Time for Performing Eid Salaah

Zakir Naik


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Dr. Zakir Could you explain when the eat prayer is first allowed to be prayed early in the morning and when's the last time it can be prayed? As far as the timing of the ether is concerned, it can be prayed anytime after the sun rises approximately three meters above the horizon

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till it reaches the meridian and major the scholars they say that one is the sunrise is about the height of a spear above the horizon, that to the naked eye but nature and till the time it reaches Zenit, you can offer the prayer in between this. So before Digital's and it is the last time and earliest time is after it rises from horizon one spear above the height of the rising didn't so no doubt are number one. In the book of Salah Hadith number

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1131 Abdullah number, he was one of the companions of the Prophet. He one day goes to offer Salah during the day of breaking of the fast or the day of sacrifice of the Salah.

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And he disliked the Imam he delayed in offering the eat Salah, and we said as rebels the Prophet at our times, by this time the prayer used to end that's in the phone. So praying early is preferable in the phone. And according to Edna Kodama writes, in his book, alimony in volume number two page number 224. He says that as far as it will is concerned, it will sacrifice it should be paid as early as possible. After the sunrises after once fear of heights on the horizon, it should be paid as early as possible because people have to go back home they have to sacrifice then later on, they have to cook the food so that you know they can have the meat of the sacrifice afternoon. And as far

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as the Salah for induced fit is concerned, it should be delayed so that people can give the car to fitted

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to those who are supposed to receive it. As the Prophet said that gives the catalyst further before the Salah.

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So it's preferable to delay the ill fitted Salah. So this is a ruling as far as the timing of insulin is concerned.