Muslims Prefer Calling Allah by the Arabic name Allah rather than the English Word God

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using the right name for Islam, specifically mentioning the name bossy, which is a beautiful name. The speaker also explains that Islam is a unique language with no definite name, and that the name bossy is more commonly used for English speakers.
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Otherwise, to Doris Khurana says, In Surah Surah, chapter number 17 was 110 Curatola with the right man I am attached to follow a small listener say call upon him by law, or by a man by whichever name you call upon him. To Him belongs the most beautiful name. You can call Allah subhanho wa Taala by any name, but it should be a beautiful name, it should not conjure up a mental picture. And there are no less than 99 attributes given in the Glorious Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala R Rahman r Rahim, Most Merciful, Most Beneficent, no less than 99.

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We Muslims, we call Almighty God by the Arabic name Allah. And the reason we prefer calling Almighty God with Arabic name Allah instead of the English word God is because the English word God, you can play mischief with that word. For example, if you add s to God, it becomes God's plural of God. There is no plural of Allah, Allah, Allah. say he's allow one and only if you add the SS to God, it becomes goddess, that means a female God.

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There is no agenda to Allah subhanho wa Taala he's neither male, neither female, Allah subhana wa Taala has got no agenda.

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Allah is a unique word. If you add a father to God, it becomes godfather. He's my godfather, he is my guardian. There is nothing like Allah father or Allah by Islam. If you add a mother to God, it becomes god mother. There is nothing like Allah mother or alarm in Islam. Allah is a unique word. If you prefix 10, before God, it becomes 10 God, meaning fake God. There's nothing like in a line Islam, that the reason we Muslims, we prefer calling Allah subhana wa Taala but the Arabic word Allah instruct the English word God. But if some people, some Muslims, use the word God for Allah subhanho wa Taala, so that those who don't know the concept of Allah subhanaw taala if they can

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understand I've got no objection, but the appropriate word is Allah. It's much more preferred than the English word God