Zakir Naik – No religion says if you do not follow God you will be punished. But in Islam Allah will punish you

Zakir Naik
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The next question

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from other Russian from Kashmir, India.

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I am a student of class 12. Sir, I have a friend who's a non Muslim, and I'm trying to explain to him Islam since the 25th of may 2020. Yesterday, he asked a question, but I could not give him the answer. The question is that, no religion says that if you do not follow God, then you will be punished. But in Islam, Allah says, If you do not obey me, and Allah will give you a strong punishment. Isn't Allah egoistic? Sir, my friend is very close to saying the Shahada. If you reply, then he may accept Islam soon inshallah.

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The question posed by others, he's doing out one of the non Muslim friends and he very close to accepting Islam. He has a question that why in Islam, Allah so egoistic, knows Bella. And he said that if you don't obey me, I will punish you. Whereas in other religions, God does not say that if you don't obey Him, you will be punished. I disagree with a non Muslim friend. In fact, most of the religions say that if you don't obey God, you will go to *. Hinduism said that Christianity says that and most of the religions, but I do agree with you that Islam is more strong,

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Allah Samana than the Quran is very firm. And he says that, if you do not obey the commandments, if you associate partners with anyone else besides Him, it is schilke it is the biggest thing you will go to hellfire. Islam is more firm is more staunch, I adore him.

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Let me give you an example and ask a question so that you understand better

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if there's a family who stay in a tall building, on the 20th floor,

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and the family has a son was about five years old, six years old.

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He wants to jump from the balcony of the 20th floor very staying. And he tells his father, I want to be Superman, and he wants to jump.

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There's one father who says and tries to explain to us and logically you will not be able to fly you're not a Superman, please don't jump.

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The second father is same example.

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Another father whose son says he wants to jump from the 20th floor. He says don't jump from the 20th floor, others will punish you I will not allow you to go down to play

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you have a third type of other same situation, son wants to jump from the 20th floor wants to fly like Superman. But this father, he is more firm. He says you dare even think of jumping as a slap you.

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I will tell you and close you in a room.

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If you think of even jumping, and if you try jumping also I will lock you up in a room

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and ask me the question

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a normal child of the age of five and six,

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who will listen to more the chances of him listening to the first father is more or chancen listening to the second father is more or chancen listening to the third fathers. But natural dancer is that listening to the third father, the chances that the son will not jump from the 20th floor is in the case of the third father, because the third father is cruel to be kind. He's very firm, I will tie you up I will slap you I will lock you in the room. The child will get scared

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you cannot say No I'll try to explain to him logically no he may not understand. The second father's is okay. I will not allow you to go down to play for as long as I fly like a superman who wants to play

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but I will lock you in a room I will slap you I will tie you up. It will scare the child.

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Now the third Father loves this child. He is willing to go to any extreme to see that he doesn't jump and kill himself. Similarly, Allah subhanho wa Taala Almighty God Islam he is very clear cut ensure that if the person does schilke if you associate partners with Almighty God, it is the biggest thing he will go to * fire.

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So he's telling you do not have alcohol, do not have poke, do not gamble, do not do adultery. All this is beneficial. If you do, you will go to *. So in Islam, Allah subhana wa Taala uses three types of strategies in convincing the human beings number one is with reason and logic, their favorite the Quran, there are many words they say that we do not understand. This book is for people of understanding that we talking to them logically. Some people will agree logically

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Some of the Quran Allah says, If you do this, I will reward you. I will give you Jenna, in which rivers will flow beneath your feet in which will have a lot of foods to eat, you will have the best of life, giving you rewards sometimes. The third strategy Allah uses, if you don't obey me, I put you in Hellfire, I will punish you.

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So there are three types of strategies used by Allah subhana wa Taala, Almighty God in Quran and in Islam, to convince the followers to follow the straight path, whether a human being followed the straight path or not, it makes no difference from last one out Allah, it will not make him great, it is already the greatest. But if you follow the commandment, it will benefit the human being. If he doesn't have alcohol, he'll have good health. If he doesn't gamble, it will save him a lot of trouble. You don't do adultery, it will prevent them from several diseases, it will let them lead a good happy family life. So all the things what Allah commands in the Quran. And in Islam, what a

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beloved Prophet says in the Sharia, it is benefiting the human being, not Almighty God. But Almighty God loves this creature. Allah in Islam is the most loving, most kind, Most Merciful, therefore he wants

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his creation, the human beings to follow him, that the reason Allah is very firm, also trying to give you a warning that don't do all these wrong things, otherwise, it will be lost for you. And he even tells them that you get punishment. So this is for the benefit of the human beings that there is in today in the world. The religion that is followed most is Islam.

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In Numbers and fences, you may have more number of claiming that Christians may be close to 2.7 billion or a little bit more. Muslims are more than 2 billion in the world more than 6% but the percentage the number of human beings following in in Region number one is Islam. Most of the Christian don't follow the religion, now renamed a Christian. So amongst the human beings, the people that follow maximum the religion or the Muslims, Islamic religion Why? Because the way our last one out Allah uses the strategy of reason and logic. Islam is the most logical religion gives the strategy of giving reward. The reward that is mentioned in the Quran about gender, the

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description of gender is the best as compared to any other scripture. At the same time wanting them you will get punishment we get hellfire. The description of Hellfire and the Quran is the worst as compared to other scriptures. The strategy used by Allah subhanaw taala is the most logical, most rewarding, most punishing, that the reason the people that follow the maximum any religion in Islam, and according to a survey which were done in Germany, just about one year back, the people that are the most satisfied and the most happy are the Muslims because of this strategy. Hope this answer will convince your friend and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me he gives Daya to your friend

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and we accept Islam.

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