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Al-Maidah 109-120 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 111-114

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Well, hi to Elon, how are you?

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And remember when I inspire to the disciples meaning another huge blessing of mine upon you, that when I did what he do to the Hawaii, what his newsletter as well hire. Now over here, lots of parents are saying I did he to the disciples doesn't mean that the disciples became prophets became messengers, know which one he is this. Remember there are two types of white one where he is where he shuddered, where he shattered, and which is that which is given only to a messenger only to the Prophet of Allah.

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And it comes through who, through the angel or through whatever way that allows the panel data wishes.

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The other type of where he is where he that is County, where he county and that is enhanced, that is you can say inspiration, indication and inspiration that Allah subhanaw taala inspires the creation with

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like, for example, the mother of musasa, the word working has also been used for her what that put her child in a box in a tablet and put it out in the river. Now, where did you get this idea from? That this is how I will save my child. This idea was put into a heart by Allah subhana wa Tada. This is where he Kony similarly, about the honeybee. What do we learn?

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Well, Oh, hi, rabuka illa, naturally, that your Lord inspired the honeybee. So where he is Sheree, and it's also coming over here because the Hawaii you are being given the where he was where he is this Kony meaning I inspired them with this talk with this command. With this feeling in their heart. They were in Ohio in Hawaii and or the Hawaii, the disciples up, restart, listen. Why are they called Hawaii? However, what is how are we?

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whiteness? So it gives a sense of sincerity loyalty. So they were very sincere, very clean hearted, very loyal people very sincere companions of recycling center. And they were also called providing because perhaps they were white people. Or some say that because they wore white clothes? Or because they used to wash clothes? And this is an answer to them. The Why do you wash clothes? Let me teach you how to wash other people's hearts.

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And also because they worshiped a lot. They were very bias worshipers, which is why they have this nude on their face. So we're in Ohio in Hawaii, Gina and Ameobi will be rosulip that believe in me and also believe in my messenger with messenger.

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But there were so many people, but only a few of them believe in resilence. And and where did they get this year came from?

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It was the way that I lost pounds. It inspired them with color. They said Amanda we have believed what should be undeniable Simone and bear witness Oh Allah, that indeed we are Muslims. What do we learn from this? That that they'll feel free to accept something, though feel to accept a man comes from who comes from a loss of penalty, let alone any unique idea that a person comes up with? Where does he get it from?

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Because Allah is the one who puts it in your heart, and he doesn't put it in the heart of other people. So when you invent something, when you come up with a very unique idea, don't think Oh, I'm so smart. I'm so clever. This is a gift of Allah. This is the inspiration.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that no matter how difficult the situation may seem, how impossible situation may see that everybody was denied. If we notice in the previous ayah, we learned that restart is an app presented by E net. And the bunny is, like you said, had a superhero movie.

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But at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala inspired the Hawaii gene that you believe in my messenger. So it's possible that you look at the situation and you're like, that's it, it's over, there's no way this is gonna work out. But a loss of panel data, but a good thought in one person's heart Even.

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And everything turns for you. everything turns for you.

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Like, for example, it's possible that a person has a very difficult court case. And he's trying his best to be successful to make sure that he's not blamed for something or accused for something, he doesn't have to pay a heavy fine, for instance. And what happens out of all those people who are against him, there comes a judge who has a soft heart. And he just sees one aspect in your case, and he does in your favor.

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So it's possible that the whole situation may seem to be against you that you think that's it, it's going to be over. But if you ask our last panel data for help, you don't know how he might turn the hearts of those people who are against you.

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They might become your supporters,

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you don't know. So you have to keep on relying on the last panel. And you have to keep on hoping for help from Allah, that you don't know whose heart he will turn and he will help you he will become your assistant, everybody from the Bani Israel disbelief. And it was only the 12 disciples who believe in the recycling center.

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How much hope that must have given him.

