When Will Islam Secularize

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People ask, When will Islam secularize? When will Islam have their reformation? Right? And Christians need to get it into their heads that there is more to religion and Christianity. And there is more to history than European history because literally every single thing that Europeans have gone through, and Christians have gone through a assume that everyone else has to go through the same thing. Actually, this doctrine of theirs or this assumption of theirs is essential to their sense of progress and their sense of superiority, because they're placing themselves on a timeline way ahead. And they're looking backwards and saying, Oh, look, the Muslims here, they come chugging

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along, and they're behind us, they'll catch up to us one day, but they have to go through the same thing that we went through, they're assuming that they themselves are the paradigm of everything that's good and enlightened and civilized, and all this sort of thing. It doesn't work like that. Okay, we don't need to go through the same things you went through because we don't have the same problems that you have. Okay. When it comes to the relationship between religion and power or political power, that's something that is a Christian problem. Okay. The Christian Church had a problem with ecclesiastical authority coming together deciding in a very centralized top down way.

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What was orthodoxy holding inquisitions, burning people at the stake for not believing in the right thing, forcing people within their own territories to believe homogenously the same thing that the leader believes in? We don't know this, in a snap is literally didn't exist for Muslims. This sort of excess on the side of religion. This assassinated the secularism necessitated the separation of church and state necessitated the Reformation because it was craziness for so long. The only way to stop Christians from killing each other over these sorts of inter Nicene differences and schisms was to come up with secularism to separate that's not our history. That's not our problem, okay. You

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assume that your solutions are for everybody. Your solutions are for your problems. We don't have the same problems. So we don't need the same solutions.