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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of showing gratitude to Allah for his favor and helping others is discussed, emphasizing the need to fulfill obligations and show gratitude by abstaining from prohibitions. The main method of showing gratitude is to fulfill obligations by showing gratitude through fulfillment, being mindful of one's behavior to avoid unnecessary graduation from the world, and embracing the rule of Islam.
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smilla II will hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah He was heavy age mine. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala upon all conditions and we send blessings and salutations upon the messengers, and the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his household, his companions were May Allah subhanho wa Taala, bless them, and bless every one of us, my brothers, my sisters, when we have goodness, we all want that goodness to increase. Nobody wants it to diminish or deplete. So for example, if you have a job, you want to promotion, if you have a business, you'd like more business, you'd like a greater profit. If you have good health, you want even better

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health. If you have something you want something better you have a car, you're eyeing out the next model, you have, for example, a phone you looking at what has come out next, and everyone wants to see increase? Did you know that when it comes to your faith in Allah, you should have the same feeling.

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I am close to Allah today, I feel that I am fulfilling my five daily prayers. If we're not we're supposed to be on that by minimum. But if we are fulfilling the five Did you know that you're supposed to be looking in ways of improving that, just like how you would be looking at ways of improving other gifts of Allah upon you. In fact, more importantly, so you start taking your time when it comes to the prayers, you perhaps might want to engage in voluntary prayer that you may not have done in the past in a better way.

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Why is this necessary?

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It is needed and necessary because there is one equation that Allah has reiterated in the Quran that we cannot do without knowing. Listen to it.

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Chicago, Tom la z

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y la, CA calf on tongue in ob la Shadi. If you are going to be grateful and show gratitude, and give thanks, we will grant you increase. And if you are going to be ungrateful, our punishment is severe. That is an equation showing you

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how you can achieve increase in everything you have materially as well as that connected to this worldly life and that which is connected to the hereafter or the deen your religion, your faith.

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So if I want that increase, I need to show gratitude. Just picture for a while yourself in need of something. Say for example, 100 rands and there is a multimillionaire right next to you, for example, in the masjid, and you look at him and you say, you know what, I just need 100 and he takes out 1000 and gives it to you.

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What are you going to say? What are you going to say?

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We will say shukran Jazakallah? Fair Thank you very much. Allah bless you grant your goodness, may Allah elevate your status May Allah give you more in the but suddenly these do as that were never existing

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in our vocab have now come out for someone who just gave you 10 times more than what you asked for. And you know, for him, it was just a pinch, not even a pinch in his pocket. It was just loose change. SubhanAllah Do you realize that Allah owns everything, way beyond that man. And Allah owns everything that man owns. Allah actually owns it his the man's ownership is secondary, Allah is the primary. And did you realize that by you saying thank you, it will really help me it's going to go a very long way in assisting me. And really, you don't understand what you've done for me. You know what the man would probably take out another 10,000 say, just keep this as well, because he was so

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excited about the words you use to praise him to make dua for him, etc. Why don't we understand Allah says, Do you know that the same shouldn't be happening or more when it comes to the favors I've bestowed upon you and what you want from me and the increase of that, when you're searching for it, you've got to do the same thing, or even more.

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But Allah says also that man is weak. Even if he does a fraction of it will still give him sometimes Allah says we have given you even though you don't deserve it, in Surah Al Baqarah.

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And in other places of the Quran, Allah explains about the disbelievers. Allah says, we've given them as well. And we will continue giving them on earth just so that we know that coupons are spent and also that they realize later on that Allah had favored us. We were the ones who did not believe in the one

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Lord, the maker, the creator, the nourish at the cherisher, the Sustainer, the provider, the protector, the cure, we never gave him gratitude. Now the big question is, how do I show gratitude to Allah, I want to thank Allah, I want to thank him because I need good health, better health, I want to thank him because now that I have good health, I don't want to be affected by the negative health that is, for example, via the pandemic that we are going through right now or any other sickness and disease, may Allah protect us and grant us cure. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on those whom he's taken away. But I want to show gratitude to Allah so that I have increased

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because that equation, remember, you want to increase, show gratitude. So the question is, how do I show the gratitude?

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Very simple. Number one, understand that you must fulfill your obligations unto Allah. That is the primary method of showing gratitude to Allah before you say, oh, Allah, thanks to you, that lip service what is more important than it is to obey the instruction of Allah, if you did your five Salah a day, it is far more valuable than saying,

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I appreciate your favor upon me, Oh Allah, because you could say one thing and your actions are heading in another direction. But if your actions are part of the praise, and those actions happen to be the obligations that Allah has placed upon your shoulders, you are successful.

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Imagine someone the same man who gave you the 10 or 11,000. We made it now. Right?

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And suddenly he says, Sorry, man, can you just press this button here for my car to turn to open the doors? And you walk away? Would you walk away? That's the question. It was simple to say. No problem. I'll press it five times for you. Right? You agree because the man did a favor to you. He was kind to you kindness should breed kindness Hello Jessa Sani ill.

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We know that verse. It's in Surah Rahman is the recompense of favor or goodness, anything besides goodness? Obviously it is goodness, someone does good to you do good to them. So if that person told you can you just press this button you would immediately say no problem, bring it appreciate. When Allah who has given you your life, your food, your drink, your clothing, your sight, your smell, your health, your wealth, everything tells you just pray five times a day. How can we say You know what? It's a bit cold at the moment. It's difficult to make Voodoo for Salatu in February, so I think I'll give it to miss as I as it is. I heard the lies. gulfood Rahim and most merciful, it's

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okay. He'll understand that it's called La hawla. Wala quwata illa. Binda.

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Now we're using the mercy of Allah to disobey Allah. That's not on, not at all on. You cannot use the fact that Allah is merciful to say, therefore I'm going

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to sin or I'm not going to fulfill obligations because he will understand La hawla wala quwata illa Allah, may Allah strengthen us, you want to show gratitude, you want to give things, one llahi it starts off by fulfilling the command of Allah. Allah asked you to dress in a specific way you dress in a nice way, neat way. Allah subhanho wa Taala has asked you to fast for example, in Ramadan, he's asked you the five daily prayers he's asked you to abstain from haram food, etc. But more importantly, remember I'm talking about fulfilling the obligations. That's number one. Number two, is to stay away from the prohibitions. And whenever you have faulted because you're a human being,

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to seek the forgiveness of Allah is also showing gratitude to Allah.

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I show gratitude by fulfilling the command of Allah, I show gratitude by abstaining from the prohibitions that Allah has declared. And I show gratitude by

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seeking forgiveness wherever I have faltered because I'm a human being. Then I show gratitude by saying, Oh Allah, thanks is all to you like Al hamdu welaka schuco YAHWAH je de la jolla, to you belongs All Praise to you belongs all thanks. Oh, you who created from nothing, you are the greatest. That is gratitude. Then my God come into place. I need to engage in Vicar of Allah, the remembrance of Allah, the continuous remembrance of Allah. I need to make sure I read the Quran because that is part of the Quran. Remember that? You pick up the Quran and read it. recite it in a melodious tone, you smile, I'm giving gratitude to Allah. That's how you show gratitude to Allah.

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Then watch what Allah does to you. Number one, he tells you that I will give your heart It's contentment

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That goes to show that the biggest gift you can have as a movement as a believer is the contentment of the heart. And it is closely connected to your connection with Allah. When you're connected with Allah, He gives you contentment of the heart. Now let me explain. When you're a happy person, even if you have a meal that costs you, five rands, and another person has a meal that cost him 500 grands. Do you know what you will lead a much better life in terms of quality because you have gratitude in you?

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Allah Houma, ni b mirzakhani, O Allah, fulfill myself Give me the contentment with what you have bestowed upon me, not necessarily increase in figures. Sometimes Allah increases people in figures, they go out sinning, they finally made the money in order to be able to do the thing. They always wanted to do a strong federal law but it's happening. But when we have from Allah, and we thank him.

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Allah grants us contentment. Now listen to this. What if difficulty comes your way because Allah is gonna test you, right? Allah said, I'm going to test you. So Allah says, you need two things supper and sugar.

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You need to bear patience, and be grateful. Why do those two always come together? The Hadith mentions them together, the Quran mentions them together. Because with the combination of those two, you become a complete believer and you are truly content, combination of patience, and gratitude. Whenever something happens to you. The first thing a believer should say it could have been worse. I think.

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The other day something happened where we missed a flight or it was not according to our plan. And I told my son I said, just keep repeating Allah whom Allah can handle or Allah to you belongs all praise. I'm not even upset. He says But how come I said because right now what Allah wanted is happening what we want, he has sidelined it. Don't you trust him? Love akbar Allahu Malik al hamdu. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make a strong it's easy to say that when simple things happen, right? But when you lose life or when someone is really sick or when something has gone damagingly wrong, huge robbery. Then try to say, Allah whom Allah, O Allah to you belongs all praise. Do you know what

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the prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say? He used to say Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, you must listen to this and we must say it

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Alhamdulillah he Allah Kula.

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All praise belongs to Allah upon all conditions, whatever the condition is, All praise belongs to Allah Alhamdulillah. When you say Alhamdulillah, you are at peace, you missed your flight, you at peace, something went wrong, you suddenly tested positive, may Allah grant schiefer to all of us, but you won't get so you know, you won't lose that contentment. You say it's in the hands of Allah, we will take it in our stride, we will continue.

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So you have to bear patience. Patience is part of gratitude. Because when something small goes wrong, and you start swearing, shouting, screaming, yelling, it shows that your gratitude is out of order. You're not grateful for what Allah has bestowed upon you. Why are you shouting, screaming, getting, you know, vulgar. Why are you becoming physical? Relax, take it easy. Thank Allah praise Him. And Allah will take you very far, very, very far. So that's the message I have today. My brothers, my sisters, a lot is going wrong. Praise Allah. Thank him. When you thank Him, He will give you increase in goodness and he will decrease your walls. He will decrease the anxiety. He will

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decrease the stress that you have. When you leave things in his hands. Do your best according to the capacity given to you by Allah. Praise Him, thank him, fulfill the command. Stay away from prohibitions, show gratitude to Allah seek forgiveness where you've gone wrong, because you're a human, you're bound to go wrong at times. And then you see how Allah will open your doors one after the other. And then you'll start floating into a new territory where you are now into the Quran. You're now into the car, you're now into the lessons you now go to the masjid. You're now connected to good things and live shall continue. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the greatest of

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blessings, Apolo Kali or sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina

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