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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Can you shout back at me the salam inshallah I just want to hear you inshallah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This is my first time in the UK I need to see the people but the spotlights mashallah Tabata kala blinding me. So at least I can hear some people in the audience myself Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Robbie Shaheen suddenly silly embryo Hello Lockwood. That's Amelia Sani of Cali. So the Chanukah La La Mulana Illa Allah Montana in Naka Antara Alima Hakeem my view respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam may Allah subhanaw taala bless you and reward you for coming out

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during this very windy and rainy and cold weather, and may Allah subhanaw taala make every step you have taken to this place in the scale of your good deeds. I mean, our blood I mean,

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how many of you here my brothers or sisters and by show of hands, I'll try to squeeze my eyes to see if there are hands in the audience. How many people here the first thing in the morning when you wake up? The first thing in the morning?

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You check your phone? Just raise your hand be honest, don't worry, move teaming because not here. No.

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All right. How many of us are still into watching TV series sitcom movies, la Hakuba. in Rila, he were in your Garage.

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Today I wanted to talk about addiction as brother Amon mentioned, but I also wanted to bring to your attention something very interesting and that is the Quran. The Word of Allah subhanaw taala is such an amazing

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book that Allah subhanaw taala revealed for our guidance and the more you read of the same thing, the more insights and the more lessons you will deduce.

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Brother Iman just mentioned about Surah Yusuf and he was talking about the Prophet use of any struggle. Today I will use the same Surah In sha Allah to deduce seven lessons that maybe can help those people who are addicted to the devices addicted to gaming anyone into gaming here raise your hand anyone into gaming don't worry we're live moved he's not here don't worry why you guys afraid?

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Anyone into social media? Of course everyone.

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Anyone into

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what is the most popular platform here in the UK social media like why?

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Tick tock, you guys stick talking a lot. Anyone into Instagram? I mean Instagram is his lungs that Allah protect the Solyom. So maybe those seven traits of Prophet use of Allah Islam, as described in the Quran perhaps will offer some insight to tame our desires

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to tame our desires and our wants, because human beings there is no end

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to our desires and what we wanted to do in life and sometimes that impact the main purpose of our existence and that is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah mentioned, the Quran Rama halacha Telegin well into ill Alia, who don't have not created den spiritual beings do all mankind except to worship me we were born to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala but along the journey of life, many things can distract us and take us farther away from that, which Allah subhanaw taala created this fall.

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So what is the first lesson inshallah that I wanted to share with you today? Number one, the courage to reach out elders, mentors, family members, the courage to reach out to those people who know who know more. Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, when he saw that dream he reached out to his father and he mentioned

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if Allah Yusuf Ali Abbey here

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in nero, ha ha Darshan not come

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in near it to a Hadassah account

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was chanson one comma or YouTube

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least add in all my father, I have seen 11 stars

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and the moon and the sun and the moon. I've seen them frustrating to me. Use of our eyes Salem at a very young age, he realized that he don't have enough experience to understand the interpretation of the dream. And as a result he went to his father and his father guided him through. And this is one of the things that many people who are stuck with their addictions whether you are addicted to social media, or online shopping, or gaming or even pornography, we don't have the courage to reach out to people and tell them help us because of the shame and the guilt that we carry. Sometimes when we are addicted to these vices, the prophets Allah Allah is Selim in a very authentic narration A

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man came to him, it was narrated that the man came to him in the presence of other companions. And he said to him, ya rasool Allah, Yvan levy Zina, or messenger of Allah, allow me to commit Zina, allow me to commit adultery. Can you imagine if any of us would go to any imam in any Masjid in any place on planet Earth and ask him for something

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like this? What will happen to us? What would be the reaction of this Imam? What would be the reaction of the community but because the prophets Allah, Allah Salem open that space,

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that safe zone for people to come forward

