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100 Eli Lilly lamesa live in a deal or some of the law was seldom our element Ursula nursey bashira whenever

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Miriam alehissalaam had a sister by the name of Maria, and Maria was of course the mother of Yeah, La Silla. One day Maryam sees her sister, and she says Yo, T. and T Harmon. Oh, my sister, are you pregnant? So she said yes. For Allah to Maria. What antika Delica. Maria can Nikki called humanity. And you two are Miriam, it seems as though you have fallen pregnant as well. For Ireland, Maria Maria has said. She said yes. So Oh, my sister in law, Murphy botany. Yes, do do Lima feeback. Nikki, I feel as though what is in my belly prostrating to that which is in your belly wahaca. And who is in the belly of Miriam Alessandra, the Honorable Isa. So they both hugged each other tightly

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and began to cry. Two sisters and emotional story indeed. And that makes Of course, haisa. And the cousins because their mothers were sisters of the same family. And this, of course, was a prostration of the cream into Sharif out of honor, not out of worship. There's two types of frustrations, the frustration out of worship that we did to Allah and the frustration out of honor, which was allowed in the form of surah. The previous nations that was allowed, which is what Allah commanded the angels to do on, Prostrate to Adam, out of respect, not out of worship. So this was something that she felt was occurring in her own belly that whatever was in her belly was

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prostrating to what was in Maddie Amalia. So that was Billy.

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Tonight's lesson is dedicated to a man who has one of the most amazing personalities of human history, a man whom so much controversy surrounds, and a man whom all three major religions dispute over and a man came over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world love respect and reveal and that man is none other than a seven amalgam otherwise known as Jesus, the son of Mary, why this topic today?

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Number one, there are three entire store dedicated and connected to a salary CERN and no other profit apart from Rasul Allah has this mini sewer dedicated to him along with

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no other Prophet, you have some properties some sort of named after them like Sora to hood so that use of Cerebro him but no other profit apart from a solo he has the most has re entire so what dedicated to him earlier Milan and salt Maryam Of course, and so little man either surah number five, which is a man either, and surah number 19, which is sorted to Maryam three soul.

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Number two why this topic is that his mother has an entire Sora named after her so the number 19 as we've just discussed, auto Marian, this is a virtue not even given to her in the Bible. You don't have a chapter in the Bible called the chapter of Mary. Yet there's an entire suitor named after many family has to have and there's no sort of named after the prophets mother but rather after he says mother showing you that the Quran is not the words of the Prophet, it sort of slump. He could have named a soldier i thought was his words but now he did it because the Quran is the word of Allah azza wa jal

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number three the importance of this topic is that Maryam Ali Salaam is the only woman mentioned by name in the entire must have by name. Yes, other women are referred to in the Quran indirectly, but not by name. For example, one or two who have metadata and his woman have metadata for example, so to laugh.

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But maximalism is the only woman mentioned by name. Now that's a virtue not even given to the mother of Rasul Allah, neither his wives or his daughter Fatima. Once again, showing you the Quran is not the word of Rasulullah if it was he would have put his own family in there.

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He wasn't there to push his own agenda. This is clear proof once again that the Quran is a word of Eliza widget. Number four, a Sally celebs name occurs how many times in the most half

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a cent 25 times in the Quran. 25 times upon how many times is the name of Rasul Allah in the Quran, Mohammed

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for four times for Salah only, who came and delivered the Quran once again showing you who wasn't there to push his own agenda.

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How Muslim only four times

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you know the difference in ratio between 25 and four is 600% difference. That's a 600% difference upon law yet they claim that the Quran is the word of the Prophet Mohammed Look at this. He says it sometimes mentioned 20

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Five times in the Quran 600% times more than the name of Rasul Allah Himself. how important this topic is? Number five. Why this topic now, there is no doubt that we have entered the Christmas season.

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And the Christians have taken the 25th of December as a day where they attribute false notions, rituals, comfort and shed to this honorable Prophet and Messenger of Allah. First, we speak about him today, in refutation of what they say, and in defense of his honorable way, the way that they hate the way of Islamic monotheism onto Allah. And that leads us on to the sixth and final point. First we can use what we going to mention in tonight's lesson for Dao, Dao tactics tell them that we have more right to a Sally's Salaam as the Prophet it sort of said misstated himself he said, an O lead nurse Seabury 70 Miriam filled Ola will

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have more right Teresa Jesus son of Mary in this world and the hereafter for other Sahaba to care for your salon. The company's asked how is that the case or messenger of Allah so the profile is far too slim entered lm bl to manipulate the profits or half brothers were Omaha to whom shut although the mothers are different, what Dino whom were head for the religion is one family Sabina Nana be, for there was no profit sent between him and I. In other words, no prophet and messenger was sent between Isa and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa was a lemma no prophet was in between these two great prophets and messengers of Allah and therefore also has this close attachment and he said I have

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more right to Jesus I have more right to you sir. Ignore them. So no one I repeat no one loves honors and respects are you sir? More than the Muslims no one and I'll show you how seven ways how we respect love reveal a separate America more than the Christians themselves. Number one, whenever we hear his name, what do we say? Ali? Salaam translators? Peace be upon him. Look at that respect. What are the Christians say when they hear his name? Absolutely nothing. In fact, many of them have attached curses and insults to his name or the biller. So number one, we say Ali Salaam when we hear his name. Number two, it is common practice for Muslims to name their children after a sir. Whereas

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it's very uncommon for the Christians to name their children Jesus. It does happen Yes, but it's very uncommon, but it's a common practice for Muslims to name the children.

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Number three, we imitate a Sally Solomon dress. We dress modestly, even the so called pictures of Jesus. He's wearing long garments, though, so we dressed like him. We also look like him. The men have beards. They circled pictures of him have a salad salad with a beard. So we imitate him his dress. In fact, even the circle pictures of Mary she's wearing the hijab, the headscarf, something that our women wear. So when I saw Allison's returns, he's going to look like us. Number four, to show how the Muslims are asylees salaam is that we imitate him in speech as well. We imitate him in speech in their Bible, john 20, verse 21. And again, Jesus said, Peace be upon you is in their Bible

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till today. In john 20, verse 21, it says, and again, Jesus said, Peace be upon you. That's the exact translation for

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Salaam Alaikum Assalamualaikum. It's the greeting of Islam. So in the Bible, he says a Salaam Aleykum Selam Aleykum is still there today. So we imitate him in speech. That's number four. Number five, we imitate him in worship. In a Bible also till today in the garden of gypsum at Google it Jesus fell on his face in prayer, what was he doing prostration such that. prostrating to Lhasa. So this is in the Bible, so we imitate him in worship he prostrated in the garden of gypsum at number six. we imitate him also in circumcision. It was mentioned that he was circumcised on the seventh day, which is a common practice of Muslims today. This is the Sunnah to get circumcised for the men

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on the seventh day. And number seven, in every prayer Rasulullah de salatu salam advised us to seek a last protection against the one who will falsely imitate a Sai Salaam Who's that mercy.

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The Prophet advised us to seek a loss protection against formatters towards the end of the solar What is it? Allahumma inni rubrica mean addable amin Addabbo, Johanna amin fitna till Mahatma mad amin fitna t shirt didn't miss he had the journal. So we asked her to protect us from formatters we should memorize this. And the fourth one was to protect us against the evil of the fitna. of and mercy for the job.

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So look at those seven ways how we follow a Sally sermon. And that is true love that is true respect. Because true love is proven on the limbs not only on the lips. So here, that's true love. When you love your wife, what do you do? You show that you don't just say, I love you, I love you, I love you. I never take her out, never hug her and kiss her and never do anything that's called love. So true love is proven on the limbs, not only on the lips. And that's why once hours waiting in line at a pharmacy in Liverpool. And this guy walks in. He's looking at me the whole time. You know, sometimes you can just tell someone's looking at you from your peripheral vision. So I look towards

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him. I say you're on me. And he says nmsc He is very happy about us. Oh, no, my CV.

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I'm a Christian Arab. And by the way, we don't call them Mr. Yun. Because that's basically ascribing them to Isa and Mercia. How would we say they are not Sarla, as Allah said, and call them Mr. Yoon, is I'm a Christian Arab. I said, Good for you.

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He said, I've got one question. What is it not your name and where are you from? And he says what he did, he was shocked. I said, among many reasons. He says My role model is like that shocked. didn't know what to say will lie. True story. He was shocked to happen last year, one year ago Exactly. He was shocked to know what to say one thing led to another. And in the end, we asked for a must have what hamdulillah took his number that our tactics, my brothers, show them Yes, he says my role model, they don't expect you to say something like that. And the sisters can do the same when they're asked by nuns or Christian women. Why do you wear the headscarf because Maryam is my role

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model, you can say that. And as I said, among many reasons, because we're not doing that primarily because of that reason we're doing it because it's amaranta ad Buddhi. It's a command from the profile, so to see me doing it as an act of worship.

