The Greatness of Aisha (R.A) – Shorts

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You cannot discuss the greatness of hydrogen without recognizing the greatness of the shuttle the Ilana. Why? Because you will find that so many, so many of these narrations that describe to us how leaders greatest moments are narrated to us by shuttle Divina.

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Even though she says what she says I never I never envied a woman like I envied her Dejah even though I never met her, I show the mind that tells us she's like I never envied anybody like I envy Khadija and I shouldn't be like that even tells us of the time when she told the province of Allah is and and why do you continue to mention that old lady who passed away when Allah subhanaw taala replaced you with one better than her? And the prophets of Allah I did send him said Allah did not replace me with one I'm better than her. And I she was the one who was telling us this. I mean, how, how incredible is that?