Why do Certain Muslim Countries do not Allow Propagation of other Religions?

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Sir, my name is Gilroy from Bombay, I'm a businessman.

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And thank you for the opportunity to speak here. I really enjoyed today, my first time.

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Now, many Muslim countries do not permit conversion out of Islam. But correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know of any non Muslim majority country, which prohibits people from converting into Islam. Now, what what is the right thing in Islam? Because, as you say, you know, you don't need a sore for Islam, and 1000s and millions of followers will anyway get into Islam, what would be your response? The Buddha asked a very good question. And a very important question that Why don't some of the Muslim countries allow conversion or allow propagation, they don't allow the propagation to take place the normal conversion from anyone to convert Muslim to a non Muslim basic question, whether it

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be anyone, brother, as far

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as the propagation is concerned. There are countries for example, Saudi Arabia, which does not allow propagation only country which I know very well, which does not allow propagation

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in Saudi Arabia. And the reason is that suppose whether you want to start a school,

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if you understand the school, you are taking the interview of a math teacher.

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So when you take the interview of the math teacher, you ask the question, two plus two is equal to how much? So one math teacher says two plus two is equal to three. The second math teacher says two plus two is equal to four. The third math teacher says two plus two is equal to five. Now many people say what's the problem? Let them preach any religion who wants to accept let them accept? I will ask you a question. Will you allow a math teacher in your school to teach two plus two is equal to three? Will you select the math teacher who says two people will say no, I know, Matt, I'm definite about it. In math, two plus two is equal to four and nothing else.

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So as far as religion is concerned, Saudi Arabia is very confirmed. It agrees with the verse of the Quran in surah Imran chapter three verse number 19, in Edina, in the learn Islam, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Almighty God is peace acquired by subminuette. Almighty God, they will not allow anyone else to preach anything wrong.

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But in science and technology, they say to the Americans, Helen was silent. You're most welcome. They get people from England. They get people from India, no problem in science and technology. They're not number one. Phones and technology. They have people coming from America, from England, from Singapore, from Philippines from India from all over the world. But as far as Dean is concerned, they are cocksure. The handcuff intro. This is right. Same as your COC sure that two plus two is equal to four you will not allow any wrong teaching fame May I agree with that I must turn off combined religion whether there is no religious scripture on the face of the earth besides the

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Quran. We say that this is the only true religion. You read the scripture of the Hindus. You read the scripture of the Christian the Bible. Nowhere does the Bible say that Christianity, right? The word Christian even exists in the Bible. Do you know that the word Christianity doesn't exist in the Bible? The word Hindu doesn't exist in the Vedas. Do you know that, no matter the way that said that this is the only right religion, no matter the Bible fear that this is the only religion so Quran is the only real scripture on the face of the earth. We are Almighty God says emphatically in Medina in the light Islam, the only religion acceptable in the sight of Almighty God of Islam. So as far as

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preaching, propagating, and religion is concerned, I'm sure that if you know what is confirmed, they will not allow anyone else to preach something which is wrong. This India, it's a secular country. It's not a Hindu country. It's in the constitution of the people for the people by the people. I'm an Indian, geographic lemma Hindu because I'm an Indian, but practicing Muslim. I'm a practicing Muslim. It's my birthright in this country to preach, propagate and talk to this religion. That is what is in the Constitution.