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  • Why keep on trying
  • Even the greatest have setbacks
  • Do not give up hope
  • The setback was to guide you to something better
  • Allah wanted better for you
  • Prepare for failure
  • What to do if you didn’t get the marks you wanter
  • Our concept of success
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Part of the bigger Rajim smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mousseline save now Muhammad Ali he was a big Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean or praise me unto Allah subhana wa tada Masha Allah. In the law we have a witness that then has the right to worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our greetings our love and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of time. mallets vannatta Allah bless us to be steadfast on the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to be in his companionship in the Africa. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, we began our first series of 2020, that's much better and Hamdulillah, we began our first series of 2020,

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discussing the power and the importance of knowledge, and that this is the beginning foundation on which Allah subhanho wa Taala, the first command that he gave was to read and to learn and, and from the success in the dunya and akhira will flow. It is a guarantee from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that the one who acquires knowledge and is on the path of learning, Allah says, with His permission, you will find success in this life in the dunya phase, your money, your career, you'll find success and in the era, it should lead you to Jenna. So this is a recipe for success from Allah subhana wa Tada. And we gave a message last week about the importance of the power of knowledge, what it can do, how

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it can elevate Subhanallah it made Adam and Eve Saddam was made of clay above all of creation, because he had knowledge that none of the creation had. And we then spoke to those who have been given some form of intellect. And we know that Subhan Allah, some of us Alhamdulillah, Allah has given you like some of big muscles in your arms, some of you are tall, some are not so tall, some of hamdulillah have Mashallah high IQ. And the ability to learn, acquire knowledge is easier. Important point to Allah does not give knowledge for free. You have to learn it, you have to pursue it. But for some, the opportunity and the ability to learn is made easier. And that's a great Amana. And so

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we said for those who are successful in their studies, those who are in school University, there are millions of people that never got the opportunity to learn. They are smarter than us more hard working, but they never got the opportunity. And we think of our grandparents behind on our grandfathers, our grandmothers, brilliant people, but they were not allowed. They were deprived. What could have happened, what could they have achieved? kids that have to walk for hours to school, and then we have the opportunity we maybe even got into university and we sit there and waste our time. This is the wasting of the most valuable most valuable resource Allah has given you. And so

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these are great.

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Amana responsibility on the achievers to continue to be successful with Nila and to learn with a purpose to do something of value. Yes, if you are a smart person and you have the opportunity, and you achieve success, but that success only translates into a beautiful house, a beautiful car, expensive holidays in the release panela What was the benefit of that? What was the purpose of this that there's a great gift Allah has given you to transform the world. So inspire your kids, my kids to achieve high things have a conversation with your kids. What do you want to be one day What do you want to change in the world to come? What do you want to fix what disease you want to cure? Our

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kids must aspire for that as the professor says if you when you make do our Ask for Jana to fill those Yes, we wouldn't be happy with any Jenna but you must try to get the highest Jana put your goals and your your your aspirations as high as he possibly can be aspire for the best, and for the goodness. And that's what we hopeful. And we encourage all of us all of us have potential all of you here has potential. No one is here by luck or by chance or by coincidence, Allah put you here for a reason put me here for a reason. What is the reason I'm here for besides worshiping Allah, what else am I here to do? Is your job to do it and fulfill it, because we'll be asked about that unfulfilled

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potential, then we sit today inshallah, we'll talk about those who are sitting today. They didn't do too well in the exams, or they have yet to find what they're good at. There are people and this is the bulk the majority of our youth, in my experience, many, many young people, and you ask them, What are you good at? What are your ambitions or aspirations? And they will say, I have no, there's nothing special about me. I am I have no goals, I have no aspirations. And they look at the situation, what environment they're in or they look at the marks that might not be the base, I will never be in the top 10. So that means I've already cut my whole life, my future is going to be

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mediocre. They've already put that in their mind. And today inshallah it's a message to those who are not performing those who have not gotten good results. Those who have not yet seen success in inverted commas will talk about what success means. They have not yet seen it and they believe well success is for some

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And it's not for the reason I'm of those will never be successful.

