Ramadan Nasihah – How will you spend your Eid

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of missing one's Salah and the need for people to act like a hooligan to avoid missing it. The segment also touches on the use of shaker cases and the potential consequences of missing one's Salah. The segment ends with a call to action for people to act like a hooligan to avoid missing their Salah.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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We are now days away from the day that has been given to us for celebration by Allah subhana wa tada which is eagle feather.

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It comes straight after

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Ramadan, it will fit.

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And there's just a few points that I want to mention about April 5 are things to do and things not to do.

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It comes down to a person who spends the night of eat in the remembrance of Allah.

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Allah will grant and forgiveness

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as pleasant to Allah because what happens

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and we will see this is that the 29th ninth or the 30th night

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after McRib Salah

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is going to be no more taraweeh

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no more Soho

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no more fasting is over. Right? It's gone.

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No What happens is everybody starts to prepare for something called Chandra.

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People start to prepare to rent out cars. The youngsters then prepared to take the

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in some situations the wives in some situations the girlfriends to the key

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in Glasgow to sakiko Street to Manchester to Birmingham to have

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the night of the life

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where are some families come together and use this day to sit together as a family and to show respect to each other the children run up to the elders and say I want Ed right Why don't you just do that y'all do that? Our Ed 20 pound five pound Webber cases now the rates gone up and but people want Ed people get gifts people get different things. This is family environments are fine, but the things that you should not be doing on eat

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as one missing your Salah. What happens on eat is you start to miss your Salah because you're so busy in family events are you acting like a hooligan

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so what happens is you miss you start missing your Salah, do not be

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a person who the shaytan is going to use as an example, on the day of care. Then look at this person fasted for 30 days. There's all the shaitaan does He fasted for 30 days or wasted him in one day.

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I killed him in one day. I made them lose the reward that he gained for 30 days in one day. to such an extent it comes in Ramadan. Allah takes people out from the fire of hell and places nowhere.

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genma Yeah. But on the day of he had many people do you think that may have entered Jenna But no, they've entered the fight of Jehovah because that one day what the youngsters doing pollokshields What do youngsters doing and in the city centre, what do youngsters do around the world in all these areas that attract this Chandra type of Mohan

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atmosphere what happens? The youngsters are driving windows down convertible down, music playing sticky string, whatever you want to call it girl screaming with the horns. Pakistan flags they've got the running up and down in the UK they've got Pakistan flags running up and down the streets

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as if you know the reviving the deen as if you know they are nothing these individuals are nothing

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but those individuals that are a justification that today the shaitaan was released by Allah subhanaw taala

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you know, what is a criminal do

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when you lock someone up, imagine I killed someone.

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Yeah, imagine I killed someone's or imagine I'm in jail because of someone. Yeah. I'm in jail to be skipped, kept away from someone. That criminal that's in jail, even if it's only for one month? What's he going to do for one month? He's going to plan his revenge. He's going to plan how am I going to defeat my enemy. And in this case, the shaytans enemy is you and I.

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And the day he gets released by allies the day he puts all his plans into perspective.

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You know how many people

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commit Zina on the day of eat?

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Because they're not married. Do you know how many people

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get intoxicated on marijuana weed?

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Because they think is a day of celebration. Gentlemen, people get drunk on eat because they think it's a celebration. They have confused themselves with the between the perfect what Allah has allowed you to do and what Allah has not allowed you to do. They

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Are those people who are evident that the shutdown was released? That's that's what these people do. These are things not to do.

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These are things not to do do not attend Chandra did not go to places where this type of atmosphere is playing, you know, do not go to those places.

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You know our teachers used to say this to us Do not go to those places where Allah has observed Allah's anger, Allah's

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wrath could descend upon

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what happened to Kami loot? Allah lifted the ground and turned upside and smacked it on the floor lynnie

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What happened to the people who tried to kill me Sally serratos from the river open? Masato some crossbow when they went and they drunk.

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That is, that is the essential point you do not want to be in those places where Allah is disobedience is taking place. Now what you shouldn't do and he

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as youngsters take time out for your family. You have to be your mother your father your brother, your sister, your nieces, your nephews, your uncle's your Auntie's, wherever it may be, go with them somewhere go out to eat wherever it may be.

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No, we don't have many choices in Glasgow but I'm sure we can go somewhere but separate your family

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engage with your young ones get to be sitting at home playing the PlayStation yet to be sitting at the home talking or you know oh you know some guys do this right? The cousins get together so they all like it and they're just walking around, but they're doing nothing wrong. To get me though just having a laugh may be showing they might be screaming but they just have they're not doing anything wrong. They just laughing and joking on it. That's fine, do these things. But remember the key point and eat the key thing that we all do as we miss our Salah.

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If we can this eat, be sure not to miss our Salah.

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And say to Allah, I thank you, Allah hamanako humble Wanaka Shaka Allah I thank you for the blessings you have descended upon me because why is it a celebration? Because Allah gave it to you? You don't Allah you don't show it to Allah for Ramadan now to sugar to Allah for eat and trust me you become the friend of Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhanaw taala give us the opportunity to understand what he is, and May Allah subhanaw taala keep us away from all those atmospheres that lead to the path of the shader. Amin Europe bill amin, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh