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We wish to begin with the story of your medical

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background. We know you started out as a medical doctor and then move to Dower. So how was the transition between studying medicine and studying Islamic studies as well while I do my medical college in the second year, in 1987, I met Sheikh Emirati that. And when I met Sheikh MD that he the person who inspired me to become a day

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and after meeting him, I started doing Dawa. And because of him I changed from a doctor of a body doctor office all the initially when I finished my medical study in the 1990 Why the medical colleges are doing now when I finished my medical studies, I thought they would initially do only that offer to us in a week and remaining LGBTQ studies. But then when I started I decided to do other than that or my parents I'll do 50% Our 50 was in medical practice. Then I said I'll do to our medical practice and remaining that when hamdulillah Ching Dynasty brother as a good cushion this word

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it like touches with those things right now if I said the blood the doctors that can make How did it happen?

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It is mainly Whenever anyone asks a question

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not always. But if the question is good, we should encourage the questioner so normally even non Muslim African Western so that's how I break the ice

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by saying the word Astoria good question. And that thought that had become like common we will have no made videos on how not to like you know use when do you apply at the brothel to get convenient and accept Islam vol doesn't become

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from a loved one about do you count? How much loosens and revert your hands? The Allahu Allah keep the FAP Allah the better give that even if you do one hamdulillah if one person except the slumber both of you, then it is a great deal Mashallah. It is the last one over low converts people who change his heart Allah the further Korean Amanda mazurka your job this message can overtake heart and land of Allah. So it's Allah subhanaw taala Hebron if our Numberland

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what is one advice you'd give young muscles that were either lead to youth to Muslim that see to it that they read the Quran daily for at least 20 minutes and read it in the library then send the best if they don't know Arabic other language, they should read the translation of the Quran the language they understand best, and they should implement on it. Because Quran is the most positive book in the world. It's the future we'll call tradition and if we Muslims, read the Quran and understand it and implement it inshallah will benefit of this whatever the ACA

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then tells of the people that want to do Dawa, they want to start in this thou scene they want to become a die and they don't have enough knowledge and their time to seek knowledge. Or to do that then what must they do?

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Share Beloved Prophet said in Fable, Heidi barley, one new lawyer propagate, even if you were one was first the first one every Muslim that they should do Dawa, whatever they know, they should cannery. And if you want to do more with our button, you should acquire knowledge. And the rest of the squad initially have to read and the Quran along with the translation, and then see programs and lectures of dwarves.

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For example, if you want to do the hour the Christian pushing me that is good. So once you hear his talk, and you started memorizing it, and he repeated that as our so the more you keep on memorizing the more you keep on repeating, the more dour you do Alas, Baldelli give the more knowledge, you don't have to wait till you become like she did that to start doing now. If you decide, then you whatever you listen, what do you memorize, but the golden rule is that do not say what you don't know.

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Whatever you know, you say, but once you start doing that our last month, Allah gives you more and more knowledge. And there is our training program, we have a new platform called holida, which is the largest platform for Islamic video content in the world. It also has a large number of courses, one of the courses international without any program, let's become effective days. So it's a long course. So if you log on to al Qaeda, and then of course, the study guide, then the requested answers, there is testing. So if you do this course online course inshallah that will be very beneficial for you to our now. Kim says they don't have much issues with having a friendship with a

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female that means I'm preeminence.

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Can you give them a message about that?

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In Islam,

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the thing they love before ready

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In Islam, there are the hijab, that we have to follow the rules of hijab that are Nahum era male and female. They cannot intermingle. They cannot sit in a closed room together. And the Prophet said the two male and female now Madama together, the third person is a devil. So like how we have in the western world they have golfer boyfriend, they even talk to each other when they go out for dinner, they go for a movie, they spend the night together, this is a haram. In Islam.

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You can have friends, with the same sex meal with male and female female with opposite sex when required you can talk but you cannot be that free, you cannot get on intermingle with opposite sex. You cannot sit alone with opposite sex, all these against the ruling of the Sharia. So this is there in the western culture without insulin, when Islam should follow the Islamic ruling and Islamic sharia and it's against having intermingled with opposite sex. Now Young says one to me earlier, do you think that's good? Yes, that's good. And a beloved Prophet said say Buhari, or young people, whoever had the means to get married should get married. So it's good for the youngsters to get

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married. If you have the means you should get married as soon as poss moment to become an adult. So in Islam, if you become an adult, there is no age thing but the prescribed ages as soon as possible

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was people who answers the needs to get where don't have the means to get married. So buffered is that you're going fast.

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So that led me to lower your gifts.

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And always you can lower your requirements and you don't necessarily have to be a millionaire to have merit, so you can lower your requirements and didn't get mad at him.