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Today we talk about why it's important to fail.

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It's important for you to go through life having failed at something or having a setback. If you look at the success of almost the history, the life of any successful people, and we begin with the MBR Subhanallah, we look at the Gambia, if you look at the seat, the biographies of the Gambia, with its lobby, no calling for 950 years, and only getting 27 people to follow Him, you would regard this as a failure. You look at the prophets of Allah Subhana be Yusuf in jail now remove some murdering somebody running away from home, you will find you'll say these people are losers or failures. So Allah puts in our path failure to teach us something better in that, and perhaps the failure that

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you experiencing today, the marriage that didn't work out, not just academic failure, the career path, it's failed your business that failed your exams that failed your marriage that failed, is for Allah has done this for a reason to teach you something, and to put you on a different path. Failure as a psychologist says failure, setbacks, broken hearts, the loss of a job, all of this takes its toll on the human heart. It brings us down. And it puts us in a position and assumption upon where we ask ourselves, what's the point in trying. So we give up when you give up. That's when you fail. When you did when you let that sit back, determine your life. And that is going to be your narrative

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that I failed. And that's it. When you have failed, a setback is not a failure. And as I sit in even happen to the greatest of the great, the lowest point in the life of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, hydrocal Killa, the best and most loved creation of the Creator was at the bottom and lowest point in his life, where he even began to doubt himself never doubted Allah. But he doubted himself. Look at this dog. We know what was the lowest point in his life. I shout out the owner asked him Yasuda, socially awkward was a bad day because she was the she knew what happened or the almost died. Many of us are how 70 Sahaba died. So she said, was there ever a day worse in the Battle of God? And so

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he said, Yes, the lowest point in my life was the day of life. When the Prophet says, After 10 years schooling is people don't worship stones, don't kill one another be good people, his own family, his own tribe rejected him and wanted to kill him. So finally he says, These people are not going to listen, let me go to the city next door, which was five and in the mountains, and I'll call these people to Islam. And he got an even worse treatment from bife. They stoned him almost to death that he had to run solo sanlam keeping the blood in his shoes running down the mountain. So now look at this point that abyssal Salaam has no way to go. Go back to Makkah to Abuja and Abu lahab,

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to be stoned to death. And he's sitting between these two cities, thinking about the situation at the bottom. And when we know no one would say this is the lowest point in his life. And he makes us look at the way that obese was was and he says, Oh Allah, to you alone, I complain of my weakness and lack of resources. I complain to you that I am the problem my weak I am such a in a weak situation, and my humiliation before mankind. These are the words of rasulillah salam, I complain of my humiliation in front of people. You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. You are the Lord of the week. And you are my Lord. To whom else can I turn to Who else do I interest? Do you

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interest me too? Who else can I turn to? Besides you Allah? Do you put me to someone that attacks me? Meaning Should I go to the people of five who attack me? Or an enemy that you will give control over me meaning the kurush and then he says yeah, so the Prophet is complaining? Look at him. So he's crying Yeah, Allah My heart is broken. I don't know what to do I feel like a failure. And then he says yeah, Allah, so long as you are not angry with me that I don't keep I will continue like this so long as you're not angry with me Allah but your prediction is much better and more importantly but I need your Allah to assist me and help me so I seek protection in the light of your

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face, which illuminates the darkness and through which order phase in life and in the you're after become right. So yeah, Allah, you are the one that helps us in our darkest times. You're the one that will help us in this life, enemy era. And May it never be that I should incur your Allah, that my failure not be a means by which you become angry with me, Allah so long, I will continue to fail and to struggle and to be stoned, so long as you're pleased, I will continue on this or that you should never be displeased with me. And he says I will appeal to you till you are pleased with me. I will continue until I receive your pleasure. Yeah, Allah, these La hawla wala quwata illa Billah

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there is no power, and there is no change and no exception, except with you. These are the words of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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first 14 years and he's basically the most successful man in the world. A few years later, he Sahaba would be the most

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minion civilization on the planet in less than 30 years, look at how Allah has changed the scenario, the situation, even as I said, the prophets of Allah himself would go through the bottom, you will feel himself a failure. But as as to our shows, depend on Allah and continue to persist, don't give up. And if you're on the path, if you're on the right path, even if that path looks like you've gone in the ditch, you're in the well, it will be useful Subhan Allah began in a well and look at where he ended up. So you might be in the well right now, you might be broken in between not knowing wait to go, what is my next move, make this to Allah, so long as you are pleased with me, and so long as

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I do what I believe is the best thing, continue, continue, continue.

