you. Oh people of this place. Middle Muslim, meaning well Muslim in Oh mean and Muslim in Peace be upon you. Were in

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

insha Allah become lahic Hoon and soon inshallah we will be joining you we are going to come and meet you soon. And that's all Allah Allah now welcome and Alfia we asked for you and for us, Allah protect us smell law protect you and us. This is the DUA and so visiting the cemetery is something that is part of the Sunnah. What about the ladies? Should the ladies visit the cemetery? Should the ladies go to the Maqbara?

00:30:26--> 00:31:03

And these of course, for a number of us initially, you know, subhanAllah, something for you to know. Initially it was haram for anyone to visit us during the time in Abuja, Salam it was haram for anyone to visit the Maqbara you only buried someone and you never visited the Maqbara. Again, why? Because at that time, they were very close to the Sahaba was still new to Islam. And they were still many of them were still worshipping graves grommets and these things they used to worship it. So then obviously no one visit cemeteries anymore. Then afterwards, he said now start visiting the cemetery, start visiting the cemetery. And so the debate was, was this rule for only the men for the

00:31:03--> 00:31:41

men and the women. So some scholars some might, I've said they it is sooner for the ladies to visit likely sooner for men when they gave the command visited the cemetery. He means it for the men and the ladies, that's one view. There is another Hadith within our vessels who says the lady who visits the cemeteries are not she's cursed. The woroch, the lady who goes regularly frequently to cemeteries, there is a curse upon her. So the majority have taken a view in the middle that she should not you should avoid the cemetery suspicious, shouldn't go when these being the person who's been buried shouldn't go when these strange people around, she should maybe go very, very seldomly.

00:31:41--> 00:32:05

But it's permissible for it to go. And perhaps this is the safest view as the provinces. Allah has put a curse on a woman who visited the cemeteries regularly, and those who build mosques and put lights on graves, these people this is this is not something to do, not the idea of the dead person. We don't do these things. We don't do these things for the deceased. And this is as the this is the words of Rasulullah sallallahu. As the Buddha would set up Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

00:32:06--> 00:32:26

You don't have to go to the cemetery to benefit your mother, your father, your grandparents, your children who have passed away, you don't have to go to the Maqbara to make dua for them. You can make dua for them while you're sitting in the traffic in the road. You can make dua for them. Now Juma powerful time to make dua for them to remember them Mubarak in the masjid, then in the cemetery,

00:32:27--> 00:33:00

you can make the prophets of salaam says yes, the dua of the child is very powerful. But it's not just the children of Sousa, any believer who makes to ask for someone that has passed away, they will all benefit and that's why we make dua we say ALLAH forgive all the deceased Muslim people, all of them. We don't know the names we don't know the faces from the time of the from the items time until the end of time. May all of them before even have mercy. And we hope that as we die, the OMA continues to make dua so that even if our deeds were not enough, the dua of the ummah will push us over the line.

00:33:01--> 00:33:10

But you can do more than da da is something you should be doing all the time. In general for the OMA and specifically for the relatives that have passed away

00:33:11--> 00:33:47

as a hobby comes with an Ibiza Salim and he says My mom has died. What can I do for her? She's dead What can I do for her now? And so the prophets of salaam says so he says can I give some kind of sadaqa and she gets the reward can I give some kind of charity and give somebody award and so then he says yes you can. So he said yeah Rasulo what charity can I give what can I give and so then resources give water is the best kind of charity meaning either donate water digger well and make the NIA This is from my mom's for my dad says we say you young radio is Silas our is actually ether is our ether to ether is like you know how you transfer anytime you transfer the reward from one

00:33:47--> 00:34:07

person to the another to another. So some good deeds you can transfer some of them. For example, very clear charity, you can transfer charity you make you put some money in the in the in the masjid towel and you say Allah within your heart the near is for my dad, your dad will get the reward and you will also be rewarded. Another form of ether if Philip is

00:34:08--> 00:34:22

if someone has not completed his fasting. Someone has not made a hudge so a relative wasn't able to perform Hajj or Umrah you can make Hajj or Umrah, tawaf on behalf of that person, a person's relative a man comes again and he says

00:34:23--> 00:34:59

a lot I was sitting with a messenger salsa lamb a woman came to him and said to the lady says, I gave my mother a slave as a gift I gave her as a gift a slave, right? And now my mother died. So she died. What am I what can I do now? So there are these who says Look how amazing this is. You gave you you have got you you gave her the slave and you got the reward for the charity. And now Allah has given it back to you. Right she died the inheritance comes back to her. You'll get back what you were given, was brought back to you as a gift. So then she said O Messenger of Allah. She still had one month of fasting she still had sculpt. She didn't foster some negligent stuff.

00:35:00--> 00:35:22

What can I do? So then a business is forced on how do you force those days, and she said, My mom didn't go at the opportunity to make Hajj so the resources perform Hajj for her as well. So there's a number of good deeds you can do as a system emailed me also what can I do for my relatives that have died? You can at the very least you can make dua, you can give money, you can fast you can make the life

00:35:23--> 00:36:02

reciting Quran speak question, can I make a hard time we do this culture, right? We make a hard time and we say give the reward of the hard time to the dead person. There is some question marks on this. Inshallah we hope that it is fine. But to be very, to be very safe what you can do. And I think in our tradition, actually they did this correctly, you'd hear this Olaru. So when so they would first make the hartham. And they would make the vicar and they're done. They would now make dua, now that dua is on. You know, it's been powered up with the Quran with the vicar the DUA becomes more powerful. So even if the we can't transfer the heart time directly, then the DUA

00:36:02--> 00:36:40

becomes powerful, and this is the way you help the dead. Make dua makes make vicar give charity and then you say ah Allah, let us go to our dead relatives and may they receive that Baraka that blessing in the grave. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to have mercy on all those who are in the cover. May Allah make the god Musgraves via God from the gardens of Jana, may Allah have mercy on us. And Allah granted when we pass away that we enter into His mercy and His kindness, I mean, so few announcements, as you know, Saturday evening, tomorrow evening is going to be a molded program and will commence optimality for the for the sisters from 11 o'clock tomorrow until Assa is that NP

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