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and inquire about their struggles, the man didn't find it heavy, or didn't feel ashamed to come until the process said, Look, I'm stuck with this addiction. give me permission to commit it. And the prophets Allah Allah says Allah did not rebuke the man he didn't even say haram in that context in the context of that story. He didn't even tell the man that this is haram, but rather because he knew he knew that the man knew that it is haram and he's not coming to know whether it's halal or haram anyway, he's coming to find a solution. And this one we are lacking in our community. We talk a lot about what is halal and what is haram. But we don't facilitate some methodologies and

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strategies for people who are stuck with haram activities and they don't know how to get out of it.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him questions after questions

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to make him realize on his own that he was asking about something really awful. Do you want this to happen to your mom? Do you want this to happen to your sister to your daughter to your aunt and the man in every question would say, no, no. Then the Prophet SAW Selim concluded other people to don't like this to happen to their mothers, sisters, to the daughters and so on. And the Prophet SAW Selim prayed for the man Yeah, Allah purifies his heart and protect his chest steady.

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So my brothers, my sisters in Islam, lesson number one from Surah two so from the Quran, the book of Allah subhanaw taala is to reach out for help. When you need reach out for guidance when you need number two, avoid isolation. Avoid loneliness, addiction loves isolation. Once you are behind closed doors, you are a loser. If you are addicted to any vices on the internet, specially you see the brothers of use of he said called Lulu inocula. Who knows BA in it Allah has room. They said to the father that if the wolf would eat our brothers while we are groups while we are, you know, a clan, strong people around him, then we are definitely losers. But the lesson is when use of Allah is

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Salam was alone around his envious brothers he was thrown in the well. Later on he learned from this lesson when he was alone with a beautiful lady who was seducing him for haram.

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This time he ran away to the opposite direction and as we will describe in a little while later, but in our context today, my brothers and sisters in STEM, the one thing that we are really addicted to and no exception here is our cell phones.

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Is our cell phones. Try to now think about it. Would you like to be attached to the Quran to the book of Allah subhanaw taala which you have come and attended an entire conference about the the divine inspiration of Allah subhanaw taala you came here to learn about the Quran? Would you rather be attached to the Quran every morning instead of touching your phone and and go through you know, endless posts on your social media or read the Quran for a little while and then go and check your emails and check other

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News on your devices, whether Would you rather be addicted to your phone or attached to the Quran? And the reason I use two different words is that any addiction, by definition is a negative thing. So whatever you're addicted to this addiction is impactful and it has an impact on your very strict the structure of your brain, any addiction, but attachment, not necessarily so. So instead of saying I'm addicted to the Quran, say I'm attached to the Quran, instead of I'm addicted to the masjid attached to the masjid Believe it or not even the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam make a distinction between both words in the Hadith about the seven people who will be sheltered under the shade of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet SAW Selim said Wa Raju lon Tang boo more Allah upon Bill massages and a man whose heart is attached to the masjid. He did not use the word addiction here. But in another narration the Prophet SAW Selim talked about min hum a person who is addicted to alcohol he made clear distinction because addiction is always harmful. We're attachment is not necessarily so. So avoid isolation. On the Hata Radi Allahu Allah He said Allah you can build your ma ye er Kamal Forca stick to the congregation, stick to the groups and beware of being divided and being alone. faintness Cython am I? Well, I mean at least 94 Indeed. Shaitan is always with the

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individual. And when shaitan is around you, he's not there to keep you entertain. Or to offer you some barbecue. He's there to trap you into sin, to drag into haram. faintness, shaitan Marwaha Chaitanya is always with the individual who I mean at least Nene and he's farther away from the two.

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Once you are with the righteous companies shaitan will never win that battle. Number three my brothers and sisters in Islam,

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judgment and knowledge,

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powerful tools to protect you against temptation is to increase your knowledge about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. And as a result, Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless you with the right judgment to make the right decision in the right time. Allah will grant you that wisdom Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, when Allah should who tell you now hookman while MA

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and when you reach an age of of maturity, we granted him we We provided him with the right judgment and knowledge

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worker that he can agitate them of sin and Allah concluded the AI by saying and this is the way how we reward those who do good. So in order for you to be able to accumulate knowledge and reach out to that level of wisdom you need to start doing righteous actions, while asked in an insane and a few ladina ama know where AMILO Solly had, by the token of time, all of us My Brothers and Sisters in Islam are in a state of loss. By default we are in a state of loss. If we enter Jannah it's by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala not because you're smart.