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We do not do things for us, we should try to achieve success, you open a business to make a profit, you get married, so it can succeed, you study so you can pass and pass very well. But still don't look at numbers as the ultimate success, the prophecies and says, nations were shown before me, and they will come on kiama and be prophets without a single follower, that nobody is not a failure. None of these people believed in him some ambia the people killed them, Subhan Allah, you just do the work. And you work as hard as you can. The results is with Allah subhana wa Tada, that was never asked to determine who's going to win, who's going to get the billions in the millions who is going

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to cure the disease, Allah will decide who that is, you just contribute. And your contribution might not you might not see the fruits, your job might have been to plant the seed. And you never saw that seed grow. But some other person maybe 100 years later, will reap the benefit of your effort. But your effort was important, the first step in getting there. So don't give up wherever you are, whatever failure you're experiencing in your life, personal, private, your career, your dean, whatever it might be, to not give up. It is better to try something and fail than to live in the regret, of not having to try and never tried it Oh, look at the end of the life of people that will

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always they will not, they will not lament about the failures.

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They will admit about the opportunities they enable, they were too scared to take. The psychologists say that there are two types of people in this world, one who takes failure very personally. And they define that they let that failure define them. And they take it as a permanent situation for them. And so they give up. And there are others who take that as a learning lesson. So that part didn't work. This is not the only way. This was a dead end. But there might be another path. And they use it as a temporary setback to move forward. It only becomes a failure. When you give up when you stop trying, then you have really really failed the Prophet peace be upon him. salatu salam,

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it's a Muslim. He says to us, with strong belief with a successful believer, the believer and strength here is in many things, physical strength is better than being weak. being wealthy is basically being poor, being powerful is better than being weak. So the problem is when I'm saying that strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, it is better to be stronger in a position of, of strength, although both are good. But if you didn't achieve it, well, hamdulillah you're a believer, nonetheless. There's goodness in all. So then he says, also strive to do that, which will benefit you, and then seek the help of Allah and to not feel helpless. You work

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hard and make your da. And if the result has not come what you thought it would be, if the result was a bit disappointing. You continue and don't feel helpless. And if anything befalls you, you didn't pass the exam. You didn't the marriage didn't succeed. Don't say, if only Lola If only I did this, and I did that. And you think such and such a thought what would have happened, rather say that Allah that it is the decree of Allah, and whatever has before us is the decree of Allah. So remember this important, very important side note here.

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Do not depend, do not use other as an excuse, as we said last week, not to try. I'm not going to the doctor. Allah will kill my cancer if it's meant to be that is you being scared.

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Mom, Dad, I'm not gonna study my yaqeen Allah is full. But if I meant to pass the exam, then out then I mean to pass so I'm not going to study that's laziness. Allah provide so I don't go out that's laziness. You only you put the effort in, you go to the doctor, you look for the kill. You work hard in the exam. And after you've done everything that you could you made you do. The result is not as you would have wanted, the cure has not taken you didn't pass the exam. Now you say caught that Allah now it's not it wasn't in my hands. I did my part to Allah that it was up to you. So this is the decision of Allah. Now we give cover after the fact and then we continue to try harder, but

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do not become helpless. Do not become hopeless in your face. And as Allah says to all of us, anyone going through difficulty some of us vanilla might be going through very difficult times in your life but let make it easy. Allah promises us this of

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The of the surahs

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as we said he was in a low point in his life after life, two suitors that Allah revealed to bring you out of that sort of,