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So we follow the example of a Sam more than the Christians who call themselves Christians after the Christ. So that in terms of the importance of this topic, as you can see, it's a very important one at that. Now let's look at the ayat from sort of Allium Ron, mostly, however, a couple of areas from sort of medium. The first area is in Surah, to Allah Milan, which is, of course surah. Number three, it talks about his first miracle, a lot as we just says in Isaiah 46, where you can live on NASA filmakademie work Allah, Allah says, and as Ali Salaam will speak to the people in the cradle in the mat. Now this was his first miracle, not what is mentioned in the Bible that he turned water to

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wine, rather his first miracle that he spoke to the people as a baby, a newborn as a child, when you call him a NASA fan, man. That's amazing. Imagine. And of course, what were his first words?

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are like in Naboo law, no doubt, I am the slave of a law. Those words first words. Why? Because he's going to do things later on, people are going to ascribe divinity to him. So the first word is saying, Look, don't ascribe divinity to me. Don't raise me higher than my status. Don't exaggerate my claim. I'm a slave of a lot. Get that right from the beginning. So the first words were in the Abdullah, and that is in sort of medium, a 30. And by the way, being a slave of Allah, that's an honorific title. It's an honor. non Muslims, they try to put you down when they say you're a slave in Islam. No, lowly. So now I'll take that as a compliment, because I'm a slave to my merciful

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master. And I'm shackled by the chains of this dunya. And I am bound by the superior laws of the Sharia law. I'll take as a compliment. Thank you very much. So when they say you're a slave, you're a prisoner. You're shackled. And they're trying to put you down. say, Yeah, thank you. I'll take it as a compliment. I'm out. He said to them. No, it's not a slam that oppresses me. It's your ignorance. And then in the conversation on the show, show dignity. Don't buckle break and shake whenever people want to try and put you down or throw a misconception out there in Abdullah, and those are his first words into it medium a 30. And that's the tearjerker amble Quran. That's what he

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does. He said the best form of seed is to explain the Quran via the Quran that's the best. So as you can see, that's an example of that there

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and allow us to gel in that area. I 46 of suit lm Ron, he continues, he went to speak to the people Phil, Maddy allows us says, What gala as an adult. Now person may say, what's the miraculous about speaking to the people as an adult? Are we adults, we are then we speak. We do last I checked with some reckless about that.

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laws of God saying he's the only prophets that lived on earth and he spoke to the people as an adult. And then the law raised him and he returns 1000s of years later, and he'll continue in his human speech on Earth. It's as if there was a pause on his voice box

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for a miracle. He's the only prophet that has happened to literally that has taken up to Allah 1000s of years later, he comes in, he can

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Use in his human speech as an adult is on pressed pause right here on his voice box, Allahu Akbar. So that's the meaning that's the miraculous nature of this ayah where you call the Manasa Phil MADI wirkkala. However, there's another interpretation. And this is also correct. And that is when he returns for a second coming and he will inshallah, the first thing he's going to say is, in nee Abdullah again, so that I have 46 of Swords drawn is connected to Isaiah 30 of Swords Marian. So the first thing he said, as a child was Nordea, I'm Allah slave, and then when he returns, he will say also, again, no doubt I'm a lost slave. Because people what are they been doing for the last 2015

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years? taking him as a deity, someone who they worship so when he comes back, he's gonna sit No, I'm a slave of Allah, you got it wrong.

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It was also mentioned in the books after the after this first miracle as an infant as a child, he would continue to speak in the cradle, but what would he do? He would continue into speed upon line 100 let you learn so that Tom kept on going after that first miracle in the Abdullah he kept performing if God remembering the laws of return and making the

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second Ayah So number one, I have fallen on Allah azza wa jal mentioned a string of miracles here. A Sally slim says to Ben Israel who were doubting him or the jig to come, be it murghab become I've come with clear signs. And the word iosa means Marge is a miracle. I've come with key signs and miracles from your Lord from your master. And Nia Hola. Hola, como una de Nika Hey,

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it says, watch as I take some clay, and I mold it in the shape of a bird for amphu coffee, and I blow into it. Fire cool, Natalia lumbini la, and it becomes a living verb by the permission of Allah has been the level of the permission of Allah. He's saying that Why? To show them this is not my doing. It's our laws. As the first miracle, literally, he will give life to a clay bird. Then he goes on to mention today, Sally Sue them says to them will obey your akama one loss and I cure the blind and I heal the leper.

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A woman came to a salicylic she says My son is blind to help him. He literally wiped over his eyes. And he would see again, literally just by wiping. So he's cured the blind, that's at the feet of this eye. And the leper. Leprosy is a skin disease. A Sally cillum would literally wipe over the affected areas, and they will be cured instantly. Literally, you just wipe. That's why it's called Alan Massey from Massa had to wipe because he would wipe over literally affected areas, you would wipe over people who are blind, and they were killed instantly and messy. So let's spend a couple of minutes to look at what this word means and messy in Arabic. The scholars of law have stated the

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word and mercy has over 50 meanings. Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a 50 tonight, it's going to give you for the first it came from Massa ha which means to what good

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that's why it's called MSE, he would wipe literally and miracles will be performed. And that's amazing. He will do that why,

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in his time, always peaking.

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medicine I sent medicine in the time very slowly settled was at its peak, therefore allows we just gave him a miracle to compete with the medical advancements of the time to help him try and convince people of his message. And the profile is sort of slim confirm this is it no prophet is given a miracle except to aid him so that people can believe in him. So in the time of Mossad, Islam was at its peak magic, so he was given something that would thwart the profiles such as time or speaking,

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Arabic language, poetry, literature, linguistics, therefore the Quran came in literally blasts it all out of the water, among many other things it did Alhamdulillah so he would come and he would basically wipe just literally wiping over people and that would kill them. Something that not even the medicine of old could do. But even till today. He's miracles even outdo the medical advancements and technology that we have today. Which technology can cure blindness, literally by just wiping over your eyes.

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So his miracles aren't just miracles in his time, but of all time, as we said he has an amazing personality, and he sadly silom so the word Mercia came from so hard to watch, but also means the chosen one. Like the Arabic name Mustafa, the one who's chosen the one who's appointed Mostafa number three the word Mercia also is used in an Arabic expression Master Hand out. Now what does that mean? Don't think of what it means in Amir. Okay to wipe the floor with him Masato Nananana masala in Arabic means to travel the world. Why because as Ali Salaam when he returns his message will travel the world to hate will affect every piece of

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Rain on Earth. Now, interestingly enough, the word Messier is one of those words that has a double meaning.

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In Arabic, there are words that have this dual meaning this double meaning to it. It's unique. Actually, it's one of the universal principles of Arabic. You have one word has two meanings. And those two meanings are opposites. opposites. For example, the word Mola Mola in Arabic refers to Allah the master, but Mola can refer to the slave literally to molek refer to Elisa mowlana. When you're making Dora and mala can refer to slave so confer to master and slave dual meanings double meanings are opposites. Mercia is also one of those words that will meaning that are opposites, one meaning is alcazaba, the liar and the other meaning acidic, the truthful. So which one applies to

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So, of course, as for the liar, who does that apply to us and lmsc heard the journalists he was called and messy, because he's the liar. So back to this idea of 49 of Swords Allium on

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it continues, as Ali Salim says, we're really motivated vanilla. And I resurrect the dead by the permission of Allah. Once a Saudi Salaam saw a woman crying beside a grave, he went over to her, she's crying hartsel she wouldn't stop. He said, Melody had a theater load what has happened, a sense of a lot. She said, My daughter has died. Those of you who have children That's tough. My daughter has died and I made a vow to Allah, that I don't leave this grave until one of two things happen. Either I die here or can leave until I die. Or she's brought back to life and I see her again. One of the two. I either see my daughter she comes back to life or if not, I'm gonna stay

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here. He says if I bring your daughter back to life, would you believe in me? She said yes. I Sally sort of stands at the grave. He says, oh, Jim and publickey arise from your grave. Oh, hello, Jim in Coburg a second time arise from your grave. Oh, hello, Jim. in public, he arrives from your grave three times. All of a sudden the grave splits apart. And this young girl comes out with no hair and she's terrified thinking into the abdomen. The mother is shocked as well as I know what to say he doesn't know what to believe. And then a Saudi surgeon comes in both Danny said Who's your daughter

