Preparing for Ramadan – EP10 6 Tips to Wake up for Qiyam Al-Layl

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Episode Notes

Episode 10 – Preparing for Ramadan. In this episode I share 6 tips to help you get up in the night and pray Qiyam.


AI: Summary © The speaker gives tips on how to start praying on Monday, including making the intention to pray before going to sleep, praying early to increase responsibility, avoid drinking and eating too much before going to bed, and avoid waking up too early during the month ofFinancial. They encourage viewers to share their own tips in the comments.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to Episode 10 of preparing for a well done. In the previous video we talked about the MLA. In this video, I'm going to give you some tips on how to get oneself to start praying pm Monday. All right, let's get right into it. Tip number one. Always, always, always make the intention to pray the MLA before you go to sleep at night, the person that told us that the person who makes the intention to pray during the night, and then they go to sleep and then sleep overtakes them, meaning they're not able to wake up and pray that pm will lay that the person will have written for them the reward of that which they intended. Now, this is amazing

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how to love because the person didn't even pray the family. But simply because the person made this sincere intention to pray family, they got that reward for those guys that they didn't even pray number to make the intention to wake other people up as well. Now this can work because it increases our sense of responsibility, because now we're not only in charge of waking ourselves up, we're in charge of waking up other people as well. And that may be that final push that we need to wake up number three, go to sleep early. Now this should be fairly obvious. But a lot of times we miss out on that pm lane and even further sometimes, simply because we didn't get enough rest during the

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night. Number four, don't be overly comfortable. It was sleeping at night. Now I know a lot of our lifestyles are such that we sleep on very comfortable beds. And if you look at the bed of the person, and we know that I wasn't too comfortable, and I showed her the letter, and she actually tells us about the pillow the press centum she says that it was made out of this tough leather and it was filled with palm fibers meaning it wasn't very comfortable to sleep on. So another tip I'll give underneath this tip is maybe try sleeping on the floor. And I know for me personally that has worked on a few occasions where if I get off my comfortable bed and just spend the night on the

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floor, maybe put a sheet down have a pillow that could really work. Number five sleep in a state of bajada or a state of purity. The person I'm told us that there's no Muslim who goes to sleep at night, remembering the last kind of data and in the state of purity except that when they wake up and they ask a lot of data for goodness from this life and the next except that a lot grants them that number six, avoid eating and drinking too much before going to bed. This is another one of those tips that seems fairly obvious but not a lot of us actually implement this tip especially during the month of Ramadan where people tend to make up for their whole day of not eating in those

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few hours that we actually can eat and that in turn causes laziness and it makes our worship almost out of harder. So there you go. Those are some tips that I have for you but I would like to hear from you as well. If you have some tips for waking up for family I would love to hear them please share them in the comments below. And as always the last penny out of knows best. I'll see y'all later inshallah Tada. Take care. We'll sit on one acre on a cattle