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AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet's teachings and the age of the Prophet is discussed, along with the need for experience in leadership and learning to improve behavior. The success of leadership is emphasized, along with the importance of sound judgment and authority in actions and behavior. The success of work is also highlighted, along with the upcoming book. The need for experience in leadership is emphasized, as well as the importance of self image and avoiding negative opinions.
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So I want to remind

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our will be la mina shame upon your Raji.

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Bella should Who?

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work at JC Penney well wrong word that hola t who Phoebe t

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FC he went potty

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Bella Paula a

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call the law he in who Rob be sent

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in who euphony Vani moon

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smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a huge marine. To begin the name of Allah Oh praise and glory be to Allah and mais find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path.

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We asked a lot of surgeons to fill our hearts with the light of the Quran and to fill our days with commitment to the Quran and an appreciation of the Quran and a recitation of the Quran and deep, impactful, rejuvenating reflections on the book of Allah azza wa jal throughout the night and throughout the day. May Allah make us and you from Allah for and the people of the Quran as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that Allah has very, has a very unique class of people among humanity. He says they are the people of the Quran, whom Allah He will have sort of they are the unique privilege esteemed class of

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people in the sight of Allah May Allah make us a new of them and allow these classes around sort of yourself to be a means of inching closer and further actualizing that description in our lives alone I mean,

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so we move on now to use of either his setup in the house of Allah Aziz in the palace, if you will. A Lhasa agent says in this first ayah while I'm Bella should the who, once he reached his, he used to run a salon reached I should the who is full strength, or his age of strength, or his age of maturity, at a nahu hookman or ilma. We granted him hokum which is translated as judgment and or authority will explain that and a man and knowledge work has alleycat and edges in machining and loss in this way we reward and machining the people that work excellently the doors of excellent deeds.

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So a few things to say quickly about this verse. The first of them is that some scholars say this is referring to use of La Salaam becoming a prophet. And that would mean according to a group of scholars, an extension of this, that would mean that he's 40 years old at this point. The reason being is that some scholars hold like him Nicosia Rahim, the whole lot that no prophet became a prophet received ministry was dispatched as a prophet, if you will, by Allah Zilla Gen, before the age of 40.

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Allah sent them at that age, at that age, because that is the age where the onset of intellectual maturity happens.

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And so there's nothing conclusive to say that you had to be 40 to become a profit that all profits became profits at 40.

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This it's an ongoing debate. And also, there's no conclusive proof that this verse means he became a prophet at this point in the story.

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In other words, he may be for he may be earlier than 40 here. And so this verse doesn't mean he's a prophet,

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or he may be earlier than 40 here.

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And he became a prophet before 40 or it may mean

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that he is 40 here and became a prophet. In any case, the discussion on 40 is worth is worth something because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was sent as a prophet at the perfect age, right and that was 40 years old. And also Allah azza wa jal speaks about 40 being the end of you,

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playing around

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or being excused for getting to know what life's really about, you know, the first 40 years a person may have

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excuse to say that you know, I was duped, I was weak, I didn't know what it was about and province often said Allah has given enough excuses to someone that he is allowed to reach 40 years of age. And likewise, the hold on says that, so that I have, until a person reaches 4840 years of age and then they say,

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you know, a login a chance to, to work righteousness means to really, you know, put it in, in commitment mode to put it in serious mode. And so there is a there is a great value at 40 years of age. And so that's at least worth reflecting on, regardless of how much it applies the use of it said I'm here and that is that leadership in particular.

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You taking your life by the reins, let alone taking other people's you know life in a positive direction. Leadership requires a certain degree of life experience lived experience. And that is why the elders must always be given their due regard in any successful community, they must they are most fit for leadership. That does not mean of course, that we're going to overlook the interdependence Allah designated in his creation, where the the youth are in need of the experience of the elders, but the elders are still in need of the energy and the strength of the youth. Right.

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It doesn't mean that you know,

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clearly a person you know, does not peak physically at the same age that he peaks, you know, mentally and so, that by itself creates an interdependency that should keep our communities together, noticing the value of each other, not tearing it apart. And that is something we have to continue to reiterate to people, but at least let us take the lesson of the value of elders from this one discussion of what does it mean to reach full maturity

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in the sense of leadership and Prophethood many scholars say like it was for the prophet SAW Selim, he sent forward to lead humanity at the ideal age of 40 years old, which is the onset of of later adulthood. Not yet elder leanness but older right? Now no longer youth definitely.

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Though he was young spirit, that's a lot harder to send them and had, you know the vigor of the youth.

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But you are not a teenager you're not a young adult, you're you know, a full blown mature adult and I'm Bella should the whole when he reached maturity, that's an important lesson. Another important lesson here is that Allah azza wa jal said it was only after Yusuf Alayhi Salaam reached maturity, regardless of what age now let's just leave that aside. Now that was just one point on its own. After he reached maturity, we granted him judgment, sound judgment or authority

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and knowledge.

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What matured him to become ready for these divine gifts, these gifts from Allah, of sound judgment of knowledge, age, for sure, but we're done talking about the age life experiences a factor, was it the trials?

