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Ya-Sin 48-83 Tafsir 55-58

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Now after mentioning the Day of Judgment after describing it, now we'll also paneled our dimensions, the people that how they will be divided into two groups. The people will be divided into two groups on the Day of Judgment. And after mentioning that people will only receive the fruits of their effort, the recompense of their deeds. Allah mentions the different types of Army lien the different types of workers that in this dunya, there are two types of workers. And who are they? First of all, US Harbhajan those who because of their work, where will they end up in gender? Because of their armor? Because the previous I would have mentioned armor, right? So their armor that they have done

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as a result of receiving Allah's mercy because of that, where will they end up in general? And the other group has a rule, then would you remove the criminals? Because what kind of armor? Have they been performing with their, with their lisanne? With their culture? What kind of armor? Does it have a drone of disobedience to Allah crimes?

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In the US, however, jannetty indeed the companions of Paradise, us how virgin? Why are they called companions of Paradise? Who is a companion

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of Florida law? Who is

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one who is with someone,

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one who is in the companionship of the other? And how can you get the companionship of someone when you are with them physically, isn't it? So? This is why who are the Sahaba

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those who believed in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they also got to meet him.

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So as have agenda, the inmates agenda, the dwellers of gentlemen, those who will be in gentlemen,

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and what is gender, the home that Allah has prepared for his righteous servants. And in this home is what?

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What is in this home? What is in this place? all that? No, I have seen, no ear has heard, and it has not even ever crossed the mind of a human being.

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This is why it's a little earlier on I 133, Allah says was Satguru in our mobility, middle of become what Jonathan, I'll do his seminal work to end up with a clean and hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as Why does the heavens and earth prepared for who? For the righteous, those who fear Allah? You see at the beginning of the surah What did we learn, man, flashier man, I believe the one who has fear of a lion the unseen, he's alone, yet he fears Allah. So Allah has prepared for him something that is secret as well. Something that is private as well. Something that no one has seen. In the US, however, genital yoma this day, they are officially in occupation facking on ones

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who are rejoicing chauvelin they're amused visie faqih Hoon, Shawn is from the roof, veterans Sheen, line, lamb

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and show is to be busy, to be preoccupied with something. It's used for an activity, a work that a person is engaged in to such an extent that he cannot be bothered about other things. He becomes oblivious to other things.

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Like for example, sometimes a person is busy doing his work reading a book writing something that you come you go, they don't even notice you. Isn't.

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He come and you say something to them? And all of a sudden they say, Did you say something? Sure, when they're so occupied, they're so busy, they're so engrossed in it. They have no idea that someone else exists. They have no idea that something else is going on. Sometimes people get so busy in their phone calls that they forget something was on the stove. They forget they left something in the oven, and when they smell the burning food, then they remember something else is going on as well in this world. So Shogun is what preoccupation, there is another word that is low.

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Low is what distraction from what is important.

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Shawn is not necessarily distraction. You understand. Sugar could be something good as well. It's an activity, something that you're engaged in.

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So the people agenda on that day, they will be insurable and notice what your role in this is Nikita maquilas for the purpose of terylene in something very important. They will be busy, busy doing what busy enjoying all the blessings in general

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and they will be so busy enjoying

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themselves, that they will not be concerned about anything. And this is a huge blessing. Because sometimes what happens, you're enjoying yourself, but all of a sudden you see someone, and they're having a much better time than you

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doesn't kill your happiness in a way does.

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Like, for example, you go somewhere to a buffet, you think you put the best food on your plate. And what happens? You look at the person sitting next to you. And you see they have a dessert that you never even saw on the table. You're enjoying your dessert, but when you see their dessert, what happens? It takes a pleasure away from you.

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So they will be Fishel when in fact he won Why? Because it's a huge blessing, each person will consider his state to be the very best. We know that Indiana there are the Rajat, isn't it so I imagine a person in a lower level of gender. If all the time he's witnessing the rewards that people in the higher levels are enjoying, will he be able to enjoy himself? No way. It will take the pleasure away from him.

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sufficiently each will be busy enjoying thinking that he is in the best day.

