Zakir Naik – Offering Salaah when a Person is Suffering from Urine Leakage or Passing Wind or Vaginal Bleeding

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Kab Muhammad experienced urine inconsistencies and is advised to offer delivery of the next Salah during her regular menstrual period. She is also instructed to wash her private parts and avoid washing them during the delivery time. The inconsistency of behavior during delivery times is discussed, with the first group believing the use of a name is valid until the end of the Salah time and the second group believing the use of a name is not valid until the end of the Salah time. The use of a name is suggested for a period of time, but not for a specific date. Additionally, the inconsistency of natural cycles is discussed, including the length of a shower, the length of a stroke, and the use of wipes.
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Assalamualaikum Zakir Naik My name is Hussein Muhammad from Cameroon Africa.

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Sir I am suffering from urine inconsistency. It is very difficult for me to be changing my clothes every prayer. And every time I want to make Voodoo

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it comes out. I am in a very difficult situation, sir. Please tell me what to do.

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A similar question Assalamualaikum My name is Feroz kasi, I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. I have irritable bowel syndrome, IBS and I keep on passing wind at irregular intervals. Many a time after I do do a pass. Is my Salah valid. The question posed by the brothers is that he passes murine yet inconsistent inconsistency in the passing of dribbling of fury and the other person passes when regularly. So how will you offer Salah the widow keeps on breaking. The reply to this is given in the hadith of say Buhari, volume number 100 number two to eight. That Fatima means

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may Allah be pleased that she approaches the prophet and she tells the Prophet that I have been having regular vaginal bleeding

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Should I stop my prayers forever. And the Prophet tells her that this vaginal bleeding which is continuous is not your menstrual blood. Whenever you have your regular menstrual period, at that time, you stop praying. The moment the menstrual period is over. You have about you wash yourself, you do Voodoo, and you pray your Salah, and when you offer the next Salah again you do an Ubuntu

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the feminine message is even given in the hadith of a Muslim. Why number one?

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Number 753 1000 Ayesha may Allah be with her. She said that she heard from the same Sahaba Fatima

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that she told the Prophet that she has vaginal bleeding continuously she stops Allah and the prophets that this reading is from a vein it is not your menstrual blood. So when you have your regular menstrual period, at that time you stop praying when your menstrual period ends, have a bath doobadoo and pray and when the next Salah comes, you know do and pray. So based on this Hadith, the scholars say that similar condition for inconsistency in urien with the dribbling of fury will keep on passing urine at regular intervals. Or if you're passing winden

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or if you are emitting muddy, or prostatic fluid at regular intervals, all these cases all this bleeding regularly from below that cetera in these conditions, the same ruling will apply what is there for the continuous for genuine beating

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which is a non ministered reading and hear the scholars say that when the time for Salah is there when the time for Salah starts at that time, you can wash your private part do Voodoo and you offer the Salah or when you offer the Salah during that time if the urine comes or if the wind passes, your Salah is accepted but when the next fella comes again wash apart again do a fresh photo and you offer Salah during the time when you're offering Salah as long as we're done we do at the start when the Salah time starts to wash your part do do after that when you pray your photos or your novel or your Sunnah.

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And if you pass up or pass when are bleeding is that your Salah is accepted. In this case, there are two views. One group of scholars says that the Voodoo is valid till the next Salah starts

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based on the depth of Bukhari and Muslim the other group of scholars says no the Voodoo is valid till the end of the Salah till the end of the Salah time and it's not valid to the start of the next Salah. So these two views the difference is that if you do Do for Salah when the time for further reason is that the moment you go the other after that you wash your private part you do do

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your for your budget Salah Buddhists una Fidelis Allah in congregation no problem. But if you want to offer

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your Salah to Doha, which is after sunlife the first group

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scholars who say that your Salah is valid till the start of next Salah that is our Salah, they say you need not do judo again and did not wash your private part again. But the second group of scholar which is more correct, they say that no, the time for forgery is over the fence has risen, if you want to offer Salatu dua make a fresh way to wash your private part, make a fresh boo, and then your Salah will be valid, I believe that it is better to be safe. And I believe the second group of scholars, that for every Salah time and sin the further Salah is over, if you want to offer Salah to Doha, then you wash your self again do a fresh Voodoo and then you do that is the best. Similarly,

