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Mallanna mother evil hamdulillah have a bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala schizophyllum Ba mousseline or her mother also nice Allah Allah Allah, you only will say we'll send them to Sleeman cathedral.

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When the sister you are talking about the effect of the Quran,

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what we must do, how we must do it

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how we can relate to the Quran

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and I remember

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the true story very

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beautiful story,

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which was told to me

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in a different context,

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the beauty of

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a have the human condition

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is the ability to conceptualize the learnings from unrelated situations.

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To learn something that is useful in one situation, you don't have to necessarily learn it from people who are experts in that area alone or in circumstances or situations that are

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connected with that area alone. Learning from one place can be applied very effectively in some other place with visitors not related.

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That is why for example, on a side note, we have so many Hoteliers and hotel managers,

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running ideas companies, and it is teams

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because the learnings in managing people that the hotel

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transferable to a non hotel situation, where people and teams are also there, and they're important.

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The story I moderate to you was told to me by a good friend of ours,

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and she was in her 70s At that time, and she was a classical Hindustani singer

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LaGuardia Karana

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now, she said that when she was about maybe eight or nine years old,

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she used to sing the songs of bigger master

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as you know, big or 31 hour.

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Well the most was she passed away. Allah forgive her and

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she was one of the greatest of our classical singers in India.

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So the authors, this little girl she went she was worried seven, eight or nine years old. She used to sing the songs of being a master.

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So she said her dad, who's also Muslim man

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one day said to her,

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Do you have AMCO Begum after you pass Liang or are Begum of Turco they got off target

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so she said that Rosa said to her, I will take you to bigger after and you can sing one of her songs before her

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this lady said to us to my wife and me

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she says Gampo body Polish ANOVA

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so as to return your way

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to back a big circle gonna become after husana

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You can show some bigger moto turbo Vana, they have turbo zona,

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you can see

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over him, so, we will do Vito

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so, she said that one mouse that said this to me, she said I was I became very frightened. And I became very

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So I said to her, why were you worried and frightened? I mean, this is something that you should be you probably should have been very happy about that. You know, there is this

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great singer who songs used to sing so well and now you have the opportunity of going and singing in front of her.

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He said no.

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He said I am going to sing Begum after song before.

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If I make a mistake,

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see the

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see what he's saying? She says I am I was supposed to sing one of bigger martyrs songs.

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what if I make a mistake?

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As one Allah

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every time I recite Quran

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I think of the story.

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And I think to myself good luck Calama Lousiana

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ALARA Kalama tacos

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of zero let's do it Do

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you want me to recite the kalam Allah to Allah?

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You want me to recite the kalam of Allah before Allah

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and if I make a mistake

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they found the fundamental foundational

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principle, foundational fundamental need

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is to have a sense

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of the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives.

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The Quran, Allah Kareem is the closest that we will come to Allah, in this life.

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In the hereafter, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us his or his do that.

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Notice the

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beauty of seeing him

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to believe in something

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without seeing

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the reward of believing

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in Allah without seeing him

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is to be able to see him on the development

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the Astra salary also Allah How will we see Allah subhanaw taala? Because he said to Allah subhanaw taala will show Himself to you in general for those the agenda

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the city also Allah How do you see him? Because there will be 1000s Millions Allah knows how many people in that place that we shall serve said Don't you see the sun and you see the hole doesn't matter how many people are looking at it.

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So also you will see or you ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to make this true for us, we know it is true because Salah Rasulullah sort of have a sense for the truth. You want not make it true for us that we are among those people who will see him inshallah

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on the Day of Judgment in Jannah insha Allah

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so the point I'm making here is that this sense of the Presence of Allah

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so when we recite the Quran, Allah Kareem was to God doesn't say I am reciting Quran to the one who's calamities

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because who spoke this first?

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This Allah Allah rather Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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Ohana Rahim who's at this first? Aha the ribs are disbursed hola Serrano della della della lo manawan Who said this first.

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So when I was reciting this, in salah or otherwise.

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The first and foremost thing is to bring this sense of Eva is friends, the sense of awe and majesty, the sense of magnificence of Allah subhanho data, which produces as a level of fear is not fear, as in fear, which leads to hatred is not fear as a fear that wants to make you run away. This is fear as in the fear that comes of the importance of doing it right.

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And ask yourself and see it as myself and say, Yara is forgive me?

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These are your words.

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These are my words. I am not the person to recite these words.

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I have nobody to say these words.

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I'm not fit to recite these words.

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So your words?

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How can I possibly do justice to your words?

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It is not a question of the jury. It is not a question of you is not a question or you are at the heart of that. It's not a question of courage. It's not a question of the month it's not a question of the owner.

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It is a question of the grace and majesty of the law

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of residing these words. We do justice to his grace and majesty.

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How can I do that?

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Yet? Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to do that. Oh to do my oh yeah, like a lesson recite what has been

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recite what has been said to you

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so we start there and before we begin recitation, we make the file

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that makes the file

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we ask a lot of forgiveness.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us

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to recite his Kalaam in a way that pleases Him.

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And maybe

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like we're a little child starts to speak.

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The verbs are so happy just to hear him speak even though he's speaking

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in some lingo, some jargon which is gibberish, which nobody can understand is how Odom was the total bottom article.

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Is is really talking some you know, like, little children will start speaking, but it sounds so nice. It sounds so beautiful. So look at this word, Masha. Allah is talking, he's talking.

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Very excited. There are say, look at the eloquence, what elegance is this? Add add prompts that word correctly, they don't. If somebody says that about a little child, you will say to that person, what kind of talk is this? I mean, do you expect this little guide little kid to pronounce this properly? He just started talking, he just opened his mouth.

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He asked us to look at us like that.

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And say,

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I'm doing what I can do.

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I'm doing what I can do, knowing that

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this can never ever

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reach even

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the I can't I don't even know how to. Not only can it not reach the perfection that your collabed deserves it guide cannot even get close to it, not even in the ballpark.

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But I'm making the effort.

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Because you told me to make the effort and making the effort because I know what a tremendous honor it is to be able to say to color

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what a tremendous honor it is to stand before you

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and say to you What do you say to us?

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And we'd be glad we CRO

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enable us to do this in a way that pleases you.

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enable us then to understand it.

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And for it to fill our hearts with his role and his glory and

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and for us to mold our lives on it.

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And to practice it in our lives and to live by age

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and to die upon it.

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We ask a lot of alternatives. Hello, can you please with us and Roxette arriba that dries in these last days of our lives.

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And to give us what we asked with our interview

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and then to add to that, from his generosity and majesty this

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was a lot of very while he was doing that up to go