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For sure, because the trials of life, they, you know, they, they add so much to your caliber, they forge your personality, and they refine your intellect, as well, you know, you don't become dim thoughts, right? By the laxity of life trials definitely refine you in that sense. But this idea tells you why Allah granted him Pokemon, right sound judgment and authority. And he said subhanho wa Taala can barely can adjust the martini. And this is how we repaid the martini. So it was a repayment for his son that granted him Pokemon. So what's the lesson here, the lesson is that your son is the number one factor towards you. Being a person of piercing intellect, of great wisdom, you

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need to be a person of the sun. In other words, your piety and your righteous conduct are far more better, are far better for you even intellectually in terms of developing your intellect and your intelligence in your wisdom. Then the books you memorize and your inherent smarts and your wit and all that stuff. All that stuff could actually be turned against you as a punishment for your sins. When a person allows their hearts to black and the more they learn, the the worse they become, the worse they become whereas the villa, and a person that has purity and the sun in their life. This is a person Watch full of Allah is how the prophet SAW said and described that sound right to see

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worship Allah Do you see him? The more sound you have in your life, the more sound the judgment, wisdom and beneficial knowledge

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you have in your life.

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The last thing I want to say here very quickly is that a lot of

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Is that when he reached maturity because of his accent, we gave him what token, and I was pretty straightforward could be religious knowledge and beyond

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hokum here is translated as sound judgment. But sound judgment doesn't just mean like to judge between the facts. It also means to, to judge and dictate your behavior. Like, you would see this deed as good enough to be acted on that you actually act on it to be good enough, bad enough to be stayed away from so you actually stay away from it. And so authority is one of the reasons is, that's one of the reasons we translated authority. Allah gave him authority, meaning the ability to

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make moves and make change and cause influence. And you will not do that in people obviously, until you do that in yourself, right? If you don't have sound enough judgment, to act on the knowledge that you have, then

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Good luck, as they say, having someone else benefits from what you're calling to, I mean, every time your words called them to righteousness, your action say Go away, go away. If it were true, I would have been the first to adopt it.

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And so, Allah who will grant

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you and once again this feeds into the fact that we give this to them orsinium is good conduct grants him more and more insight on as to how to judge affairs not just right and wrong and important and unimportant, but judge meaning this has to be done and he makes sure you know he he has the self control, if you will, to act out his knowledge that is part of hokum, right control authority, before he has an influence or control over anybody else. Then the next idea comes

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the the big guy as they say, the the huge ordeal the the very dramatic scene, Allah azza wa jal says what all of that will lead to a fever at the one meeting the woman in whose house he was in all what that

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means that she sought him out, to seduce him. But around that, too, there's more Falah The, the grammatical makeup of this word indicates that this was an ongoing process. In other words, there was a whole lot of this going on. Put differently, there was lots of sexual harassment, right? unwanted advances,

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chasing this was happening a lot, you know, all weather tools back and forth, he would resist and she'd come again, he would resist and he would come again, until the scene shows up. She's constantly pursuing him. Allah says no meaning and one day, right? La casilla Webb, she locked securely all the doors. We'll call it Hey tallac. And she said, Come here.

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Another recitation motorisation of the plan is hit to like

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a to hear to like meaning I you know, I, I have,

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you know, given myself to you or whatnot.

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And so he said, What Allah if Allah, he said, the refuge of Allah, meaning, the refuge of Allah is what I seek right now. He says, As if where is the refuge of Allah or I turns basically to the refuge of Allah.

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In hora, be a Santa mathway He is my Lord. And likely This is my lord meaning my master, meaning my worldly master. And there's nothing wrong with calling a human being

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in the in the sense of master the world, worldly Master, the meaning of owner.

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These the prophets, Allah Himself use these words, right? He said, about the camel, leave the the stray camel alone, you know, like, Lost and Found, you know, it doesn't apply to a camel, just let it be it can take care of itself. No animal is going to attack it

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has yet to know until it's it's lowered comes meaning its owner.

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And there's so many other instances of using using the word.

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The Hadith of the man who visited his brother for the sake of Allah and the angel said to him had like a la he never met in total Buddha.

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Do you have any favorite or some any need or any

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benefit interests, like worldly interests that you're going after your brother you're crossing town to visit your brother? Is it because there's any sort of interest that you have total blood that you will act as our up before, meaning a caretaker of your like you're taking back your debt or something acting as a bride of your debt. And so he means Rob here, most likely that he's talking about his master. He is my master my owner because he

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A captive of this man he was purchased by this man. So he's a slave owned by this man in the worldly sense, right? So he said he is my master accent and he has been so good to me. He has made my stay so hospitable. He's been so gracious to my stay in his house. He treats me so good.

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If you remember he said take care of his state. He might have been better if it was one a day we covered that verse last week. He said he is my master. He's been so good to me. In the hula, you flown a volley moon wrongdoers?

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never succeed. wrongdoers never succeed. And so, he resisted her and next week inshallah we will discuss the vs regarding her not taking no for an answer and him being forced to to make a run for the door, and the story will progress. But

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there are some huge stops you have to make it this is right, number one, this man on he said, he was in in the eyes of everyone but him basically

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an obscure person, just a powerless slave in chains. He was a nobody in their eyes. But that never changed the way he saw himself his own in his own self perception in his own self image, which is the most important thing that is the lesson. People cannot force you to do what they want. You decide whether you are,

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you know,

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buckling at the feet of others. Or if you define who you are, and how you behave. Yusuf Alayhi Salam saw himself throughout all those years, he didn't lose self respect, he didn't lose self esteem, his self image was not blurred. I am a man of chastity, I'm a man of virtue, I'm a man of values. I'm a man of principle. I'm a man of God, right? I am a servant of God.

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And so always remember that no matter who pressures you, you know, society is pressuring us to go from one fashion to another, as they say, people try to pressure you to, to act as as as lewdly and as disrespectfully as them, no, I'm not too weak and going to approve of your actions to the degree that I'm going to stoop to your level. No, you're not going to dictate my behavior. Also, I'm not going to accept your opinions just because you're threatening some loss of mine,

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that you're going to take something away from me, I am not your punching bag. I am not a clay that you get to mold around your own opinions. You know, I am I don't live my life, my purpose in life is not to please you. My purpose in life is to please my maker, so kinda without who created you from dust and will return you to being dust very soon. It's a very liberating concept to see yourself as the servant of God and nobody else.

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And so you think about that, that's what made use of it said I'm great, that self image of his that's the second lesson that sell your self image as the servant of God.

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Not just will liberate you from the abuse of having your life style dictated by countless others. But also it will make you truly great in the sight of Allah azza wa jal as well, meaning it's not just going to make you like great in your eyes in terms of like, I have great comfort in my life, I'm liberated from people's opinions and all that No, no, you will truly be great in the sight of Allah, Allah xeljanz deemed useful. He said, I'm great. Why? Because he conquered all of that. All of those obstacles that were stacked against him in the scholars list the obstacles, to give us a picture of what exactly so they said, I'm pulled off here, like he's a young man, right? And your

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your, your desire is at its height, in this age, you are unmarried, it would have mitigated the desire a little bit, if you're married, you are in a strange land, no one knows you are to shame you, like, you know, people travel away from their countries or away from their towns to do to do

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indecent acts. Right? You're a slave. So the whole psyche sees you as like someone, without value without integrity and otherwise, and many people in society are are a reflection of how people see them, right? Everyone says, I'm a criminal. So I might as well be a criminal. We spoke about this before, about not giving into this, there's so many factors, the factor that

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the perfect privacy, the factor that she is the one that is inviting him, right. You know, so many times when when the fear of Allah is not there, the fear of social consequences there or the fear even of rejection? Is there two different things right, being exposed? Like what if she, you know, what if she exposes me as I'm sorry to say this, but like people, people that are always getting exposed for slipping into other people's DMS or inviting us a woman to this or that or because, you know,

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many times the men are very forward. But the only thing that keeps them back is they're trying to say face, they're not sure if the feeling is mutual. And so she's the one inviting

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she's his master, right? She's threatening him also.

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And he is tempted, he is tempted. It's not like he doesn't consider her, you know, attracted, all of it is there, all of it is there and there are proofs for this that time will not allow me to establish. And he knows that her husband is like, he's not a prospective husband, which is, which is a very ugly quality, by the way, that we will revisit as well. Everything is there. So as even as Josie says, If use of any salon would have slipped here,

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nothing, just what everybody would do, right? The fact that the odds stacked against him and he defied all of those odds. That's what defined his greatness.

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And so human greatness is defined by those moments of triumph against your lower appetites when they join forces against you. And so who would he be? If he did give in? He would be just like everybody else, right? That's the expectation right? Usually Sam would never do this, but a lot of showing that this is useful. He said, I'm we're saying that after the fact look at this man, you know, we would not have known this. Allah subhanho wa Taala made him a legend, a true legend, a real life legend, and made the story immortalized to be recited in scriptures, including the hood and why? Because he deserves it. Right.

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He was truly great. And the last thing I'll say before I close about this, though, I had other things to mention that time will not allow even it's a me about him the whole law. He says about this, as you mentioned, instead of just selling canes that I heard him and Samia his teacher say about him at home Allah.

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It took greater patience from Yusuf Alayhi, salam,

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to resist obliging giving in to the wife of Al Aziz

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than it took to be patient with being thrown into the world and separated from your father. He said, Why? He said, because the first one being thrown into the world separate from your father. This is the type of stuff that happens against your will. And so you have no choice but to be patient, but you might as well be patient because there's nothing else you can do about it anyway. But this second patience, being patient in resisting sin, this is a superior patience because it involves voluntarily choosing to do this.

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And being content with Allah's laws as being the most deserving of being followed. And it involves this combat as we said, this war with your desires and the flames inside you. So this was a superior activations being patient upon the law, the obedience of Allah, may Allah grant us and you the type of obedience and the amount of obedience that will deliver us to this gentleman and grant us the fear of him that will serve as a true barrier between us and disobeying him so kind of hold on a second, okay, and everybody was the last bit of water kind of Vienna. vegetarian, don't forget us in your diet, and this last hour of July said, I want