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We also learned from this ayah that a man in a love means that a person must also have a man in who in the Messenger of Allah, a person cannot say I believe in only Allah, I don't need to believe in the messenger. No, because Allah says an Ameobi will be a Sunni, believe in me, and ultimately, even my messenger

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is called howdy unit. And remember when the hawara Yun said meaning or Isa also remember this huge blessing of mine upon you

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that when the disciples said yeah, he said boo Maria, that or is that sort of money? Honey, so the role of Booker, is your Lord capable? Yes. So theory from the root I first thought, well, I

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and St. Tara has several meanings. Is sitar gives a sense of elogger intention

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is sitar also gives a sense of ihlara obedience. And it also gives a sense of having the ability having the capability to do something.

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So for instance, highly esoteric or buka. Meaning does he plan to? Does he intend to do this?

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Secondly, he has a theory, what's the second meaning of this Athar that I gave you?

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obedience up your Meaning, if you asked him, What do you do this?

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And thirdly, yes, the theory of meaning, can he that if we ask him this, can you do this for us? So honey, so theertha buka. So basically, over here, they're not doubting his ability, the ability of a loss of final data, but they're just wondering that does he intend to do something like this? would he do something like this? If we asked, Can he do this? If we asked, Would he accept our request? Honey, so to De Luca, which request of ours that I univerzita Elena that he would send down upon us, Marietta, Minnesota, a man either from the sky

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The word man, is from the room peppers meme, yeah, that meme Yeah.

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And the word may that is used for a table, or a mat, or a tray, or a plate that is laid with food, you understand? So anything on which you serve food, not just one food item, but multiple food items?

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Why do you put the food on the table?

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So that you can put several dishes? Similarly, why do you take a tray, so that you can take several dishes? And when you take a player to even do you put only one thing? No, you put the rice, you put the bread, you put the vegetables, you put the salad, you put different things even on a plate. So basically, man, either is a tray or a table or a mat or a plate or anything that has been laid with food.

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You understand? It has been laid with food.

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So can he send down upon us a table with some food, a tray with some food?

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If you notice, instead of the night that we learned about food, what is lawful, what is not lawful? So they also said that we believe in you but we just want some heavenly food. Can you send down some food upon us? that just says the money is for you. They were given money and Salwa man and Salah would come to them from the sky from above. We also want some special heavenly food that comes to us from above. holiest the theory of buka and univerzita Elena made a determiner summer color, he said many recyclers Lam said to them, it took a lot of fear Allah in control, meaning if you're truly believers, meaning what are you asking? Haven't you seen all of these miracles already? Don't they

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prove to you that what Allah subhanaw taala setting you you have to do it? Why do you have to see this miracle? Why do you want to see this miracle which is food? I mean, yes, the money is fine before you were given money than someone but why do you wish to get a maid from the sky? If you truly believers fear Allah and accept the Ayat of Allah.

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We see over here that the bunnies, right they have a very, you can say demanding attitude.

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They were given the mundane Salwa and they said we don't want one in Salah. What do we want? That are this and the bustle and the bottle. We want onions and garlic and lentils and so on and so forth. We want a variety of food.

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And over here as well. The disciples of Greece are listening. What are they demanding? Not just one food item, but under either

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We want a meal, we want a heavenly meal, we want a heavenly, you can say, buffet, that's what we want. So they seem to have a very demanding attitude. And on the other hand, if we see the behavior of the Sahaba of the long run, that how, in the most difficult situations, even when they were in a very difficult situation, they would not make such demands. They would not say that you know, or profits or a lot of you are a true messenger outcome. You know, Allah doesn't just send us food from the sky. We know that in Medina, the Muslims were in so much difficulty that it was after several years that a lamp was lit in the masjid several years that a lamp was lit in the masjid. They didn't

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even have enough oil.

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For many days, they would survive on what just dates and water.

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As I mentioned you the story in which the Sahaba they went to an expedition, and what would they have for one day? One day,

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in the most difficult situations, even they wouldn't make demands. And this is the quality that our last panel dynamics.

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Although they said annuity Do we want a net coolamon. So they gave the reason the explanation as to why they wanted the Met either. They said, We just want that and that could have been had we just eat of it. We just want to eat some heavenly food. This is the reason why we're asking for the money that we're not doubting your messenger ship. We're not doubting your truthfulness. We believe in you. But we just want to eat something special.

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And unfortunately, this is our behavior as well. That just because we want to eat something different and something special and something extra nice and something very unique, we will go to such great lengths in order to get that food in order to prepare that food. And at the end of the day, what are we doing, just satisfying our dunk, just satisfying our return. You know, sometimes I can't understand how people can drive two hours just to eat at a particular restaurant.

