Nouman Ali Khan – Understanding Allah’s Enemies – Surah Al-Mumtahanah

Nouman Ali Khan
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So you can imagine what kind of test it was that they had to see their fathers, their brothers, their uncles, in some cases, their spouses, in some cases, their children as an enemy. They had to see them like that.

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They are enemies of Allah, because they hate this religion, and they hate its message, but they also hate you. And the to them, those are two separate things. They don't have to have them together. In fact, this is important, because what if you, for example, one day, don't practice your religion? You know, there are some people, Muslims, who think that if they move, they come from some country where, you know, the economy is not so good. The government was very corrupt, not easy to get a job, not easy to get a good education. And they come to a more developed country, when they come to the more developed countries, many times it's not a Muslim country, right. And these people that are,

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you know, they look down on your religion, or they look down on you. So you're like, maybe if I act more like them that they will like me more. If I change my name a little bit, if I dress a little differently, if I talk a little differently, if I go attend some of their parties, or whatever, then they'll like me, and guess what happens? You could dress like them all you want.

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They still don't like you. So they don't like your religion. And separately, they also don't like you. So if you're Brown, it doesn't matter how much you paint yourself.

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This is a really interesting phenomenon. Now they by saying I do we will do work on Allah did not say I am their enemy. It says if Allah is saying they are my enemy. This is very important. Because it's not like you know when you guys watch like a fight or a match or something, this side is an enemy to this side is enemy of BBs enemy of A, that's not how it's being phrased. It's being phrased as they are enemy to Allah, they are enemy to you. So who's initiating the the animosity, they are? In this phrasing, Allah has made them the initiator of the animosity, then Allah is enemy this is this is really the last one is really important. Allah is enemy is always our enemy.

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But our enemy is not always Allah's enemy. This is why Allah mentioned that they're Allah's enemy first. Then he mentioned us so there's a logical connection between being Allah's enemy and being my enemy too. But if I if I have a problem with someone,

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that doesn't mean Allah has a problem with them.

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That just means I have a problem with them. They're my enemy, but they're not Allah's enemy. Why am I emphasizing this point? Because some people, not you, none of you, some people probably in Melbourne.

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When they have a problem with someone, they use the religion to make it sound like No, no, it's not me who has a problem. They're not my enemy, disguise an enemy of Allah. But the truth is, they're just you don't like them. And now you're trying to make it sound like Allah doesn't like them either.

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At a much lesser level.

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Some parents do this in Melbourne.

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If you don't listen to me, Allah will not be happy with you.

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You make me unhappy, that means who? Allah will be unhappy bois

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as does does a good one. Thus, some desam juicy jump right there, as if Allah checks for your pleasure, before he decides who he's going to be pleased with. The arrogance of that phrasing baffles me. It baffles me. But yes, just because we don't like someone, we cannot use the religion to say now I'm going to prove how Allah doesn't like them. Right? But the other way the other way around is true. Because in this way, I just It's my ego and I'm using my ego and, and weaponizing it and using the religion to serve my own ego. Not allowed to do that. That's why it's I do we do work on out here. Okay, then just a quick recap of ollie up from yesterday. Just some things I want you

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to keep in your mind. When he says

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Malia the most obvious thing is first, first they were enemies of Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu wasallam. They, they humiliated the messenger. They called him all kinds of names. They even tried to kill him. But then on top of that, they also tortured you. They killed kicked you out of your homes. They did wrong to you. Those are two separate sets of crimes. Right. So how do we overcome, but not taking them as Olia means what now don't give them a chance to ever be close to you remember what that means closeness? I don't know. Welco

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So don't give them a chance to be close to you. And what does closeness mean? I've put the word vulnerable here. Vulnerable means you're close enough to someone that you can them. You know, I'll talk to the men here because I can't see the ladies anyway. So the men just listen, we, a lot of times, we have friends, right? You have friends that you can hang out with, you can go to a restaurant together and eat, you know, fried food together. And you can go play some sports together, go fishing together, right? You can

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socialize with each other, you can discuss Islam with each other, you can discuss sports with each other. But you have to have some very special level of closeness that you can discuss the problem you're having with your mom with your mom and your dad, or a problem you're having in your family. You can't just discuss that with the brothers.

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You can discuss Islam, you can discuss philosophy, and you can discuss politics, you can discuss that stuff, but stuff that's really destroying you on the inside. You can't just open to anybody. You can't do it. In fact, you don't even do that with your family members.

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Even though they're not that close. Vulnerability means there's something that's a weakness inside you or something that's deeply hurting you and you ended up sharing it with somebody, right? So the the Olia are in that level of vulnerability and closest they're in your inner circle. Don't let them ever come into your inner circle. Because the wrong people, the enemy, enemy means he wants to harm you any way he can. And an enemy, the lesser you tell him the better

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the lead the farther they are from you, the closer they are from me to you, the more they're learning about you. And remember what I said in the hotbar to the enemy wants to study the opponent. So the closer you get to them, the more they're observing you and studying you and finding your weak points. Don't give them that opportunity, then don't take them as allies or saviors. Remember one of the meanings of Walia Allah being our Well He is Allah is our Savior. So don't take them as allies and saviors means, don't assume that just because you are on good terms with them at some level, that one day when your life is in danger, or when you're really falling apart, that they're gonna

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come and save you. Don't assume that about that. Be you have it that that cordial relationship has not been tested. If it was put to the test shoots, you'll see a different reality come out. So don't assume that somehow they're going to come to your rescue or your aid. These are my enemy and yours. Why was the prophet being told them? Why were the Muslims being told this? Remember, the original audience of this idea is the muhajir rune, not even the unsought it's the MaHA Jinhwan. First and foremost, why is that important? Because the MaHA Jinhwan are about to go back into Makkah. And in Makkah, they have family that they were they grew up with with them. They have elders that they

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they, they sat with them and ate with them and lived life with them. They have brothers, they have loved ones, you know, that have lived in McCall this time. And so they don't see it's really hard to see your family as an enemy. Some of you have the juiciest fights with your parents, and your uncle and your brother and your wife and your husband. But you still don't see them as what an enemy. I mean, some of you do. Don't raise your hand. But

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but because their family families fight, okay, we fight, things get ugly, but at the end of the day, man I hate you'll say I hate it when my dad does that. But you're just not westernized enough to say I hate my dad. He won't say it. You'll say I hate it when he does that. I hate it when he says that. I hate it when he gets like that. But you won't say I hate him because you can't see him as an enemy.

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So you can imagine what kind of tested was that they had to see their fathers, their brothers, their uncles, in some cases, their spouses, in some cases, their children as an enemy. They had to see them like that. And of course, the first people you bring close to you or your own family no matter what the problems have been. Right. And so this was a real test for them. Don't be shocked when they show their true colors when it counts. Anyway, so now

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