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and a Sally Sarah after calming this young girl down he says melody a hurricane. What delayed you? I asked you three times to come out what happened? She said I heard this site ha, Thunderbolt loud scream this loud shell. And all of a sudden Allah has granted me back my body. And then I heard a second sigh ha second loud scream, shout Thunderbolt. And behold, there was an angel sitting beside my head. And then I heard a third so I have a third loud scream and fundable. And then behold the grave split open. And I thought it was a day of judgment, which is why I came out terrified. And the daughter says to her mother, would you like me to experience the pangs of this twice? Yeah. Oh man,

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my dear beloved mother. She says I missed you and I feel for you. And then a Sally said I'm sick to her. You have to go back into your grave. This is the so novela that is it. And then she said yeah, he said make sure that allows the vigil reduces the burden and the pain of death on Sally Sally made to offer she went back into her grave and she died for a second time. Yes, death is only once however there is as the scholars have stated and exception to every rule, they could live by either.

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So that's the story mentioned in relation to this idea. In Mota inilah. Let's continue with these.

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Next one is Surah. Two Miriam is 33 alasa which says that he has three times the Salaam Salaam which means peace security safety in three different situations. He says was set out more Allah yo Molly Toriyama moved to Wyoming to hire

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a Sally Sam said and peace be upon me the day I was born. And the day I

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will die Good day I shall die because he hasn't died yet. And this is the Mubarak in Arabic And I indicates the future tense form. So saying the day I shall die yolmer move to Jani sofa and water I will do not your mid to the day I died because I didn't die. While my overthrow Haryana day I shall be resurrected. So Allah is telling us he's at peace, safety, security. These three situations his birth that he shall die and the day he'll be resurrected. In other words he's in Salaam. In other words, no harm will touch him no harm has touched him. He wasn't crucified as the Christians believe. No, it wasn't crucifixion. But it was fiction as opposed to fact that's what happened. It

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the story of his alleged crucifixion, the Tafseer of it is narrated by Al Qaeda himself. He says when the Jews came to kill a salicylic that were surrounding his house ready to raid It was either they go in and get him or he comes out and he Saudi Salaam looks towards his disciples his companions. He said who will take my place

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and be my companion might affect the agenda.

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No one volunteered. Except a young man. Foster squatter who a solicitor mentioned in a tough seat. He belittled too small to young it's okay not you asked again who will take my place, and he'll be my companion agenda. No one volunteered but this young man esala cellarmaster a third time no one accepts except this young man he volunteers. A Salah Salem then accepts for Allah Allah who Shabbat a Sally Sam Allah Allah. Allah azza wa jal placed the appearance on this young boy, this young man, so he looks like a solicitor. So he was the one who was going to take the place of a Sally salon, and he goes out looking like a son. So the who thought that was him. So they took him, they tortured

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him, and they crucified Him. That person who was in fact a companion of a Sally Sue them, and I wasn't a solicitor.

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That's who they crucified, as Allah azza wa jal said of ERISA, why am I of Cthulhu masala boo. They didn't kill him, nor did they crucify him. They didn't crucify Saudis at all. In other words, that wasn't him on the cross. Allah says, Well aircon should be Halla home, it was made to appear that way, they thought that they had killed a solicitor was rather his companion. And when that young man was taken, the Sahaba of eisah, his companions, his disciples, they look towards him, all of a sudden, behold, he begins to elevate, he elevates to the roof, and then an opening occurs and he goes through the roof and as he is elevating and ascending, he becomes drowsy and he falls asleep.

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And this is mentioned in the Quran. Allah says, Yeah, Isa, in nishimoto fique. I'm going to put you to sleep. What I fear, okay, Ilya, I'm going to raise you up to myself. So he was taken up to Allah and His disciples saw that with their very eyes, and his account is mentioned in the Tafseer of him located which we are studying.

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So as Ali Salaam was raised to Allah, and he is alive as we speak, my dear brothers thoughts He is the only prophet and messenger who hasn't passed away You're the only one and my dear brothers His story is not over it gets better. A Sally's Salaam will return, he will descend to this world for a second coming, as the profile is slow to slow himself described in a hadith narrated by Sahih Muslim. The profile is sort of self described in this Hadith, the place of descent, the country and the exact location and even described as it serves clothing and the color of his garments. Listen to this amazing Hadith. He said for in ziller II seven Amalia mandelman article by the shadow tidy

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mesh, as will descend, next to the eastern white minaret in Damascus was Damascus, Syria, present a Syria a Sheikh Abdullah These are a few other elements have stated, what Allah azza wa jal is allowing to happen in Syria. In reality, Allah azza wa jal is cleansing that area to all those wars and Fitton that you see occurring now. A lot really is paving the way for a Sally Salah because he's going to lead our listeners are going to lead them whenever your code is not going to lead the Shia on or off it is going to lead the Muslims of after sun while Gemma, professor is going to descend at the eastern white Minar. You know what's remarkable, this Hadith of the Prophet said there was no

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Eastern white Minar in Damascus.

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And this is mentioned by even the case here in 741, after hit 07 141 after he was mentioning this, there was no Eastern mirror. But it's there today. It's there now. It's prison.

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And he painted it.

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The irony is the Christians themselves. The Christians. I saw a slum the Christians they painted it wasn't this the Muslims did it. They did it. They did Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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And the profile is sort of Sam said when he descends, he'll be wearing two yellow garments being a Marauder thing. These are the exact words of the ratio in Sahih Muslim. Then he said well, they and cafe he allegedly had email again, as a Sally Salamis descending, his hands will be resting on the wings of two angels. And he'll descend literally neither

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estimate mineral and will be future time. The Muslims who will be praying for Azure on that day will see this amazing scene and among them will be a man Maddie that witnessed that. Imagine just being among those group of men when this happens and then the emotion towards a satisfy them to lead them in Sala he will refuse to say every nation has its leader and your nation has its leader meaning God and He will refuse to lead rather Allah Maha de will lead and as Ali Salaam will pray behind him. In other words, he Salah Salaam is not coming as a new prophet. He's coming as a follower of the Prophet Mohammed Salah La Jolla son so he'll come and pray behind element Maddie. Imagine just being

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one of those men who witnessed that I imagine being a person who's going to that machine everyday for pleasure and then one day you know what, I'm gonna sleep in today and that's the day that he saw

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how bad would you feel anything happened to that the mustard? Yeah, a salad salad you know just came? Oh, really? Yeah, you missed that big time. Right. So the press snooze. Now you lose.

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This had it continues. When a Sally Selim is descending into Dr. cataldo. When he lowers his head, drops of water and beads of perspiration will fall from it. Well as Raphael when he raises his head to have done I mean, who the man who can look when he raises his head beads like that of pearls will scatter and fall. He's raising his head and lowering it. There's like beads of pearls. literally falling from it.

00:31:36 --> 00:32:09

Allahu Akbar, because where was he is with Allah. He just came from Allah azza wa jal. So yes, you can imagine what's going to be coming from his head. And he was the one who will execute the gel, the false messiah, who will follow and apply the law of the Prophet Mohammed on earth, and a law that will cleanse the earth of its filth during his time. In other words, peace will reign on earth. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, there'll be so much peace, that lions will accompany camels, tigers will accompany cows and wolves will accompany goats and children will play with snakes.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:27

And the Prophet said that Allah will command the earth to bring out blessings. These are authentic narrations. In other words, the blessings of the earth are present, but they are concealed and hidden due to our sins. So there is so much so that the appeal of a Roman What's that?

00:32:28 --> 00:32:39

pomegranate, just it's pure will be enough to shade an entire group of people. And milk from one sheet Campbell will be enough to provide nourishment for an entire tribe.

00:32:41 --> 00:33:20

These are from the authentic narrations of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam telling us how blesses the earth will be then he stay here on earth will be for a total of 40 years, he will die here, and he'll be preyed upon by the Muslims. So this nation is a verse at one four, it started with a prophet, Mohammed Salah Salim, and it ends with a prophet alayhi salam. Now, despite all of these illustrious miracles and remarkable virtues of this great prophet and messenger, we do not exaggerate his claim, and we do not ascribe divinity to him. In other words, he's not worthy of worship, but rather worship the Creator, not the creation. So we do not over glorify Him and turn

00:33:20 --> 00:33:30

him into a deity, like the Christians have done for we see a Sally slam in the same light as Adam Allison, and this is in sort of a Nimrod.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:55

59 This is the last day we're going to discuss a lot of this is in nimasa, Larissa and, chemically Adam, the likeness of a salicylic before Allah is the likeness of Adam. In other words, he said Adam at the same, Allah says, Allah for whom and to Rob makalah, who configure Kuhn, he credited him from, from soil from dust, and he says, Be entities that is it.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:12

In other words, a lot of the credit in both credit than both from total credit than both by saying B and they were, and that is it. So long as we are saying they're the same before Allah, they are the same. And they share so many remarkable qualities, so many remarkable characteristics. How are they the same?

00:34:14 --> 00:34:14

They share

00:34:16 --> 00:34:26

number one, names. They share names, they both called rohilla. What does it mean, the created blown spirit of ALLAH,

00:34:28 --> 00:35:00

a Christian Arab, when I was in Egypt, came to me and he said, trying to put doubt in my mind, he said, is part of a law. He's the one it's in the Quran was your proof. He said he's called the rule of law. I said, Yeah, Adam Madison's also called rohilla. Allah says to the angels, when I create Adam want to feed him a rosary, and I blow my spirit team was talking to Adam Fabiola, who said in prostrating, they're both referred to as rohilla. Now here, ruhollah doesn't mean they are part of a lot. The spirit of Elizabeth a part of the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

In just a minute, but rather Allah azza wa jal attaches his name to many things to indicate

00:35:07 --> 00:35:31

greatness, for example, natural law, natural law it's the victory help of a law, not your ordinary help. Not help for example, moving house or getting help from someone to help you change your tire. No, it's colossal help. Also nav kotula What's that? The shaky camera of a law in other words, it's an honor base look after it then kill it. Now low it's that

00:35:32 --> 00:35:40

fire of a low sudden an ordinary fire you have at home or at a campsite or in the oven ignited jahannam itself. You have Rasul Allah

00:35:41 --> 00:36:02

is not your ordinary messenger is a messenger of Allah, that our messenger from the courier company Australia Post. So Allah azza wa jal attaches his name to something to show greatness so rule for law. So Adam Ali Salaam and a Sabbath called rule for law showing the loftiness but also they share another name. Did you know that they are both referred to as Adam?

00:36:03 --> 00:36:17

Adam? Adam is referred to as Adam medically by Isa. Yes, he's referred to as Adam as well. Now Adam Allison is one of those names in Arabic that has dual meanings that opposites remember we discussed that like molar like

00:36:19 --> 00:36:26

the name Mercia good, so it has a dual meaning Adam, Adam linguistically means a small What's that?

00:36:27 --> 00:36:28

Yeah 10 Brown

00:36:30 --> 00:37:03

because ultimately cinemas tend had a dark skin color dark complexion, like you know Mohammed and a dark tinge. Because we know the malleus Selim was credit from various parts of the land various soils. Yeah, and we know various sorts of different colors, some are red, some are brown, some are yellow, some are white, somewhere in between. Now what happens when you mix various colors what color getting a darker color, think of paint when you're back at school, you made a big mess, you put all them together and you have a darker color, darker color, you're not going to get a light color when you mix various colors, you get a darker tinge. So Adam was mixed literally so he was

00:37:03 --> 00:37:31

done. But the word Adam has another meaning we said it's one of those words that has dual meanings that are opposites also means why fair skinned and that came in the Hadith to refer to a Sally Sue them because he has fair skin color. So they share names. Other malissa molars are the same they are the same this Ion 59 we're going to India, they share names, but they're also what profits Yes. Other money seminaries also profit that's the second thing they have in common apart from names.

00:37:32 --> 00:37:42

Number three, they both differ in their creation from the rest of mankind. The wealth created miraculously forcing the best credit without

00:37:43 --> 00:37:50

a father. See how they are the same. They share many things. Both credit father son before

00:37:52 --> 00:37:57

number five, they were both created from the word B and they were configure cone

00:37:58 --> 00:37:59

but the same

00:38:00 --> 00:38:02

and finally the icing on the cake.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:33

The number of times they both mentioned in the code and if you remember side of the lesson we said a Sally Slim's name occurs how many times 25 times the Melisa lambs name occurs 25 times Exactly. In the method lace and the lock. I'm actually Adam was saying the parable of the sower before was the parable of Adam, they're both the same. This is amazing, and was really saying they're not just the same in how they were created. In other words, always telling us don't worship Jesus just as you want to worship, Adam.