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well let's his mouth darker of Buddha, Allah, Allah to say, you're gonna be so solemn. He felt so bad that Allah says, Europe has not left you, I haven't gone any way My Word doc, I haven't left you, we're not gonna and I don't hate you, you're in a bad situation, it doesn't mean that I'm away from you. This is part of life. And then I'll also said in Surah Surah inshallah, and I'm not sure for in the manual, sir, you saw in a magazine you saw for every hardship, well, they will be ease and for every hardship, they will be ease, and if we make more tough setups, I it's interesting that Allah repeated it twice, meaning with certainty what he said, in that vainly, Verily, verily,

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surely, Allah promises you, you're going through hard times, Allah will bring the ease afterwards the ease will follow. And also Allah made the

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difference, this lamb and if any flam, the hardship is ease, meaning, the limited difficulty, the small, the defined difficulty is followed by open is, there is no limit to it, meaning there are only a few days in the year that you are sick. But there are countless days where you are healthy. There are only a few failures. But there are countless days where you are successful. Our saying the failure is limited. The sadness is limited quantifiable, but the good is without limit. So don't become hopeless. This sit back Subhan Allah Yeah, one that my brothers and sisters, the setback in your life may be the DA that you've been asking Allah grant me success, godly success. Allah gives

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you success through the failure. And some of the greatest achievers In fact, and success. Usually in our in our terms. When we look at success, we look at money, the person that's wealthy, the wealthiest people in the world, just read up on the wealthiest people in the world. Just read up on them. And the most famous people and the most successful people in our eyes, all of them went through success. University dropouts, companies that didn't succeed. orphans, being rejected, rejected the richest man in China read up on his jack ma read up on his biography, how many times he was rejected, if any of those opportunities he was accepted, you would not have been way used today.

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But leave them we talk about our own tradition of the great people of the past. That success came through a failure. One example the grades or hobbies ad many fabrics. We knows at many fabric.

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When the people in the Sahaba when he was a young he was a young of the youngsters of Medina. And so when the youngsters wanted to sign up, let's say neuromedicine, Abdullah and Ahmed they, they wanted to sign up for the Jihad that inspected them like physically Are you strong enough to fight and Zayn says I was with my friends and all the boys were accepted in the army, but not me. Meaning I was he was small, he was scrawny. He was weak, he didn't have the muscles. And so he felt like a failure. I'm not good enough to fight in jihad, and the prophets of Salaam saw that there was something more beneficial in him than fighting with the sword. But everyone was meant to be a hardened worried. And

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so the promises are limited to this young boy Zane, you become my executive assistant, you become my secretary. When I give a message, you said that you write it down. Because you have a brain that's power. You don't have the muscles here, but you've got a muscle. Yep. And so he became the assistant of the Navy. So he would learn languages to translate for the Navy system, he would write the letters, and he would be the scribe the primary scribe, when Allah received when the prophets of Salaam received what a revelation from Allah, you would say we said, let's either write it down. After the death of the Promised Land, fast forward a little bit, the person passes away. xav is only

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1819 years old. Many of the hoefer die fighting will say lemma the liar false prophets, many of the who first die, and so a bucket on your lawn and say no mud, they sit and they realize the Sahaba the Quran might get forgotten. We need a manuscript we need a moose huff who's going to put the Quran in a book form. And they looked at all the files in Medina. So it nearly said North man Satan that beat out all the great scholars and they realize the Z 18 year old 19 year old z, he is the most accomplished hafeez in Medina, let him be the one that compiles the Quran, head of the committee. And Subhan Allah he did the job. He did it again in the time said northman. Till today we know that

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the Quran has not been changed for 1450 years basically span Allah. This was his legacy. Now if he defined himself as the failure we couldn't even get into the Battle of or hurt, you would not have been the man that he grew up to be. Allah made him not to be the majority on the battlefield, but he will have something much greater Subhana Allah and all of us this failure this was not meant for you. But perhaps something way better was meant for you another example of of the great scholar even Haytham as in as they call him, if you google him he is regarded as the father of modern science, the scientific method. Every scientist off the him followed his way of thinking