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Elana Dena Manu except those who have faith who believed in Allah subhanaw taala while I'm you saw your hand and do righteous deeds May Allah make us among them I mean Allah but Allah mean number four my brothers and sisters in Islam, run to Allah subhanho wa Taala don't ever give up on Allah. Bull Yeah buddy Alladhina Surah four

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Fuson la donco gov to me rock metal

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in nulla Hiang federal Uber Jamia

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no four Oh, Rahim. Tell them Oh Mohammed, tell my servants who have transgressed against themselves day and night. Tell them the spell not from the Mercy of Allah for Allah forgive all sins, minor or major doesn't matter to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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they say last year Alton ma stralla. Kabir Alton Ma, is the for minor sins are no longer considered or looked at by Allah as minor if you insist on committing them.

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And major sins are no longer considered major by ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala with your constant is the follow up with your constant return to Allah subhanho wa taala. So run to Allah when use of Allah is Salam was seduced by Amroth Allah's is a beautiful and

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A lady of authority he says what color ma the law. I see the protection of Allah Now, I have no one to run to back to Allah subhana wa dawn.

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So don't ever think that just because you have seen again and again. Now Allah doesn't love you

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don't think ever that Allah has given up on you, Allah will never get bored unless you become bored.

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I have been counseling people who are addicted to this filth for many, many years, believe it or not my brothers and sisters in Islam, many of them have left Islam. And I'm not I'm not worried about saying that publicly because it is the truth and it is happening on a pace that is so scary. Why is that so because they are addicted. And then they repent. And then they relapse after a couple of days after a couple of weeks and then they depend. And then the they've been into that vicious cycle for years and years and years until they have reached a conclusion or the head of Allah. Allah is not there.

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Don't ever give up on Allah so long as you're breathing, there is a reason for it. Allah is giving you an opportunity to run to him before it is too late. Number five, my brothers and sisters in Islam run away. So run to Allah by seeking his help and aid but also run away from any place where the sins usually are committed. You know the cycle already once you are in your bedroom, your cell phones next to you. Your laptop is next to you. Your internet data is free is available, you know it's coming. You know the cycle.

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So break that cycle before you fall back again and then regretted the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam he was locked in a room.

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He was he was locked in a room by this lady. While Alacati Lavoie Allah subhanaw taala said she locked the door she put guards outside, no one exits, no one come in.

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And then she told him what he felt like I'm all yours. How many men in the room? We resist some such temptation. How many men in the room will say no to such shaitan

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what Starbuck called Bab, he ran away from her in that small room I was reading this surah again and again every time I would ask myself. Where was Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam running to where it was he running to small room all locked Where were you running to, I do not care. Wherever the sin is about to commit, I am not here. I have to run to the opposite direction. He ran to the opposite direction to a point that she ripped off his shirt from behind.

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Leave your room open the door, shut your phones in the night, put it outside away from your bedroom you know the cycle break it. And in sha Allah Allah Allah you will be able to break free from these vices in sha Allah number six something very important don't ever my brothers and sisters instead use your beauty or your good look. To trap people or to drag people into haram.

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Donate ever think that because Allah has given you something that can attract others. You could use it in your advanced you know in your advantage, what I add to Billa and commit the Haram Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam, according to our narration, he was given half of the beauty of the universe. This how handsome he was.

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Yet he did not use this to commit haram Allah, Allah.

