Zakir Naik – My Hindu tutor asked me that if I had only one bread & a hungry man comes & asks me for the food

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A student asks a question about what to eat when eating only one piece of bread during a busy meal. The representative explains that if the person is dying of hunger and they both have a loaf of bread, they will eat it. The representative also explains that if a non-immigrant tries to eat only one piece of bread, they may die of hunger.
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The next question from Hamas, Saudi Lucknow, India. I am a student. Sir, you are a great Muslim influencer for the sama sama Hindu

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tutor asked me that if I had only one bread. And a hungry man comes and asks me for the food, and we both are dying of hunger. What does Islam say in such a situation? Should I eat? Or should I give him? It's a very tricky question, asked by the teacher of mama sewed

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that if you're hungry, and you're dying of hunger, and another hungry man comes and need to dying of hunger, and you have only one piece of bread. So what do you eat it yourself over to give it to the hungry man? What does Islam teach you? Regarding the reply for such a situation is, depending upon the situation,

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if the hungry man who comes and realize

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he's dying of hunger, and I am dying of hunger to and if we both can survive by having half a loaf of bread, then I will make that bread into half, give him one half and eat the other half.

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There may be a situation

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that dangly men may be a non Muslim, he may not be used to hunger, I'm a Muslim, I'm used to fasting. And I know that maybe do I am hungry, I can survive more for a couple of days. And that hungry non Muslim man,

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he is not used to staying hungry. And if he doesn't get food, maybe in the next few hours, he will die. So what I will do, I will give the complete loaf of bread to that non Muslim man,

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knowing very well that I'm used to fasting and I can maybe survive for the next few days. And I will pray to Allah subhanaw taala, that he provided me food as soon as possible.

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You may ask me that, what is the logic behind this? The logic behind this is that Allah says in the Quran

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in surah, Isaiah, chapter number five, was committed to that if anyone kills any other human being, unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. This was says if any Muslim, kills any other innocent human being, whether it be a Muslim or non Muslim, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. And there was continuous, if you save any human being, it is as though you have saved the whole of humanity. This was, I do not find in any other scripture except the Buddhist Quran. That if you kill one innocent human being, you have killed the whole of humanity. That means killing any innocent human being is

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prohibited. It is haram. It is a second major sin in Islam. And there was continues that if you save one innocent human being, it's as though you've saved the whole of humanity. So you're knowing very well that I'm used to fasting. I can stay hungry for a longer time. I have an opportunity, an easy opportunity of saving one human life. So if that non Muslim who's not used to staying hungry, and is dying of hunger, I will give my loaf of bread to him and pray to Allah subhanaw taala me Save me and even God forbid if I die, because I've saved one human being. It is as though I've saved the whole of humanity inshallah, inshallah, Allah will put mujin for themselves question

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