Was the Fatwa of Talibaan to Destroy the Bamiyan Buddha Statue Islamic

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Hello, my name is Biddy buck. I'm a chartered accountant. I would like to ask a question to us regarding the

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the soil Taliban regime issued a fatwa for the destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas terming it as an Islamic, I would like to know whether it is really an Islamic and if it is one of the footsteps which the satin has laid, and the Muslims should be aware of.

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Rather asking the question, the same question was asked to me in Surah, when I was giving a lecture talk before that, just a couple of days after this issue, it was very hot in the oven. The Taliban that were destroying rather at that time, the statue of Buddha Bamian with asked him the question that is it Islamic etc? The same question asked by a non Muslim to me in surah. That is right, or is it wrong?

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At that time we had there were conflicting views, whether they were destroying or not. So again, I said at that time that I don't know whether destroyed or not, but today we know there are confirmed news that they have destroyed it, whether right or wrong, what I can see

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what I can say that I being a student of comparative religion, whether right or wrong until afterwards, what I can tell that surely the Taliban's if they destroyed the statue of Buddha, what they were doing, is actually they were educating the Buddhists. I am a student of combined religion. After the Buddhist scriptures, I've read them apart. I've read the scriptures, no way in any of the Buddhist scriptures. Did Buddha ever say make a statue of myself? Buddha never said that the Buddha digital idol worship is a later innovation. What I could say as a student of combat religion, whether right or wrong will come afterwards, what they were doing is surely they were educating the

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And in none of the Buddhist scripture, is it mentioned that they should make a statue come to the question.

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And this question was asked to me even by the press when I was in Bangalore,

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that just because Islam feeds, idol worship is not allowed. There are other religions, there's even Christianity, if you read

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the Old Testament,

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it's mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number five was number seven, and nine, as I read the book of Exodus, chapter number 20, verse number three to five, it says, Thou shall have no other image besides me. Thou shalt not make any graven image of me of any likeness of anything in the heavens above, in the earth beneath, on the water above the Earth, Thou shalt not borrow to them, not serve them, for I die. God, the Lord is a jealous God. So even according to Christianity, according to Judaism, making images of anyone who say Is God is prohibited, same, it is private in Islam.

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So when I gave the reply that they were educating the Buddhists

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so what they said that but didn't, these Taliban's? Didn't they cause grief to millions of Buddhists? I said, Yes. So does Islam allow anyone to cause grief to millions of human beings?

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I asked the journalist the question, that what if suppose, the Indian government catches a haul of drugs, cocaine, non sugar, both 10 crore rupees

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worth about $2 million dollars they catch a whole drugs.

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What will the Indian government do? So, a journalist told me the Indian government will burn the drugs, I said, good. I said, Do you know, for millions of meaning in the world drug is good for them. So will you agree with the Indian government or go against the government that that destroying the God of millions of drug addicts?

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Because the Indian government feels that the drug will cause loss to the body? What they're doing is right, even though it's causing grief to millions of drug addicts, but if they feel it is wrong, they're burning. You cannot go until the Indian government that Why are you burning the drugs?

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A drug addict will feel bad, too. Similarly, Afghanistan is their government. It is their property. It's the statute their property. If they come and do something in any other country, then you can object they're doing in their country, it is their property. If they like it, they'll keep it if they want to destroy the destroyed, who are we to object we can object. And furthermore, if you analyze that people who told you the person who said that Indian Government is so tolerant, do you know in Bombay, when you come out with a domestic airport of the Santa Cruz airport, do the big statue of Mojave of Mojave?

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Does outside the hotel jar and it was unloaded. So the people look objection. And then they build a wall in front of the private parts later on after a few months removed the statue. Now those same people who objected to the statue being there,

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those same people today are condemning Afghanistan, why

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the same people who objected to the statue being on the road, see and do you know there are more changes in India than with this in Afghanistan.

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So when the government of Bombay

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would remove the statue which is believed to be God believe to be the Tonka of the James, and there are more James living in India than would this even Afghanistan. At that time, no one objected. And now when Afghanistan Government is the you're objecting Why did double policies, you know why? Because the World Bank

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once again feel bad. So if the Gen believes in keeping a statue of Mojave with a Tonka, why are you objecting? At that time everyone objected the statue should be removed, statue should be removed, and the same people objected? We're condemning that why did you destroy the Bamiyan Buddha statue double policies? Therefore, we as logical people should have single policy, we should not be two phase champion where we keep on changing the rules to what I feel that it is their property suppose there was a non Muslim, he buys a house in the house there is a carving of Kaaba suppose is that if the if the non Muslim does not like Abba, and he defeated the club, how can I object

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he's somebody

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and believe me, if if any Muslim, if any Muslim, if he makes a statue of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and if you destroy the statue, even if the full Muslim world is against you, I doctors I can actually support you. Because making a statue of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is prohibited.

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If any Muslim lunatic makes the statue of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and he worships it. And if you being a non Muslim, knowing knowledge of Islam, if you go and destroy the statue, even if the full Muslim world is against you, I Dr. Zakir Naik will support you