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Really, I can understand.

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We want to spend two hours to recite the Quran. But we will spend two hours to drive to a restaurant where we can have steak.

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Two hours, we will not spend the same amount of time reciting the Quran. Is our palate. so important. isn't that important?

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They're saying noodle and colombina. We just want to eat from it. Yes, eating is permissible, good food is permissible, it is highly encouraged a loss of Panthera commanded as kulu eat. However, we must also adopt some moderation when it comes to eating.

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That how easily we spend so much money just to eat. We spent so much time just to eat a particular food. They said the same thing norito unacademy. Now we just want to eat? Is there a scene in that there's nothing wrong in that. This is something allowed in Islam. This is what we say as well. And they said the same thing as well.

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And what did they say? What am I included into that our hearts become content? What does it mean by this? Our hearts become content, meaning our hearts become reassured about what about your truthfulness.

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And others I said that what they mean by this, whatever my inner kuruva is that we just want some tasty food so that our hearts become content. I just want to be satisfied, I can say that I've eaten over there, I can say that I've eaten this particular type of food, that to my inner kuruvilla I just have this desire. You know, I've seen this particular restaurants in so many years and I'll find it has become halon even if it means drive for two hours, I will go there to my inner coluna just want to satisfy my desire. That's it. Is there anything wrong? It's not hard. It's hard at this at the same thing. In noccalula we're not allowed to enter that we know and casada Katana that in

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fact you have spoken the truth to us in what in your claim of prophethood

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when a corner and we become a layer upon admin a share hidden of those who are witness so that we can also say that we have seen that food that we have eaten that food. Nicola lamb and Ushahidi we just want to be a witness over that food. I mean really is food that important that you want to be a witness over.

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And you want to talk about it and you want to tell other people about what you ate his food that important that it's become the center of your life, that so much of your time, so much of your energy is going into it when a corner at a time in a shahidi What does it mean by the statement that we become a witness to it, that we become a witness to this miracle that a table laid with food came down from the sky to the earth.

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We can become a witness to that we really saw food

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coming down from the sky and it was heavenly food we ate it and we can tell other people about the special food just as sometimes we go to a particular place we eat over there and we come back and for days we talk about that food

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and other people who have not eaten it only you know their mouth is filled with water that's it.

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So in a corner I am going to shade in so that we become of those who witness that food.

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Color is suddenly restarted saddam said Allahumma O Allah. So find your site s&m said okay. This is a hotel demand. So he made to our to a multiplanetary. That Allahumma O Allah robina Oh, our Lord unzila Elena sent down upon us man, Edith, a Minnesota, a table laid with food from the sky, the corner Eden, it will be read for us.

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You see on a special day, it makes sense to go to such lengths to prepare good food to eat good food. Why don't just a normal weekend, a normal weekday, it doesn't make sense that a person spent so much time on what on eating food going to a very far plays and eating special. I mean, it doesn't make sense to do that every single day. Are you starting to sit on the corner even on that day that the food comes down to us, that will be a day of festival for us. It will be a day of read for us, especially a day of celebration, we will rejoice in it. And because we will rejoice in it. That's why we will eat good food.

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And it will be a day of read for hooli avelina. For the first of us were atherina and The Last of Us, meaning the people of our time, the believers of our time will celebrate on that day. And the people of later times also every year they will celebrate on that day, which day, the day that the food was sent down from the sky. It's a day off festival for us.

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Well I attend and it will be assigned Minka from you

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assign of what of your power of my Prophethood was zucchini, and you provide us what Undertale was in and you are the best of the providers, you are the best of the providers.

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How is the loss of parents out of the best of the providers in configure that in the way that he gives risk. That if you just look at the fruit, the way we get it, for example, you get an orange, it has such a peel on it, that completely preserves what is inside, that the juice inside doesn't go back, the taste inside doesn't go back. The flavor does not go back. It's so well backed. It's all back. And if we were to create something like that, we would have to put so many preservatives in it and we would have to put an expiration date on it. But look at the way that Allah subhanaw taala provides risk to nk fear in how he provides risk Allah subhanaw taala is the best provider

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and he is also hypervisor clean. Secondly, in kumea, meaning in quantity in what exactly a loss of penalty gets. So he is the best provider.