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And what he has is the best. This is why Allah says this little girl, Holly Dena, Fie her layerable Hunan her. He was abiding there in eternally never wanting to move from there. When do you want to move? When do you want to change when you're not happy with your state. So each person will be very happy with his state. And this will be shown that will not make them tired. Because typically what happens in dystonia, no matter what you're doing, even if you're enjoying yourself, at the end, Don't you get tired? Of course you do. There are children who go to Wonderland for a day and the next few days is spent sleeping. Why? Because they're exhausted. Didn't they have fun? They had a

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lot of fun, because they had a lot of fun. This is why they're exhausted. But we see that the shoal of Gemini is free from fatigue and exertion. In US heaven jen natalio Murphy, Shaolin Shaolin faqih hoon. In this preoccupation. What are they doing? facking on enjoying themselves? In fact, one is a Florida faculty, who is

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one who is happy factor is fruit, but what kind of fruit is it that a person eats for the purpose of pleasure? Not to fulfill some need? Or to make a person deficiency? No, this is fruit that a person has for the purpose of pleasure, just to enjoy himself just to have fun. Can you think of some fruit

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mangoes interesting.

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Like for example, apple, sometimes you have to force yourself to have it isn't

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bananas, sometimes you have to force yourself sometimes. But when it comes to mango, especially if somebody has cut it off for you nicely, all you have to do is take your fork and eat. You don't have to put in any effort. And you having to just for fun, dude having a just to enjoy yourself. This is what fatca is. So when a person is in the state isn't happy? Don't you see a big smile on their face? Of course you do. sfakia is someone who is enjoying himself, someone who's very cheerful, who is amused, who is laughing and he's also making other people happy, happy himself and also making others happy.

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But unfortunately, there are some people who are so negative, that no matter what they experience, there's still never dull expression. They still look so boring, as if they have never experienced any joy. Allah subhanaw taala likes it that when he gives a blessing to the servant, he sees the author of that blessing. And the first author of a blessing is what the smile on your face. So when you enjoy something, smile, don't have that expression of seriousness on your face. So it does have a general yoma fee sugar. In fact, there'll be blissful rejoicing, enjoying the blessings. And what do we see over here, that when the people of general have settled in gentlemen in their homes, they

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will be busy, they will be busy, what? Enjoying the blessings of Paradise, then our aim of gentlemen, and nothing will worry them. They will not have any worries about the blessings running out. Because for example, if you're having a bowl of cricket mango, you're having it what's the fear in your heart? It's gonna finish right. But the people of general they will have no worry like this. Fisher will in fact own without any worries.

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Similarly, it's possible that you're eating that fruit you're enjoying yourself and all of a sudden you think of some Reddit

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have yours? Who is in another country? Or you think of your sister, your brother, your mother? Who is unwell, and what happens? You're enjoying. But that worry? ruins that enjoyment, isn't it?

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Or you have that worry that Where is my child? Where is so and so?

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The other day I went for brunch without my son. And although the food was very nice and everything but constantly I was thinking about my son, where is he? Is he awake now? Has he done this now? Has he done that yet? constantly, I was worried. So yes, the food was there. The place was very nice. We were enjoying ourselves, but that constant worry on my mind took the pleasure away. Right? So the people in general will have no fear no concern, no worry. And they will also not be concerned about the people of hellfire. Allah subhanaw taala will make them oblivious to the people of hellfire. Because if they keep thinking about the people of Hellfire, if they get to see them, if they get to

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hear them, then their pleasure will be gone. So what does it show to us? That in general, there is no grief, there is no sorrow, there is no worry, there is no tension, there is no concern. Then there is a place of happiness and only happiness

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and people will be so busy in their happiness they will forget about everything else.

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But the only thing they will not forget is the remembrance of

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homework as well to whom they and their spouses meaning the US herbal Jana themselves along with their spouses as well as a Florida zone. And as you know soldier applies to husband as well as wife. So who was wired to whom the people of gender along with their spouses, where will they be feeling in in shades, Allah Allah upon adorn couches with Becky own reclining

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VLAN is a plural of when and what does will mean shadow. So they will be in shades in shadows. And some have said that well as a plural of will and what this will mean a canopy. So feel relaxing in sheds or in canopies. Why? Because gender is gender. What is gender, fuel as you're right, an orchard with many, many trees. So when you have many, many trees, then the heat of the sun or direct sunlight is blocked off. So they will be in shades in shades of the gardens. And they will be resting under canopies. Because there is no burning sun in general. It doesn't mean there is no light. There is no no no, there is light, it's bright. However, there is no direct sunlight that can

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bother a person. So feeling Island, they will be in shades, idle or achy. And what will they be sitting on arrakis of Florida Erica, from the roof veterans Hamza or calf and Erica is used for a bed or a couch with a curtain and a canopy.

