Islam is Promised by Allah to Prevail over all Other Religions

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telling you what Allah has given us a promise. Allah has given us a promise in no less than three places in the Glorious Quran

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in surah Tauba chapter number nine was to methodically instead of Fatah chapter 14, verse number 28 and Surah softap. Number 61 was number nine, Allah says, who will have the added Salah Rasulo below? What do you know? Li will Hina Valentina fillet, that Allah and His Messenger with guidance and the living of truth, so that it will prevail over all the other religions, all the other isms, whether it be communism, atheism, socialism, Kachina them, but Hinduism, Judaism, Islam is this time to supersede all overcome them all. Allah is giving a promise.

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Who are Lavie rasool

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Allah sent a Messenger with guidance and the truth so that it will prevail over all the religion

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and Allah in two verses, and for the Toba chapter nine verse 33 and Surah softap. Number 16 was summer nine. Allah says what year was Shikun? Haram? I don't like it. And so the photo chapter 14, it was 20 it says what a fabulous shader. An NF is Allah. Allah does not require you and me the rubbish that we are.

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Allah does not require us to make it improving. If Allah wants, He can make everyone Muslims can fire con men easily. Allah is giving us an opportunity to do a profit job and to earn a profit reward.

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Allah does not require you and miserable. If I start thinking, if I don't do that, Islam will not spread and the biggest fool in the world.

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Allah does not remind me to do.

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Allah has given me an opportunity.

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I'm a humble servant of Allah. I will this time around I could not speak in front of 25 people know Allah has made me speak in front of 1000 100,000 1 million people live

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unless giving us an opportunity gap it Allah does not require you and me the rubbish that

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Allah is giving you an opportunity may cave as the sun is shining. Dawa is first on every Muslim and now either told you unless checking everyone in Palestine for Allah

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to make the Palestinian VINs couldn't find a gun.

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He can do it in a second do it in a day. But Allah is checking us testing us. Do you think for law to defeat the Israelis?

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In the refigured? No.

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Alleged testing us and what is happening the Palestinians are passing with flying colors. We get social media message they are proud Oh Mashallah. I will need to have died. If I then found all would have gone to say Medina sir, the Palestinians are doing for the fire.

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They are protecting the third holy site any flat multi DEXA if they would not have done that, it would be what

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they are doing for the fire. What are we doing sitting back there doing nothing? They are flying. They are passing with flying colors. What are we doing? Alleged testing all the Muslims, not only the Muslims of Palestine are we gathering together?

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If they're united, no one will touch us because they're divided.

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They are taking advantage of if the full Muslim Ummah unites

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and again,

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the Khalifa is reinstated the caliphate I was happy to be at Sokoto. They call it the caliphate and that gives me some caliphate.

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If we revive the caliphate, at the time, of the whole philosophy, then

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inshallah no one will be able to touch the Muslims or play around with the Muslims. The condition of the Glorious Quran from Surah four Silla, chapter 41 Verse number 33, which gives you the best profession according to the Quran. Allah says the best profession for a Muslim according to the Quran in surah chapter 41 Mustard is woman asked to call a man Boyle Allah he

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will call her in many million Muslim men who is better in speech than wandering watch to the view of the Lord works righteousness and say that I'm a Muslim. Watch her Donna, I'm gonna let her believe me