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What do we learn from these if,

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first of all, we learned that the messengers, they were not able to produce miracles by themselves.

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The messengers, were not able to produce miracles by themselves. Whenever the nation made a demand for a miracle, the Prophet would make the law to to a loss.

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And then it's the wish of Allah. It's the decision of Allah, if he wishes to give that miracle show that miracle, he will do so if he does not wish to short he will not do it.

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What does that teach us that the messengers, they don't have power over what is beyond their ability. The messengers they have limited power limited ability.

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Because some people say that if a person is held accountable on the Day of Judgment by Allah subhanho data, then the profits are a lot of income coming into seed and that's it a person will be forgiven. But if the profits are the losses and unbolt someone accountable in that day, the No one can free that person. There are people who believe in that people who say that stuff. What do these is show to us that the messengers don't have any ability beyond a certain capacity. And what is the capacity, human capability

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that after that, it's up to Allah, whatever he wishes, whatever he decides, which is why he started as Sam he made dua to Allah subhanaw taala. When they asked for the miracle, he didn't just give it he had to meet go out to a mosque.

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We also learn from this ayah that when making God to Allah, a person should pray to Allah Whoa, look at the way that makes

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Allah Houma. robina Oh Allah, our Lord. So he's mentioning Hulu here as well as Robbie Allahumma indicates Hulu here, that you are the one who is worthy of worship and rubia that you are our Creator. You are

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Are our provider. So when making art don't just say, Oh Allah such and such. No, mention his rubia mentioned his will do here mention his names and attributes and look at the way he entered to our under hiawassee thing. This is the etiquette of making dua.

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Then we also learn from this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala is high diversity that allows the best providers, people also they bring risk. Because if you notice a rise in Florida has been used over here, what does that show that others besides a lot also give risk?

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Like for example, your father goes, he makes money he comes back home, he brings groceries, what does that mean? He is bringing risk home. However, out of all those individuals who bring risk, who is the best one who provides risk, a loss penalty, because he has complete control over.

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We also learned that a lot of parents out of Leicester Bani Israel with a variety of miracles with many, many miracles, and often was also the monitor.

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Now, there demand of my either What lesson do we learn from that for ourselves?

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What lesson do we learn for ourselves from their demand of my either? And their explanation as to why they wanted them either?

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What do we learn from that?

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What's the main lesson we learned from that for ourselves? No lesson, you learned nothing of it.

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We shouldn't demand miracles. However, what's the lesson in there demanding the metadata for us?

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The purpose of our lives should not be just satisfying our palette.

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And the demands that we make, or the requests that we make, the benefits of that request should be not just in this world, but also in the academic, they shouldn't just benefit us but also of later people, which is why when we saw this and I made the law, what did he say that this maida is not going to be for us, meaning it's going to be a day of read not just for us, but also for later people.

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And we see that sometimes our focus is only on the tangible neither

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on the tangible food,

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and which is why we spend so much of our time so much of our money, so much of our efforts in just acquiring the tangible method. However, this entire surah what hasn't mentioned in it, many, many comments. So there's an intangible food as well that we need for ourselves. So we should also focus on that.

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And one important lesson that we learn from it is moderation. When it comes to eating when it comes to enjoying food,

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which is why so many times it is mentioned eat and drink, but don't

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let that lead to civil. Why?

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Because sometimes when we start enjoying our palette, then what happens? We can get access, we will go to great lengths to enjoy food to eat food. But we must remember that this is not the purpose of our lives.

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Now, did the math actually come down or not?

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It is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran. It's not explicitly mentioned.

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However, we do learn from several narrations that a man either was sent down from the sky and that man either had seven fish and seven loaves of bread. So bread and fish, this is what they were given seafood.

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We just learned about seafood.

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And he said that the angels they brought it down and they kept the matter before them. And the people ate of it. And some people they ate some of it and they stored some of it.

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And they were told that they must not store any of it just as the bunny Israel were told that eat of the man and Salah but don't store any of it, but they stored it which is why they were punished later on.