Fatima Barkatulla – Envy Series – Episode 04 – Keeping Good Company To Keep a Clean Heart

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of keeping good company and being around people who are materialistic and have a strong personal connection with Allah. They suggest that spending time with people who are better than them is important to improve others and achieve their goals. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of finding someone knowledgeable and help from people who are not affected by the world.
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Also another way of dealing with these types of diseases and envy as well, in particular is to keep good company, keep good company, so, but the solid hand having the companionship of pious people, you know, when you're around people who are very materialistic, always talking about the extension on the house, right? or talking about, you know, the latest fashion or talking about this or that whatever, whatever it is, right? The latest mobile phone, when you're constantly around people who just always talking about dunia about the world and materialistic belongings.

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What that does is, it makes you stop becoming like them. Because as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a person is upon the religion of his brother of his companion, right? So we are the way outcome, we are similar to our friends, and the company that we keep.

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So we should deliberately spend a lot of time or as much time as we can with people who are better than us, indeed, people who we see as better than us. Now a person might ask, Well, how do I know if somebody is better than me? How do I know if somebody is more pious? First of all you can, you can really feel it when you're in their presence.

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And the scholar said, the way to know

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a pious person who you should keep company with, is

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the one you're in their presence, it reminds you of a lot. When you're in their presence, you're reminded of a lot, rather than, you know, being in the company of people who, when you're in their presence, you forget about Allah, you don't want to be in that kind of company. Of course, any as as, as members of the community and members of society as Muslims, we need to reach out and go to people who might be sending who might be indulging in all sorts of things, that's fine, you know, we need to go out and do that. But we should do that with the intention of power at the end of the day of inviting them and helping to improve them. Right. However, one also needs to set aside time that

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one spends with people for one's own benefit. It's not just about benefiting others, we all need to be benefited by other people too. We need to be helpful from people too.

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So finding somebody, perhaps somebody knowledgeable, somebody who we can see is more pious than somebody who reminds us of a low and we're in their presence. And you know, it doesn't even have to be somebody knowledgeable. You've probably got an auntie, an old Auntie at home or even your grandmother or someone like that, right? Who is very pious is very simple person, maybe, you know, in other words, not like full of all this, you know, qualifications and letters after their names or anything like that. However, they have a very pure heart. You know, somebody like that

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could be the type of person who, who you need to spend time with, you know, because that type of person usually has a really strong connection with Allah.

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And they're not affected by the, you know, the craziness of the world around them.

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