Ramadan Daily #30 Praying For A Pious Family & Noble Status Qualities Of True Servants Of Allah

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The session number 30 of the ADM is about the acceptance of Islam by the family. The parents of the children are being encouraged to be the leaders of the regular people and to show their faith in Islam. The parents are also encouraged to practice the attitude of the parents and to show their faith in Islam.

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Bismillah Allahu salatu salam ala Rasulillah who about brothers and sisters? This is the session number 30 And I guess this should be the last session we are having in this month of Ramadan May Allah azza wa jal accepted from all of us. And Allah subhanaw taala says, well levena Your Kowloon Urbana Hamlin Amina is watching I will react in a Kurata unit where Jelena limiter Pina Emma, one of the attributes of these righteous people that we have been dealing with.

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Since then, you know, Allah subhanaw taala says, These are the people that constantly ask Allah subhanaw taala and make dua for Allah squatter to grant them the best of the families. Roberta Havoline Amina is watching the reaction or Kurata Island, Allah's motto. They're asking Allah to grant them the best of the families, and also to grant their family righteousness in the way the family will be the coolness of their eyes, they're satisfied. They're happy to be in the midst of those families. So they want their family to be upon righteousness. Those people when they look at them, they become happy.

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Having that I mean as long as you know what the reaction and this is very great, you know, success. When you come back home, you see your wife, she sees you she's happy, you're happy, you know, it's your children, you're happy, they're happy, they worship Allah just wanted to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, subhanAllah most of you depression that you brought from out of the house will be gone.

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You know, will be gone. So this is an excellent gift by Allah smart Allah, to these people. They always ask Allah smarter to give them this mean as well as you know, the reaction of Kurata Union, where Johanna will motivate

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the student of knowledge, need this verse? Journal metalcon Emma, you know, these people about the ramen, they're asking Allah subhanaw taala to make them the leaders of the Moutoku media but they don't want to be the leader of the normal people. They want to be the leader of the most pious people Hala, they're talking about the idea of Allah subhanaw taala imitating them so you can imagine how much righteous they are. That's what we call the arugula Hema. That's why they said a student of knowledge shouldn't agree with deficiency in his life. And the Muslim in general actually shouldn't agree with deficiency. You see these people, they don't ask Allah smart, simple position.

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They ask the last point at the highest position. That's why the prophets Allah Ali selama said, whenever you ask Allah smart Allah for the Paradise, always asking for dose, because full dose is the highest level in Paradise and the best one, or slice Allah Azza wa said don't ask the low one. Ask always the highest one.

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Allah subhanaw taala says we're Jana neutropenic, Rama Allah aka you just don't qualify to be someone who will occur if you had to hear it, and what Salama Carly did if you her husband at MasterCard run amok Allah Subhan Allah Allah Samantha says these ones that we have mentioned if you want to see the people of paradise, you know, the inheritors of those rooms and houses beautiful places in paradise. Look at these ones. So Deborah and sisters, to be practicing these attitudes and manners which we mentioned in these ayat is not difficult. It's very easy. It's all about interest and sincerity, and high determination and dedication and also showing strong resistance against the

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devil you know and the inspiration of the devil. The hidden light Allah you will be part of them and the reward is too great and so big be the light Allah, you are expected in sha Allah if you put this into practice and action to be next to the prophets of Allah smart Allah in the Day of Judgment, it shall not going to be you know, sindicato chalet was on him.

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With that my brothers sisters ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept you and to accept your Ramadan and to grant you success and to make you among those successful one. In this last day of Ramadan ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make you among those people who have free from going to hell and those whom He granted for those that are in the hood ecology million caffeine, satanic Allah Mohammed Chateau LA, LA and Aztec forgot to break a Selam Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh