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Okay, hold on Jelena. Okay.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraful Ambia. You will mursaleen Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Herbie ex Marine, or Mr. Maybe some Netta he Yomi Deen barytes Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh? How is everybody doing today? I hope that in sha Allah Who tile, it's been a pleasant week for all of you, and welcome yet to a another session of SUTA to gerat. And guess what, guys, this is going to be the second last session with our journey through swift Euro. So next week in sha Allah Who Tala, we will complete the surah. But there's going to be a special bonus for all of you, there's going to be a

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special bonus that's going to take us close to Ramadan in sha Allah, what is that going to be? Well, you're going to have to tune in next week to find out in sha Allah. So just keep that in mind. Today, we're going to have a shorter session than usual. So we're going to stop today at 730 in sha Allah. And next week, we'll have the regular time and complete the sort of email. So what we're going to do is most likely, we're going to be on this one verse in front of you on the screen there. Verse number 13. And just a quick recap guys of what we've been talking about so far. So we just finished talking about the backbiting. And we just finished talking about the tongue. And what this

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sutra had opened up for us in terms of understanding the consequences of lever of understanding how to control the tongue and understanding the punishment for those who backbite and don't realize or don't know, or don't even care about backbiting, what is the consequence based on the verse that's mentioned here. And then we also talked about this section here, of when you're actually allowed to speak about somebody. And these are the six main categories which we've gone through. And that of course, brought us to the end of that particular verse. And we kind of concluded that verse, as you see in the bottom there guys, the one who backbite is cursed by Allah subhanho wa taala. May Allah

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protect us from that Allah from me. Now, with that being said, so now we've gotten the tongue under control. We understand the the enormity, and the importance of our faith. We understand that at the end of the day, what we're trying to achieve here is to build a community. We're trying to build a healthy society, and the most important component towards a healthy family and a healthy society is probably this verse on the screen, where Allah subhanaw taala says, yet and uns in high up in our criminal record in one way or another can show to them up haulback Isla Lita out often in a Kurama coumarin de la he at Paul come in a la hora de mon hobby. So this is a really famous verse, you'll

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always hear verses like or this particular verse being recited at gatherings, especially when there's a mixed gathering non Muslims and other religions and things like that, because of what the theme of this verse is all about. And as you can see, I toggle the theme we are one nation we are one moment, the translation Oh humanity indeed We created you from a male and female and major into peoples and tribes, that you may get to know one another. Surely the most noble of you in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most righteous woman

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Monster, Allah is truly all knowing and all aware. So let's get into it. First and foremost, Allah says yet human Ness, O mankind, the Alladhina, and mineral, not anymore. Now it's a huge mess. So this is a message that goes across the globe for all people of all religions, all backgrounds, all generations until the Day of Judgment. This is literally literally what a universal verse of the Quran looks like. So Allah says that in the Halacha, NAPCO, mindat, period caring moment that we have created you from Adam and Eve, meaning our mother, our Father, to Marley is to them, and of course, his wife, Eve. And with that being said, so here's the lesson behind that. The lesson that

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when Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that we came from the same person, that we are all the children of Adam, is this point you see at the top there, everybody see that? We are one family. So the fact that Allah highlights that you all came from the same place, that is how Allah unites us, and brings us together. That's racism. That's discrimination, all being dealt with, just in the intro of this idea. So if you're ever looking for a verse to talk about discrimination, and racism and things like them, this is probably one of the most important and explicit verses in the entire poor end to talk about this subject.

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Now Alesis, that He created us, so we immediately recognize that one of the Sefa, or one of the descriptions of Allah subhanaw, taala, is he is on holiday, He is the Creator, and everything is designed and put together and fashion. Another one of His Names is a more soul with the fashioner everything is molded and fashion based on what Allah subhanho wa taala, deems to be perfect, to be beautiful, and to be in a state or in a way that He is pleased with. So why am I saying all of this? Well, when Allah tells us that He is our Creator, you know what that means to you and I, it means that, how we look, and how we appear to the rest of the world. First and foremost, is how Allah

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wants you to look into how Allah created and designed so in other words, that

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that form that that person that shekel, that illustration, that individual, you know, that image that is first and foremost, pleasing to Allah. So if you have this kind of habit where, you know, you look in the mirror, and you're like, Oh, my God, I don't like my nose, my cheek is this way, look at my eyebrows, look at the tone of my skin. You know, you've got to literally just pause for a minute and think about what you're really saying. Right? You're really saying that you're not really content, or happy or truly understand why you are the way that you are. We're not talking about that if you were born with you know, a deformity or something like that, that, that needs to be

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addressed. Because it you know, it affects the way that you live and the way that you operate and the way that you are a secret human being like, we're not talking about those things, a medical issue is a medical issue. And if that needs to be addressed to address it, we're talking about everything else, that just somebody is just literally not content or not happy with the way they look. So the fact that Allah says that He created us immediately should give us the sense of gratitude and appreciation that the way that we look, the where our eyes are our noses, the shape of our face, and so on and so forth. This is all from how Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to look and

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appreciate this is the way you should be. This is the way that you should look, this is the way that I am pleased with. Then Allah subhana wa Tada continues, and he says something really beautiful, which are naquin Shodo, Benoit Parbat Illa liter of food. So Allah says that He created you as a shorter from shore up and shore up here, a population or a group. So that's what the world is. We don't live alone on this planet. We are amongst a population. So the first thing that Allah wants you to know about this creation is that you're never alone.

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That helps us to realize that we must and have to continue to learn to get along with each other

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You know, unfortunately, we live in a time where that's easier said than done. You know, when you think about what's happening in Ukraine and Palestine, and all of these countries all across the globe, where there's just so much pain and suffering, so much war, and problems and corruption, and all of those things. At the end of the day, a big reason why those things are happening, or have happened, is literally, there is a pocket within the within, you know, humanity that sees that the population of this planet should be different. There should be certain groups, certain colors, certain people that should be treated differently than others.

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That's a problem. That's a huge problem. Because this reminds us, there is never going to be peace or stability in the land. If that's the way if that's your perception of what worldly life should look like, then Allah adds to it. We'll call bear Isla haba, Ill is the plural for a villa and of course, a tribe or caste. So Allah created these, these two things, Allah created us, and then he placed us to be one or both of these categories. But the point is, you're not alone. What is the wisdom behind living on this planet and sharing the land of this planet? We share this time we share this place with others. What's the wisdom behind that? Why don't we just be alone? Or we are only

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with our family? Why are we all together on this one planet? Lita out of this is the first reason. And it's probably the most important Toronto so that you learn to get along to our food, so that you understand each other's customs, you understand each other's habits, you appreciate diversity, take a look at the question that we have on the screen. Understand each other's customs, habits and diversity. Why is this important to him? subhanho wa taala. So why does Allah want us to appreciate each other? There's a couple of reasons. Let's take a look at the first one.

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First and foremost, it eliminates racism. When you travel the world and you interact with different cultures with different people, immediately, that is the most effective way to appreciate a creation that is different from you. The first step towards breaking any sort of supremacy slash racist slash, discriminatory attitude or behavior in you is the first thing you do is you take the time to learn and appreciate those who are different around you. And that's how you start to cure this start to cure racism. Anything that you harbored in your heart that fell into this category, it immediately starts to disintegrate. So that's the first reason when we talk about the towel. We also

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learn to respect each other.

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You know, easier said than done. How many times have you gone to a masjid, and you're listening to the announcements and the announcements is in a completely different language that 90% of the gemera doesn't understand. As a matter of fact, the language that it's in, there's only about 10 people there that really understand it. Why does that happen? Well, a lot of the times why it happens is usually because, you know, there's a personal connection with certain individuals in the community. And so in order for them to be to feel comfortable, you know, there's a lot of politics and a lot of our masajid and institutions like, okay, you know, this might be a high time donor, big time donor.

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So we've got to make sure that he's happy. We know this family, they were the founders of this Masjid. So we want to make them happy. But the rest of the community, they are secondary, or they're at the bottom. And it's just really, really sad to see and experience that from time to time. So what this does is that it reminds you and I, that look, you guys are different, you're not going to change it, you are different, you know the pigmentation in our skin that determines our color, you can change that. You know, this is what Allah created you with. Nobody has a say in how you were designed or created, which is what the thing that really adds to why racism is such a shameful

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quality in a human being like it's, it is probably one of the highest levels of shame.

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that we can imagine why? Because the person who's racist,

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is racist towards someone about something in them that they had no say in and no controlling. So if you hated someone, just because of the color of their skin, or their religion or background, why didn't you have a say earlier on before that person was born? Why couldn't you just tell a local legend make everybody one particular color, or make them one particular tribe, you didn't have a say. So clearly, you discriminating against somebody based on who they are, will have no purpose. It'll just cause pain. It'll just make life more difficult, dangerous, unhealthy, you name it. So this a it helps to break off that mentality. You know, it helps to break off and bring a sense of

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sincerity and appreciation for each other that at the end of the day, we're all human beings, we all come from the same Father, we are all one. And in addition to that, the reason why we look and act different from each other, later out of four, so then we can just appreciate and get to know and be grateful. So you learn to respect each other. Here's another reason. You tolerate differences. Just like we tolerate the differences in weather. You know, we can go to a particular country, and be exposed to snow. And you've never had snow in your country. So you go on your visit somewhere else and you see snow. What do you do? You know, some people like it, it's that first experience, so they

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enjoy it. But then a lot of them they're just like, I could never live here. But I can handle this. It's just way too cold. But the point is, can you stop it? Can you change the weather? Can you just tell us Oh, lucky you just like skip winter this year. Can't do any of that. As a matter of fact, our profit is not what someone even told us don't complain about the weather. Right? That's not from the etiquettes of a believer, because what you have no control over the. So the way that we tolerate differences just as something as simple. And as part of our lives, like the weather. That's the same attitude that Allah wants you to have with each other. At the end of the day, you are who you are.

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And so you should respect that. And you should leave that alone, and should only concentrate on the one thing that separates all of us as our Prophet peace be upon him, taught us. The one thing that separates all of us is our Taqwa. It's our consciousness with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So where am I getting that from? I know you're probably thinking the last hole TVA, their process alum gave to his companions before he passed away. So the Farewell Sermon, you get it there. But take a look at the I

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take a look at the A What does it say next, in a Kurama comer in the law, he at par comb. Then Allah says, Indeed, surely the most noble of you, in the sight of Allah is the most righteous amongst you. So

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you maintain the highest level of nobility, how it because of top one top one top or

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less as in a chronicle.

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This is where status honor nobility comes from, is when you have a heart that is so pure, it understands and it accepts people for who they are.

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That's what that's what racism does to your heart. It stains it, it destroys this nobility and honor in a human being. It destroys it. And again, just think about the people who are racist that you know, will read about you'll see on social media at times we see them on the news, just listen to their words, and listen to how naturally the vast majority of the people since the beginning of time, the vast majority of the listeners are offended immediately, that that person would make a racist comment towards anybody in the reaction that we have, that that discomfort that we feel that offensive, you know, feeling that we get when we hear those kinds of words. That's not just by

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accident. That's not because you're biased to a particular way of life. That's because that's how Allah designed us. When we hear something bad. It makes us feel bad. And when we hear something good, it makes us feel good. We don't react when we hear amazing, good news, and we're just like, Oh, I'm so depressed today. Because there's just so much good happening everywhere. We don't do that. So, when Allah describes nobility in this area, it is certainly

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raising us now in status and honor. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks to us about Taqwa.

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Why is tuplets so important when we're talking about cooperation with one another? Why is tupple you know, because at the end of the day, especially for those who don't understand different tribes and cultures out there, like, like, you've never had a chance to really travel. So you don't know the cultures out there, you just assume that how you hear about them, or how you see them on TV, that's who they are. And at first, it can be a little uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable because of certain foods that a culture eats, or the way it's cooked or prepared, or certain habits that they have, or how they use medicine and how they do just do different things. Now, even just as normal as

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how they live, is just completely foreign to you. You're not first if you don't have this as you become really uncomfortable. And it's very easy to judge someone next week, we're going to talk about judging people, like, like, there's no tomorrow, I mean, the way this sort of ends you're going to see next week in sha Allah. Now when it comes to judging people Subhana, Allah sorbitan hoogenraad really puts us in our place. But at the end of the day, what you don't know, you can immediately if you're not cautious, make assumptions and offend people. And you might say or feel certain things that you don't want others to know. So the thing that controls all of them, that you

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are able to maintain some sense of purity, even without knowing about that culture, about those people, you don't know anything about them. But at least Allah will still bless you with a good clean and pure heart is because you have Taco

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taco that keeps everything stable.

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That's what this A is telling us. The only way you're going to appreciate appreciate each other is because you have to or

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the only way you're going to eliminate racism in your heart is because you have to have Taqwa. The only way you're going to respect the lust creation, even if you can get on and least respect that that is a fellow human being. They might be a different color and background or religion, but you're still respect them. To do that you have to have top of Allah.

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That's what that's why Allah says the highest in terms of honor and nobility is going to be the person who has the tough work. So Tesla controls all of these feelings. All of these stereotypes, all forms of hate and discrimination. Tough love puts all of that to rest. And remember what Taqwa is guys, top, what is the consciousness of our Creator, you're constantly thinking about that every decision I make in my life, I think about how Allah will judge me, everything that anybody says, and everything that I feel everything that I experienced, I think about Allah, are you going to be pleased with this? So immediately common sense will kick in. Before you want to treat someone

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different because of the color of their skin. Taqwa kicks in and says, treat everyone fairly. This person is no different. Yeah, but you know, they're always this. No, no, throw that out the window. Because you have Taqwa. You're a person of honor and nobility. So represented by the way you treat others, so beautiful. So one of the ways that

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this particular surah and the Koran in general, one of the ways that it cures racism and hate is by this particular verse, so just remember this verse. This is one of the most important verses on the subject. Okay. And then finally, let's go down to the end of the verse in the lucha de mundo hobby. So let me just bring back the verse here.

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One more down there real. So in a chroma coma in the law that talkin in LA Halim on habia, Allah says that Allah is truly all knowing and all aware.

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Take a look at this question guys.

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Why does the A and with this, see that little image there see that face? What kind of face is that? That says the face or the expression of somebody who is up to no good.

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So what are they doing?

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A look and close to this a like this.

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And to remind all of us that Allah has complete knowledge. Eileen also includes Allah knows all of our secrets. Allah knows all the things that we harbor here in our hearts in our chest. So let me give you an example.

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Sometimes you'll treat a customer

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you know, on the outside, you smile. Hello, welcome. How can I help you? You do all of that protocol, customer service stuff, right? But in your heart, your heart says to you, oh, you're one of them.

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Oh, you people are here. Oh, you're this and you're that. Okay, let me get this customer out as soon as possible. So on the outside, it's all smiley and happy and all good. But on the inside, it's the complete opposite. So somebody could literally be normal per se. Somebody could be normal and appreciate and respect humanity on the outside. But they are a full fledged racist on the inside. So what does Allah say?

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And exactly what you're thinking about

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nulla Ollie one hubiera.

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Us is have all the complete knowledge and info. I know you weren't sincere when you served that individual. And you disliked them because of the color of their skin. I know that you didn't say anything racist, you didn't do anything offensive. But Allah says I already know,

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to back, and when Allah highlights that he knows what's going on in here. And he has complete knowledge of everything. It's also a warning. That warning is that possibly Allah will call us out and account us for thinking and feeling that way.

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It's really serious. So when this a you see it concludes itself, the way that it does truly cause all of us

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to take a step back.

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And just think Subhanallah I can't believe I had that in my heart. So this is the ultimate test.

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If you want to test and see and check yourself. If you have any racism or hate towards Allah's creation, with absolutely no justification or reason to want to test yourself, this is the idea to do that. This area helps to sift out those feelings. And so that we become one nation of Inshallah, unfortunately, it's easier said than done. And unfortunately, I'm really like, sad to say this to you. But um, you know, we always talk about racism and hate and all of that, and discrimination, you know, when the kofod Do it, and all the kofod of this or that. But internally within this moment, racism is alive and strong.

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And I, I'm so confident that a lot of you listening to that, you can relate immediately to that statement, you're like, oh, yeah, racism does exist within the OMA. I don't have to tell you where you need to go to experience it. I don't have to tell you which part of the world to go to experience it. No particular community, no particular people, no faction of Islam, I don't have to tell you any of that. Because it's all over the entire OMA, it's everywhere. I love the Mustang. You know, for me, this a,

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you know, there's a little image that, you know, we can appreciate, to really truly understand, you know, if we could ever have an image. And the image could represent a tiff CEO of an area, that's the Tafseer of this area there that that image, that's the deficit of this entire area, what you see in front of us look at the image, I was really glad I found this image online, with just look at the picture. All of us different colors, backgrounds, religion, with the fact that we are all brought together, and we're able to smile respect, and at least at least bare minimum respect each other. You don't have to like anybody, you don't have to get along, you have to be friends, at least

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Just the respect. Allah created you, the same way He created me, we are no different as human beings. And this separator is only one thing. It's the level of consciousness that we have with our Creator. That's the only separator. Otherwise, at the end of the day, and when I say separator in terms of how Allah judges us, the status that we hold with Allah, it's very different for somebody who doesn't believe or have that connection with Allah, as opposed to somebody else who's constantly praying and devoted to Allah. These two individuals, although they both are human, they're different. So when we're talking about status, or their this person is this this is the separator

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we're talking about.

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It turns up their religious devotion and consciousness with their Creator. Otherwise we're all one

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this A and this is what we're conclude with inshallah this a really should be a wake up call for those who needed the most you know I personally believe like this A should be the a that every airport you go to every terminal every country every place you should be able to see this a everywhere every Masjid you walk into should be painted on the walls. Every Institute you walk to every place subway, you name it, school, malls everywhere. This should be aware of this verse. It's a reminder, just a reminder, we're all different. But Allah still wants us to get along and cooperate with one another. So having said that, guys, this is where we will pause. Like I said, I

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today, I apologize. I just I need to have a shorter session than we usually do. Next weekend shall lovely Thailand. We will continue with verse number 14, all the way to the end of the surah. And you know what I'm going to do?

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Take a look on the screen. Okay, guys. So this is what's coming next week.

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Okay, so there's a little chicken there. What's What's he all about? We'll see.

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There's a guy screaming What's he all about? Rule See, law is in full view. Okay, so that's the last area. See here, here's what you can look forward to next week.

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Bonus Material. So what is that bonus material going to be about? What are we going to do? So that like I said, you're going to have to stay tuned and join us next week. I promise you in sha Allah, you will all love and appreciate what the bonus material will be in the lead guitar. So please stay tuned for that. And especially all of you that have been on this journey with me since the beginning of sorts of God, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts our efforts, and grant us His forgiveness and mercy and Jenna Allah from me, and even for those of you that have joined us during the journey, may Allah subhanaw taala keep you permanent that you continue to learn and benefit from

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his Deen alone. So let's go to the finish line in shuttler. Next week, guys, let's get to the end. Don't make syteline get into our minds and our hearts. Attempt us that okay, it's just a few at left. Don't worry about it. Don't let that happen. You've done well so far. Let's continue to keep on doing better right to the end of the sword. So in sha Allah, we can pack this Sora put it on our scale of good deeds and submit it to Allah that oh Allah this is a sorta I hope will be gentle Nana will have to get to know our leader. But it will be something for us to uplift us in this world in the AFF era and not something against us in this world or in the Sahara in sha Allah Butera. So

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having said that, guys, stay tuned for next week and I shall Allah I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala protect you keep you all safe and healthy. And until we meet again, that is ochman level hierarchy was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.