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after Isha you want to offer hygiene and while offering caramel or third June, it is past midnight, the salad time for Isha is up to midnight in the fall. So, if you're continuing your Salah after midnight, it is preferable and rather a requirement that you do need to wash your private parts again do we do that is the best because the cram will lead to a third after then if for length, the time for a shower is over. So, the video is not valid, this is difference of opinion and this is a founder of nimble Metalab mercy on him

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this his opinion when this question was asked to shake up nothing, he said when a person has that I keep on passing urine regularly and when we do breaks, so, how should offer Salah. So, the play he gave is that inconsistency of beauty is of two types. One is it keeps on coming every few minutes, the moment it enters the bladder, it comes out or other college dribbling of beauty. The other type of inconsistency is that when the bladder is full

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and urinate, then urine does not come out for maybe 15 minutes or 20 minutes. So if you fall in the second category type of people where once you go to the toilet, once you empty your bladder, then at least for 15 minutes or 20 minutes, there is no inclination that it is preferable. you empty your bladder and then have a Salah or even if you have to wait for emptying your bladder. Wait. Even if you miss your tamanho problem it is better to empty your bladder. Then you wash yourself, do Voodoo and pray that is the best. But if you fall in the first category of people where the urine keeps on coming out every few minutes

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or dribbling of unionism. then in this case, the moment the time for Salah starts after he heard the air then you wash yourself.

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Do your Voodoo and keep a cloth close to a private part so that while you're offering Salah the rain doesn't spill it doesn't spoil your rolls that then come out of the masala keep a cloth and you offer Salah even when the rain comes or in between no problem you can offer your field you can offer your son I can offer your fries you can turn the Gemma is accepted this Voodoo is valid till the end of the prayer time if you're offering further and further than till the sun starts rising or if you're offering to her after the Sun reaches its highest point after a few minutes till just before the other officer for the full time is valid. We'll do is valid

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when this question was asked to segment buzz, Mel and mercy on him that it is a must to keep on changing clothes. When you're offering Salah after the unit comes out. It's difficult. So Ben bath mela mercy on him he said that it is preferable that once you wash your part and once you do do cockroach should be clean. And after that if your Salah the clothes get dirty, wear clean clothes, wash yourself vacuuming is the best but if you cannot, it's not possible you can do it always. Then even if you do with the dirty clothes as long as you wash yourself, you do a fresh boo boo and you pray it's accepted and

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there are many scholars including Shakyamuni Tamia the mela mercy on him. He said that if there are problems for a person to do go do and wash very often you can join your prayers you can join your answer together and pray anytime from the start of your Salah till the end of a Salah boat together or you can also join your Maghrib and Isha Salah together if you have problems or doing widow again or washing your cloth is difficult joining the Salah is permitted in such cases. So this ruling based on the needs of Bukhari and Muslim for a lady who has an agenda

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beading, it is not the menstrual cycle. It is applicable for people who have inconsistency in urine or doubling of duty or passing of vend or continuous bleeding all these cases. And I would like to say that if you have inconsistency of beauty that nowadays you have adult diapers. So my advice to you would be that after you wash your private part, and when you do do, you can wear a male diaper and adult diaper. The adult diaper is very convenient.

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It's the best.

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There are good quality which is expensive, you can't afford you can buy the cheap quality. And even if you're praying five times a day, you may have to change the diaper five times or if you're offering salads and six times if you're even offering camel a maximum of seven times. So if you have seven diapers, adult diapers, it solves the problem it will be very clean. There is no silos of fury. So now the facility is there. So best would be you wash yourself and do Voodoo where a male diaper it's very convenient, it is the best. If you can't afford even a cheap diaper and you're very poor. Then you can keep a napkin or a cloth and that will solve your problem it will prevent falling

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but may not be very convenient.

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In this way inshallah you can offer your five time Salah you can offer Salah to Doha you can offer even your third Akram will lay and surely all your Salah as long as you do a fresh Voodoo at the start of the type of salah and you wash your part and refresh renew. It is valid till the end of the time of the salah and your Salah would be valid

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