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Thinking his way of coming to a solution. What's his story? He was an engineer. He was appointed by the the Sorbonne, the ruler of Egypt, to build some built the dam to help with the Nile. The Nile used to flood so he had to build a dam. But he failed. years of trying he failed, failed miserably. 1000s of millions of money spent on this a complete catastrophe. It was so bad that the Sultan was going to execute him. I mean, how much you know you in the past, you didn't tell the king that I made a mistake. He says no problem. You know, no, you must pay with your life. And so this man he was arrested, he was got on trial, there is going to be executed. The only way to save himself. What

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did he do? He acted like he was a mental case. He acted crazy, insane. He pleaded insanity. He said, you know, how could you believe me that I could control the now surely I'm a mad person, you know. And so the court he said, we cannot take you can't execute a mad person put him in an asylum. And he was in a mental asylum for 10 years in a dark room alone, no one to see. And he saw light coming through the window. And he saw the images of the outside on the air it made him think how does light work? How does the AI work? And was from the that he wrote a book called The Book of optics to explain the workings of light, how the eye works from that the produce the first camera, when he was

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finally released from the asylum. He wrote so many books and he the way in which he explained he came up with an idea because it's all trial and error, every theory you have you prove it wrong. And till today, as we said, He is the father of optics, and more important the methodology that he followed, but he had to fail. He had to be in the darkroom for 10 years to achieve the success. Even if he built the dam would not have been a great success, but he actually lived through something much better. Failure will force you to look for something better. And so Allah subhana wa tada might put you on a path that will lead to failure, but it's actually better for you so long as you

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continue look at this Hadith, the Prophet Solomon says the one who is skilled in reciting the Quran is Masha Allah, beautiful, he learns that you know many of our many of our young kids, they get in the surah quickly and Allah bless them, and some struggle, some take much longer. And they struggle with the dissertation. So the prophet who says the one who recites the Quran fluently will be with the noble obedient scribes of the angels, they own a special diraja with the angels. And as for the one we have takakkaw, he struggles, he struggles with the Quran, and it becomes difficult for him, he will get a double reward from Allah, he's on a higher daraja the guy who struggles in his exams,

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you may be work one hour, two hours, and you can pass the ACE the exam and other persons have still three days and just barely passes in the sight of Allah surely the one put the effort in is much better, as well, unless you really remind me last week beautifully, that it is shows you the just justice of Allah and the kindness of Allah, that on kiama you will not judge us by our success or failure in the dunya He will judge us on our efforts. Allah knows how much you put in. And sometimes you put in a lot you don't get much in return and others don't put in much just by luck. They did big you know by luck, but we think Masha Allah, this is the this is the genius. Allah knows the

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effort. Allah knows the stack sacrifice. Allah knows that this there are kids that must walk one hour to school, and sit there and they don't have food and they don't have electricity at home. Surely you can't judge that child like the other child who has everything laid out for him. Subhan Allah, so it is an Allah is it isn't Allah's mercy to us, that He will judge you according to Nia, and He will judge you based on the efforts that you have done. This is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So failure is part of the sooner of life. In fact, as the psychologist says, if you have lived life and you haven't failed, then either two things. Number one, you're too scared to try. And so you live in a comfort zone, you won't take a risk you won't try you won't try to do a course that is difficult. You won't sign up for new some people's wonder you they will always want to study, I'm going to learn Arabic, I'm gonna learn the deen. But I might fail. So I don't sign up. You never try to panela if you fail, no problem, you continue to love us. But to not try at all is the great set. That's the great failure. So without failure, you will not you'll be complacent and you will always

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be made mediocre. You've never tried to do something special. And so you all of us vanilla, we should work hard and take, you know take on opportunity take on chances even if we feel we're overwhelmed, we do our best and we are sincere to Allah and then leave the rest to Allah and also take it as a part of life. If you have been successful, we might be failure in the future. And some people they after going through life easily. The minute Allah throws them something difficult. They completely fall apart. Now they completely break down. There you find many, many of the kids that are going to pass

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Especially the ones that performed well in school, get to varsity. It's a different ballgame. Now, it was easy coming third or whatever in school. But now when you invite city, it's a different league. And you realize you can't go through too easily. And the first exam, you fail, and many people drop out like that. So the promises, alum says, prepare for those days, prepare for the hard days that are coming, because they're guarantee. And so he says, How do you prepare for that? remember Allah when things are good, and it will make it easier when things are bad. Be thankful, be aware of Allah when things are good, give charity when you're wealthy, that Allah will help you when

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you're poor, give sugar when we're when we are strong and healthy, that I and then Allah subhanaw taala will assist us in our in our illness, so prepare for it, because failure is part of what it means to go in life.