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So what is it a bed or a couch basically something extremely comfortable to sit on. And it's big enough that you can easily recline on it as well because sometimes you're sitting on a couch, you try to put your leg up but what happens if keeps wanting go? Why it's not big enough. So Erica is what comfortable place to sit on a bed or a couch. But it also has a curtain. It also has a canopy. What's the purpose of the curtain? What's the purpose of a canopy, privacy and also shed light especially if you're outside. So shared as well as privacy. And in particular, Erica, the purpose of it is to rest in to sleep in. The purpose of Erica is to sleep in. You may have experienced that. If

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you are in a huge place like in the hall. Like for example you go to a Masjid, you pray you're very tired. You lie down. You want to fall asleep but what happens is the fact that you're in a big place doesn't make you uncomfortable. Of course it does. Now Gemma is huge and you don't want to be inside all the time. So if people are outside, outside of their palaces in the gardens enjoying themselves if they want to rest. It's not that they are in a big open vast space that's making them uncomfortable. No, they have a private place a comfortable place with a curtain with a canopy so that they can rest in they can sleep in

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muteki own ones were reclining. So on the Aurora

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There'll be reclining Motoki on as a Florida ticket from the rotators. While calf Hamza, and Walker means to rest against something to recline against something. Remember musallam said about his staff at the walk, go, are they I lean on? Rest myself on it.

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So I know he came with Tachyon. But does it show that the people in general will be in a state of extreme comfort and they will be able to relax?

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In this dunya what happens even if you're sitting on a very comfortable couch, reclining on a very comfortable bed, if you have something to do? Does it let you rest? Does it let you enjoy yourself? No. You could be sitting on the most comfortable bed, but just because you have a list of things to do in your head, you are tensed, you cannot relax.

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And your husband says relax. Your children say relax. So Allah, Allah ki Mata Ki own they'll be relaxing, because Gemini is a place that is free of worries, free of fears and sorrows.

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Now this shows us two things. First of all, as I mentioned to you, the agenda is a place of complete comfort.

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The people in general will be in a state of absolute comfort and an equal taking. And secondly, this also shows to us that the people of general will be married.

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Allah subhanaw taala will grant them spouses, no one will suffer from loneliness because what is mentioned over here, home well as well.

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Because sometimes you could be really enjoying yourself but just because you're alone, what happens? You don't fully enjoy yourself.

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Now houfy have faqih hidden for them there in his fruit, for who? For the people agenda. in general. There are FACA fruit, and as I mentioned to you what kind of fruit is faqir? What you eat for the purpose of pleasure just to enjoy yourself.

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So in general, they will have faqir, whatever they will eat is going to be faqir

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because anything that the people of general will eat is for the purpose of pleasure not to fulfill a need not to fulfill some kind of deficiency like people have to in this world. In this world, why do you eat?

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Why you're hungry? You're tired, you feel weak, right or your doctor has said to you you lacking this you lacking that so you need to increase in this particular food.

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But in general, the only purpose behind eating is going to be pleasure, enjoyment.

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Law home feed homefree have faqih Hatton. For them they will be faqir and this is why even the secretion of the people of Jana when they will eat How would it be like musk coming out of their skin like perspiration because whatever they will eat is enjoyment. So, however it will release from their body is also going to be a source of pleasure and not discomfort.

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What are who made their own and for them is whatever they call for

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instance Ramana is 6869 we learn fi him f ki Hutton was flown man for the a la b chromatica divan, in both of them are fruit and palm trees and pomegranates. If you think about pomegranates, everybody loves the taste. But who loves to peel it? Hardly anyone.

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And the thing is that this is some fruit that you have for the purpose of enjoyment, isn't it you don't have it like an apple every day. This is solely for the purpose of enjoyment but it's so difficult to get hold of it. But in general for him effect he has on one of them

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one of whom may have their own and they will also have whatever they call for you their own from the newsletters that I will and it da yet dairy and from that he had their own the muffler is it dira it is to demand something to ask for something. So they will have whatever they ask for whatever they demand for whatever they request for whatever they desire, whatever they wish they will have it they will not be told. Sorry, this is not available anymore. Sorry. We're out of stock. We're out of season. Because in this dunya sometimes what happens you go to a restaurant, you see the menu, you ask for something and this is sorry we don't have this right now. You could order this this or this.

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However we don't have this but in general while a home may have their own they will have whatever they wish for and throw to the fire 71 what fee hammer Tasha he will enforce what Allah or you know what unknown fee her Holly Dune and there it is. Whatever the souls desire.

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Whatever delights the eyes and you will abide there in eternity, whatever the soul desire, and whatever the lights the eyes, whatever makes the eyes happy, that is what people will have in general.

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And the thing is, that the people in general, sometimes they will request for whatever they want, and sometimes they will not even need to request they will just desire in their heart immediately it will be in front of them, instantly it will be in front of them, they will not even have to say, Can I have this, this this, this desire in the heart and instantly before the

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and they will have whatever they wish for and they will have whatever they don't even wish for.

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Because people they desire according to their knowledge, isn't it? You can only wish for something that you know exists. Can you wish for something that you know does not exist? Can you know you can only imagine up to a certain extent. But Allah soprano tada out of his mercy, what will he give to the people of gender, even what they don't desire? Even what they cannot imagine? Even what they cannot think of. Because what people think of is limited and what Allah has is unlimited.

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Solomon, peace, coal and a word middle of below him from a merciful Lord. What does it mean by this? Salaam, Allah Mira Rahim salam, meaning the most the people of Ghana will yearn for they will request for they will desire is what center this is very connected to the previous ayah How does the previous ayah and welcome fee here may have their own they will have whatever they wish for and what is it that they would wish for the most? Salaam with Salah the coal the word mila berhane from a merciful Lord, meaning they wish for Salaam from Allah and they will receive it.

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Secondly, it is also said that Salomon meeting Allah subhanaw taala is informing us that peace salam, Allah will address the image of Paradise Switzerland, and this is a cone a word meaning Allah will address them with Santa

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Maria Haim from the Lord who is merciful in total observa 44 we learn to hear to whom Yo man Kohner, who, Salam there greeting the day they meet him will be peace.

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And also this has been understood as that he SLM This is lm this gender that you're hearing about this SLR into that unit. We learned while law we have a rule in our data center, a law called do the home of peace. Solomon, Colin Mirabella here,

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what does it show to us that the people of Ghana will be saved from every problem from every illness, from every suffering, they will be safe and secure.

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They will not die, they will not suffer. And they will have Salam from Allah because Allah informs us that they will have Salam from Allah. This is Hubbard, Allah standing as the people of Ghana will have Siam security from Allah, He will keep them safe and secure so that nothing dangerous or nothing harmful could ever affect them. And in this is also an indication that the people of gender will attain all of this, because of the mercy of almost the middle of the road.

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That this gentleman is Salam. And Colette, this is a word that Allah is telling you off. And this is for middle of the Rahim because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that none of you will enter Jannah only because of his honor. When a person does something good, what does he invite the mercy of Allah and as a result of that mercy, a person will enter

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will listen to the recitation

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That if you look at the justice of a loss upon data that the US halogen they will be busy in only enjoying themselves.

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In general, why? Because he had been doing something in Lima, Cameroon, they were doing something Indonesia. And the thing is that when a person is doing something in his dunya, he's busy. Like, for example, many of you are right now, what happens and sometimes you get discouraged. Is it really worth it? It's 100% worth. When you're getting tired, you're occupied mentally, and rest and happiness is where, in general

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in order to deserve this reward of gender, this pleasure and happiness, you have to give up some of it so that you can get more of it in the here.

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And how could you ever compare the pleasure of the Nia with the pleasure of Jen, you cannot compare it because the pleasure of De Niro is always something lacking. Always something missing, but the pleasure of Jenna perfect and complete