00:38:35 --> 00:39:13

They're the same. They're the same, they are the same. Look how many things they share. We said they share names, the shadow law and Adam, they're both prophets. They both differ in the creation from the rest of mankind. They're both credit without a father. They're worth credit. Miraculously, they're both credit from the would be and they were they both mentioned the exact number of times in the Quran, do a search. If you have a chronic app type in a user, you have 25 times them 25 times. Amazing. It gets better the cherry on top. This allows you the same they're the same What number is it in the sort of only 159? Yeah, I have 50 nanosuit anemone. Count the number of times a Sally

00:39:13 --> 00:39:36

salaams name occurs from Al Fatiha the beginning of the Quran up until this is with lm Ron, you find a Sally salaams name has occurred seven times. In other words, this is the seventh time his name occurs. And Adam Allison's name also from the beginning of the Quran up until this ayah occurs seven times exactly miraculous. This is from the new miracle miracles of the Godhead.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

And this is something that has been affirmed by the AMA and it's something that's clean doesn't mean that you're trying to bend and ascribe a miracle to the Quran that doesn't really exist as some people do. Some people go overboard and they ascribe things to the crown that are false or non existent. You don't need to do that. Because miraculous don't try and create a miracle out of nothing. For example, they'll say the number of times the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:30

Word man and the word woman occur in the ground the same number of times the word Sun and Moon occur in the Quran are the same, or earth and sky. But they're not just in how they do their calculations, because how did you count it? How did you count the word men? In singular, plural? And when you count it in singular, which word did you use? The Jews? Rajan? Omar, right? There's different ways you can say, Man, what about woman? Nyssa? Or nisswa? Or Alma? Or without the Le flam, Emre? How did you count?

00:40:31 --> 00:40:39

Also, heavens, count skies, semi wet, or sky summer? Would you count Jenna? What did you count?

00:40:41 --> 00:41:18

So these various ways people can manipulate. But that's clear. He doesn't come here in plural or singular, it's 25 times check it out. So Allah is really saying they are the same, they are the same, don't worship. So just as you wouldn't worship Adam, and if you look at how they were created, in fact, other Melissa lambs, creation was more miraculous, he had no mother or father, whereas with Risa, at least, they had a mother. So which is more miraculous than Adams creation? So by their logic, okay, let's worship Jesus, because he had no father, what about Adam? What are you going to make him? Literally? So we don't worship as Oh, Adam. Of course, this is something that's clean

00:41:18 --> 00:41:58

assembly, something that you can use in your diet. And finally, brother asked me, How would you refute those who say we worship Jesus or he's a son of God? How do you refute that logically? Well, if you were to approach someone who had a child, and you say, Oh, Mr. Law, your son, so cute, looks like a pig. My son lay his son so cute, looks like a little rat. Is that a compliment? It's not the person will be insulted. So wouldn't you be insulted if I called your son a pig or a rat or a dog? it's insulting. It's insulting when you compare creation to creation human to animal that's comparing creation to creation. Imagine how more insulting is it when you compare creation to create

00:41:58 --> 00:41:58


00:41:59 --> 00:42:41

saying he has a son, that's an insult. If you're assaulted, happy when I compare your child to another creation, imagine how assaulted Allah will be when you compare him the creator to the creation is far above is to perfect. Compare the creator to the creation. And we know that children say he's a son of God, children, they bear resemblance to their fathers to their mothers to their parents. His resemblance to say, is the sun is a resemblance. That's an insult. There's an in song totally different. Because God by definition is not man by definition. Because what is God by definition, someone's all knowledgeable. Never makes mistakes, sees all knows all he is all but man

00:42:41 --> 00:43:02

doesn't fit that definition. Men makes plenty of mistakes we know doesn't see or doesn't hear or doesn't know all. So these are two opposites that don't go together. How can something be Oh knowledgeable but not on all the same time? How can something be all seeing but not all seeing at the same time? It's an oxymoron. two opposites like saying I have a squared circle.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:19

That makes sense. I have a square circle. It's either a square or a circle by definition, you kind of God men by definition and he's half God Half Men. Doesn't make sense doesn't make sense. So that allows me to guide us and keep us guided on the straight path. Amen. Does that come along? Hayden sapochnik aloha Mohammed?

00:43:20 --> 00:43:22

Still Furukawa tunic.

Eesaa ibn Maryam (as)

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