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So as for and this is our practical example, most of you are not in mitrik. I don't think any of you here are in mitrik. But you might know someone that is in mitrik, you might have a nephew or niece, a friend. And they might be parents now that they are coming down hard on the kids because they didn't do too well in the exams. Maybe your own children didn't do so well. In one exam, they didn't get to where they wanted to be. The most important thing for us as parents and teachers and educators is to make them continue to try and not give up. If they were lazy. This if they made mistakes, we have to reprimand we have to say don't follow the same mistake you'll do so the

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outcome, but don't get them to quit. There are many, many kids right now that either dropped out of school or didn't do mythic, or they didn't pass the metric. And they believe the only thing for me now used to sit on the corner and that's my life. But this is a death sentence for me. Now I will lie. There are so many opportunities out there if you didn't make it. If you an exam the matriculants I speak specifically if we didn't make it, get a remark you have up until the second of January to have your exam remark. 27 ran to maybe every remark Go for it. Even if you remarket then you get the same results you lost nothing if you have failed or you didn't get two exams, two out of

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your subjects were not that good. Right supplement. Right again, try again Subhanallah try again. Don't stop try again. You might take a program that helps second time is specific programs designed for those who want the second chance you try again. Three Do you Yeah, I'm so surprised that people they say I failed my mistake. I didn't get into the university I wanted and that's it My dream is over Halas make take the year again and redo that year. Do that material over. There is no shame in going back to school. It is shameful to say now I'm not going to do anything.

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You know what? This one person we know in the Quran that signed up for a program and he was expelled from a program who Nabi Musa alayhis salam. He goes to the chef, Chef

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like Fidel it's a Salaam I want to study with you since you can't be in my class. Please, please, please please. Come with me. Only a few days he could last me Sophie that is it. That is it for me and you go you are not fit for this class. This is how we move Salli salatu salam it is no he was expelled the CJ expelled him. There is no shame Subhana Allah in losing out. You know it didn't make the you didn't make it the first time. So try again, try again. And even nicer in that story is who was with him USIA who came with Nabi Musa, he didn't even get admitted to the class. Because he said only Moosa can come with me. Usually, you're not fit for this class. So you apply the names get into

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behind Allah, but what would you share become, you'd be the man that brings bunny soil into into Palestine. Now the moose, I didn't get them in Palestine, it was through the grace of Allah that nobody usually got to do that. So don't look at this failure. It's a setback. But try again. So encourage your kids, your kids, the friends, or the kids of your friends, to do your exam, do your metric over, go to another high school, try whatever it might be, you might not get into the course that you wanted. And there are many Subhanallah friends that when applied, maybe for medicine, couldn't get into medicine, but they could maybe get into some science field, but spend two three

00:28:59--> 00:29:44

years studying BSc science, and then they got into into medicine. So take an opportunity, a second path, your second choice, do that. And you know, Subhanallah we have geared our learning to one size fits all. You need to pass matriculate certain level to get in university. And we said last week, maybe only 5% of everyone that works that route words that the route will work. What about the 95%? Now University might not be for everyone, even amongst the Sahaba not all of them, what booksmart some poets, some are good in the battlefield. Some are good at Quran, some were good at money, some of the business people Allah did not make one size fits all for all of us. You can be a hero in

00:29:44--> 00:30:00

many, many different ways and you can change the world in many, many different ways. Point is don't stop, don't stop learning. And so there are other career opportunities. There are more colleges and universities where you can learn and get accredited. The most of the big companies allow you to