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He did not in fact, all the ladies that were invited to look at him they said mela Khun Kareem, this man is an angel he's not a human being. Yet he never used that to commit haram or Adela if Allah has given you something, use it to serve the deen of Allah subhanaw taala lower your gaze Allah says Allah al Momineen a doorman other saw him why a huddle Farrugia home tells you the believing men to lower your gaze when you talk to the opposite gender

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Be careful Don't just stare freely

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and don't talk unnecessarily also same apply to the sisters or CO little mommy Naughty Dog nominal the sorry hint now I found nofollow Jehan, there is a connection between lowering the gaze and protecting your private parts and your chest study. That's what Allah says in the Quran. Tell to the believing men lower your gaze as a result your chest that you will be protected because the eyes that stare at that which is haram the prophets are certain describe it as an arrow from the arrows of shaitan.

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So stay away don't ever look at the beauty of others and don't ever use your own beauty to drag people to haram and final point that I want to share.

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With you in sha Allah, Allah Allah, my brothers and sisters in Islam, restrict yourself.

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restrict yourself instead of dying in a vicious cycle of sinful activities. restrict yourself for a year for to seek out help, as we said earlier, but also restrict yourself. What do I mean by that? Islam had given us a beautiful system. Can anyone tell me why in Ramadan,

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all of a sudden, from dawn to sunset, water became her haram.

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The very water that we drink and we take for granted during the month of Ramadan from dawn to sunset becomes haram for you, your very wife and husband from dawn to sunset becomes haram for you. Why Allah is doing this to us, to restrict you to train you to tame your desires. So that when you stand later on in front of any haram activities, to be easy for you to say no. But whenever you desire something, you go for it. Are we animals are Adam Allah, may Allah protect us all? Yarrabah May Allah enable us to control these desires? I mean, alanine ormer, the Hata bruh the Allah Allah wants, was walking in he saw one of the companions getting a piece of meat on his shoulder. And he

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told him what is it that you're carrying? He said a piece of meat that I desired it Yeah, Amira Momineen I decided oh, you know leader of the believers he said our CoolerMaster hatest Alright, is it that every time you desire something, you go for it, we have to restrict ourselves and tame our desires my brothers and sisters in STEM even use of Alayhis Salam be threatened him.

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They threatened him that if he if you do not comply with the Haram with the inquiry of committing Zina, you will be thrown in jail.

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Carla Rob besieging or Habibollah me mad Oh nanny, he said to Allah Allah Oh my lord bear witness the prison is more beloved to my heart than what they are inviting me to.

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I'd rather be be thrown behind bars then committing haram Abdullah Mahadeva me

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but all the Allah Anwar la one of the people who fought against the Roman Empire during the era of all of the Hatano, the Allah Allah, and he was taking captive he and 300 of the companions. They were trying to convert them to Christianity. And he started with the leader Abdullah Mahadeva sent me and he refused and refused and he show how stubborn he is. He said I will never leave the religion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a blink of an eye. This how tough how strong he was how steadfast he was the sin after him in his cell, a prostitute the new and once you've committed Zina, he's broken. He ran away from her my brothers, my sisters in STEM until she felt

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tired, she left the cell and she said he is a rock. This is what we need to develop in our lives. My brothers and sisters in STEM and the real life example that we have today that taught us all faith in action, resilience in action are the people of Gaza, the people of Palestine

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walleye we never imagined in our existence that we'll see that we will see little kids

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little kids supporting each other supporting the people in Palestine giving them shahada before they die. We never seen this. We never thought that we will see this we never seen in our existence our mothers screaming from far distance, saying the mother of my four kids are on fire. We never seen

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a father burying his own all children say inshallah we met you to hold it ain This is Faith in Action.

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And if we want to bring Palestine back, we need to work on ourselves. There is no nation that will ever revive with any addictive behavior that I just mentioned briefly today. May Allah protect us all from these vices. May Allah subhanaw taala grant victory to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bring back and Masjid Al Aqsa to those who deserve it. The Arab Palestinians Amenia Ramadan Amin and before I leave the stage my brothers my sisters and SNAM I took permission from my dear brother Yacine and organizers that I want to say something and I want you to repeat after me Are we ready inshallah.

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Are you alive guys? hamdulillah they are alive. I can hear people talk. But can you shout at me as loud as you can show Allah, Free Free Palestine.

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Free Free Palestine.

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Free Free bottle

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does that come along? Hi, you're on Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh