Why Is Ramadan Known As The Month Of Forgiveness

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What specific reason is it that Ramadan is called? The month of forgiveness or is known as the month of Yes, as I rightly mentioned earlier, that our beloved prophet masala Some said

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it's an audit of say Buhari ROM number three book of fasting Hadith number 1901 a beloved Prophet masilela, Sodom said that if anyone farts in the month of Ramadan

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with the proper intention with faith and asking for the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala, he will forgive all your persons. And this method is further repeated in the Muslim Ahmed

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war number three added number 11524, which mentioned that any person who fasts in the month of Ramadan

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with the proper intention, seeking the reward of Allah subhana wa Taala.

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He will have all his previous sins atoned.

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And further mentioned in say Muslim

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boy number 100 number 450. A Beloved Prophet Musa Lawson said

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that the time between the five prayers

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and the two jamas and from one drum down to the other is the time for expansion of your sins. There is a time where you can have all your sins forgiven.

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And a beloved prophet Muslim also said

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as mentioned a Muslim were number four in the book of taba.

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Number 664 for our beloved prophet masala slim said that, and last minute Allah at nighttime, a person who asked for forgiveness, He forgive the sin for the sin he has committed to the day. And our last webinar with Allah in the daytime, if forgive the sin for a person was forgiveness for the seniors committed night. So this is the best month of forgiveness. The month of Ramadan, where you can easily have your sins forgiven, because the gates of heaven open and the gates of hell are closed. Therefore it's first call the month of forgiveness.

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No wonder everybody wants to be active in that month. Now. We know why sulphonyl