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

do an internship. Some people are not good at learning from a book. They learn on the job. So sign up even if it means you start at the bottom there are people in I mean, personally we know people in companies high up in the company, where do they start? Becker's in the shop, there are now senior managers, directors, it happens. So don't give up artisans, you might be good with your hands. SubhanAllah. You look at what plumbers and mechanics and roof people make, they make more than sometimes these qualified high qualifications, you can do it. I remember when I was at UCT, the dean spoke to us and he said, Why are you people? Yeah, you want money, leave and skip the trade and

00:30:40--> 00:31:14

start the business become an entrepreneur, you'll earn way more than becoming an engineer, or doctor or lawyer. Right? Everyone needs a roof. Everyone needs electricity, right? You only go to the doctor often. So Subhanallah don't give up on your potential. And Subhanallah maybe you the business guy, entrepreneur, the guys who made the biggest the most wealthiest people in the world, look at them, it was because they got kicked out of university. It's because they couldn't make it academically that they were forced to start the business of their own. And now Subhanallah they are the wealthiest people in the world. So our concept of success and failure sometimes is very narrow.

00:31:15--> 00:31:53

People tell you you follow a path you must do well in school, getting University get a high paying job, buy a house in a leafy suburb, and that is success. lauhala there's other ways of being successful. And there's a lot more to life than that beautiful example the promise and tells us the story of a baby who spoke in the cradle. The mother is suckling the baby and what a man on a horse right by the night he looks Mashallah his horses Mashallah he's got the armor. And she says, Yeah, Allah, my child grow up to be like this man. And the baby stops drinking and Allah will not be like this man. And not long after a slave is being dragged and being worked. And the mother says yeah,

00:31:53--> 00:32:32

Allah please it my child never be like the slave and the child subsidy kisses Yeah, Allah let me be like the slave. Who is this, the prophet explains that person who is on top, who has all the sooner was arriving, whereas all the money, this is a tyrant. All that money they have is from stealing the hands of other people and harming other people and hurting other people. This is not success. As for that slave, that is a pious person that is being falsely accused, and it's beloved to Allah. So let us rather be like that. Our eyes, we don't know what the people whether the ones Allah loves the only of Allah, we don't know who they are. We measure success in terms of grades on a report, or the

00:32:32--> 00:33:10

car you drive or the address of your house or the square meters of your house. That is not the only that is one form of success, but there's much greater success, what is the ultimate success, and this is the conversation you and I must have with ourselves without kids when Allah says four months or four months. And now we're older theologian for quite affairs, that whoever is removed from the fire, wave on the day of karma will not go to jahannam and intergender. This is success. This is what success is. And Allah says to us, and this is the ingredient of living a successful life. This is a promise again, not my words, a guarantee from the Lord of the universe where he says Manami

00:33:10--> 00:33:51

nasai mean decade in a movement that will ever have you does good deeds. You are a good person in life, a good neighbor, a good friend, a good son, a good daughter, a good husband, a good one, you're a good person, and you were a believer, for enough money for no fee and no Hayato Allah says, I will give you a good successful life you will have a good life, you will be I have a happy life. Your Your life will be good. And we will reward you according to the best what you would need meaning in the after annual agenda as well. All you need to do be a good person, be a good person, a kind person and have a man Allah says Your life will be good successful and you will get gentlemen

00:33:51--> 00:34:27

the era. Allah bless us with success. May Allah grant those of us who are going through difficulties May Allah grant us to fulfill our potential. May Allah grant us to be a generation that Allah is proud of a oma that truly are the hula, the ambassadors of Allah and this Deen mean, for those of you as I said, if you're interested in learning, especially Islamic knowledge, you can join us on Tuesday evenings we're doing the caliphate of Satan alley. This is where all the fitna occurred the civil war between the Muslims the emergence of sixes with the beginning of the of the fitna, so we starting the class started so from six to seven free of charge, and afterwards we do back to basics

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we what Islam is all about we starting from scratch or from the beginning, does Allah exist? Why should I believe in Islam? What is how do I know it's a miracle? All those will be discussed inshallah, from seven to see with you also on a Tuesday evening. Any questions, concerns, comments, which [email protected] also lost a number of savvy ceramill mousseline hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh