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Oceanology in the Quran

Zakir Naik


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In the subject of oceanology

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there's a verse in the Quran

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instead of Oregon, Chapter 25 worse than 50 TV says that it is Allah subhana wa Taala was let free to bodies of flowing water, one sweet and palatable and the other salty and bitter, though they meet, they're not mixed, there is a barrier which is forbidden to be trespassed.

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The same message is repeated

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is for a man. chap number 55

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was the 19 Marichal baronial Tachyon

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that we have led Three, two bodies of flowing water, though they meet, they're not mixed, there is a barrier that is a parasite, which is forbidden to be trespassed

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when the commentators of the Quran

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when they tried to understand this verse, all of us know very well. And we knew it earlier also, that there are two types of water sweet and salty. But they could not understand the verse of the Quran which says that there are two types of water sweet and salty. Though they meet there or not mix, there is a barrier, which is forbidden to be test pass there is a Partha

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the mufa serines the commentator could not understand what did it mean? today after science of advanced we have come to know that whenever one type of water flows into the other type of water, sweet water flows into the salty water, it loses its constituents and gets homogenized into the water it flows.

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This transitional homogenizing area according to the Quran is called as the bursa it is an unseen barrier.

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And this has been testified and verified when this verse of the Quran was showed the Prophet the hay

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was a very famous marine scientist and a professor in oceanology, in the state of Colorado in USA.

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And he said that what the Quran mentions 14 years ago has been testified by science recently. And this phenomena can be seen even in the naked eye. at the Cape Point, the southernmost tip of Cape Town in South Africa,

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where one type of water flow to the other type, we even see that the colors of both these waters differ.

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Another good example is in Egypt, when river Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea. And the best example is the Gulf Stream. It flows for 1000s of miles. It starts from the Gulf of Mexico

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and goes to the east side of North America travels upwards, then goes to East words and travels to the west coast of Europe. It flows for 1000s of miles. But yet the two waters are distinct. And if you're traveling in a ship, towards the extreme of the Gulf Stream

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and pick up take a bucket of water from the left side

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and a bucket of water from the right side. You will find that one is sweet and the other is salty. Even the temperature between the two the differ.

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Imagine Quran speaks about this phenomena 1400 years ago