This is the FIRST condition of an ACCEPTED worship

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The speaker discusses the importance of sincerity in laws and how it is crucial for individuals to be true to their values. They also mention the use of words like"amina" and "naquna" to indicate sincerity. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to be true to their values and not to get embarrassed.

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They put two conditions for an accepted righteous good deed. Well that not every righteous good deed is accepted. It needs to have these two conditions. The first one of them, as well as a lot of soldiers in the choir when the bizarre sentences in the huddle is lost sincerity, that the good deed you're doing is supposed to be sensitive to a lot of social. And besides send them as in the hadith of Abu Laila says that a lot of Zoysia said, ashore Kenya on a ship, man, Amina Amina Ashoka,

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Dr. oshika, Allah Azza, wa jal, he says, I am one young man, I am so self sufficient, that I don't need any partners. If anyone does anything for someone else's sake, as well as my sake, then his action will be rejected and renounced by me to the one who he associated with me, and the Hadith that is the word of loss of Hannah dialectic.

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One if you seek knowledge rather than law, you do your select rather than a law you did your hash rather than a law, all of it a lot of Xhosa would reject that worship. And he would send it to the one who you ascribed it for, or the one who you did it for the sake of his family. And what we learn from this when we say sincerity, one needs to hide his deeds as best as you can, a sinner for him and my mom used to pray 20 years and his wife never knew about it. He used to cry on the same pillow. And on the same bed he shares with his wife, and she never knew about the survival, not only the use the finest ease and ease, and the family wouldn't know about his fastening, and the place he

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is going to what to know about his foster spot of love. And no one would ever know that. And when he's coming back home, they would wash their face and sort of make it bright, like, yeah, there's no exhaustion on the face. Otherwise, maybe there are signs that he's fasting, he doesn't even want the people to think maybe he's fasting. So they wash their face and brighten themselves and yarning over full strength and go back into the house. So no one can assume he was fasting. However, this isn't a float, you should have a

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look at this the story of Satan, Satan, I believe, or him a love.

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Story, an incredible story. He used to carry the solokha. And he used to carry the food in Medina. And he used to wait for that time. And he used to carry it on his back and used to leave his house. He didn't even use he didn't send the slave boy, no, we're speaking about Ali.

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he would go by himself, he wouldn't even sell with slave boy. And he go with the sort of thought and the food on his shoulder. And he'll reach the houses of the Pope and the widow and the divorced woman and the weak and the oppressed. And you put food in front of the house and you run away. And they'd wake up the next morning and they see the food, GIS and GIS and they have no idea who put this food that they eat

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McDonald's. As they're washing his body, they find marks on his shoulder, they find a black mark on his shoulder. And they revised that is the socket that he used to carry ease and ease on his shoulder. No one knew about it except when they washed him. And so when he died the day after the poor and the people in the city, they came out there's no food in front of the house. So they definitely knew it was him or their loved one

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clause that he hit is his hustle. He hid his hustle

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And what do we have? We have people that said his plan to memorize the poem. He hasn't memorized the devil is already

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mastered and his his advertising that in show at the end of the year he should be finished. people haven't went home and he's advertising from now. Yellow please brothers, forgive me. I'm going to go to Huntsville,

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Alabama. The deed hasn't even been done yet. And it's already public to everyone. You know, how long are we going to be delighted to this country? And I'm helping this and helping guys and even ganya and he's public and he's announcing his hustler? What is it Slo Mo Mo Mo this is this is one of the conditions that used to be scared that maybe this this deed is or isn't accepted. And when someone does a solid for someone does good now has to know has to be public and live and broadcasted and what's your look and see what I'm doing. So Pamela law surgeon in the same as America, what does he say? He says lanterra

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people with a bone and then he says woman, woman highly feminine law heavy. Whatever you give a

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horse enough for

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me to know about it. Keep it for yourself. Yanni. The first people that have jumped on the Day of Judgment for their insincerity is an island and what he did with his knowledge Apparently, he says he was for the sake of a more exclusive he says he wants to sue the people. So they can save Basha. One Voice in this lesson.

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Right. And then the second post in your mind is the one who gave up

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So that the people can sit nyesha alone love his brother like this and this thing, you should have seen what he gave on that night. And he did it for that sake. And the mu j is the one who went the fight feasts of 11. And he just did it so that people can say, Oh, look at what a what an atom what a lion he was. And he did it for that sake, that's between him and Allah. So these are the first people in Ghana can if that's the beginning, if that's the beginning of the day of gentlemen, the sincerity is being tested for what's left for the day after what's going to happen at the end of that day.

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And then the matter is very serious. This is why one of the greatest and the first condition of an accepted deep is sincerity. Hide the good deeds as best as you can. Yeah. And it come across the people as though that you got nothing of the good deeds, then then between you and yourself working out between you and yourself, how you're going to always recheck that sincerity of yours. And at least not to get it wrong between those who do something publicly to encourage others. That's a different thing altogether. That is also considered the lessons he encourages us to give solokha In other words, to do the good deed children while and yet he said children first privately, and then

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he said earlier than outwardly exposed, but in the intention to encourage others to get on board and do the same thing. This goes back between him and Allah subhanho wa Taala